Not to be confused with "gorilla mindset", Harambe Mindset is about acquiring acute testosterone poisoning, being the living embodiment of Rule Number 5, and turning into an Absolute Madman with zero provocation. Becoming The Gorilla is about understanding that you are immersed in pathetic low energy cucks desperate to avoid confrontation. It's about accepting that you're completely surrounded and chuckling at your enemy's stupidity for letting you fire in any direction.

The first principle, know what actually matters.

“No fear. No distractions. The ability to let that which does not matter truly slide.”

What mission critical objectives do you need to achieve to survive? If a given situation really doesn't impact your long-term goals, you've just been given permission to be based as fuck and assert yourself. Does it actually impact your end-goals to restrain yourself when someone needs to be reprimanded for being a disgusting degenerate slob?

If you're working a wage-cuck job, and you've got another position lined up somewhere else, why aren't you burning this motherfucker to the ground? If you're in a social setting full of disgusting people you hate and never want to see again, why not piss them off? Most of the situations you're in day to day are completely disposable and contain disposable people. Know who your real friends are and what your goals entail and be dismissive of giving a single solitary fuck about things that don't pertain to this.

Be confrontational

Most people...normal people...do just about anything to avoid a fight.

In most everyday situations we're meek as lambs because this is how a culture molded by cat-ladies wants us to behave. We're not supposed to call someone out, say something controversial, or force a stand-off. Wanting to avoid confrontation is never a sufficient reason for holding your tongue.

Nearly everyone in this fat, feminized low T country walks around with their shoulders slumped and avoids eye contact. Be forceful, play chicken with these chubby submissive chumps and watch them back down immediately. Humans, like most social mammals have endocrine levels influenced by their positions in social hierarchies. This means the average NuMale beta is in a permanently repressed, neutered state. Take advantage of this. Women need to change their panties after seeing strong, confrontational men in action, remember that an onlooker watching your gorilla antics might just become your new mate. Don't blink.

How do you know yourself if you've never been in a fight?

Have a social network

Atomizing the modern man and depriving him of the kinship of his fellows is one of the most effective tactics of modern (((social engineers))). They don't want you to feel like you have strong social bonds to other men and fellow travelers. They pathologize brotherhood, they want you to be conditioned into just existing as a disparate individual sating his base needs. To know that someone has your back gives you the freedom to channel your inner Harambe without hesitation, fellowship with your social network empowers you.

(((They))) realize that strong white male social groups gives individual members license to act out, to take risks, and to bravely refuse to cuck in the face of dildoism. This is why so much attention is focused on eliminating white male spaces.

Seize every opportunity

When life bends over and slides her panties down, you jam your gorilla dick in there. He who hesitates gets cucked, if a position opens, you apply for it and slap the HR lady on the ass.

When the driver in front of you leaves an opening, you go for it. When a three year-old falls into your enclosure, you grab that negro toddler. Keep your eyes open, be aware of your surroundings, and always be looking for a new angle.

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

Don't half-ass anything

It's either full throttle or nothing, don't put a lackluster effort into anything. Make other people look bad. Dress the part at work, make it your mission to know more and do things better than the hapless plebes around you. Half-assing shit will turn you into a half-ass yourself, don't do it.

Drive your line

In autoracing, getting "the redmist" and following the driver in front of you is something every novice competitor is warned against. Racing is not "chasing", racing is executing a set of moves better than your opponent and overtaking him.

The same philosophy applies to life, you stay knuckled down in your headspace and dispassionately execute the moves you need to win. You don't get distracted by what's directly in front of you, you stay focused on what's ahead of you. People fuck up when they let their emotions get the best of them and distract themselves from the Long Game or mission critical objectives.

You aren't most people, you are a big-dicked gorilla about to make his Power Move and win bigly.

Harden the fuck up, gents.