John A. Allison IV: Jewish Bankers HATE Him!

In selecting the members of his presidential administration, Trump blew his economic picks bigly. His Labor Secretary is a Jeb-tier cuckservative who wants increased Third-World immigration to save a few cents on cheeseburgers. His Treasury Secretary is a Jew with ties to (((Goldman Sachs))) and (((George Soros))). His Director of the National Economic Council is another Jew from Goldman Sachs. This simply does not square with his concluding campaign rhetoric against “a small handful of global special interests.”

It is crucial not to purity-spiral and black-pill because Trump is not a white nationalist. Trump was never a white nationalist, nor was he supposed to be, and refusing to support him for that reason is comparable to being a libertarian faggot who refuses to vote unless it is for a referendum to abolish the United States and establish Ancapistan. There is no reason not to remain optimistic that Trump represents a turning of the tide for White America which will improve our anti-American/anti-white policies on immigration, trade, and foreign affairs. The role of the Alt Right must be to hold Trump’s feet to the fire and push him as far to the right as possible. Purity-spiraling and black-pilling will make that impossible.

Trump may have blown it so far, but he can make a comeback if he appoints the right man to succeed Federal Reserve Chairwoman and she-hobbit (((Janet Yellen))). That successor must be John A. Allison IV.

For those uninitiated in the Austrian theory of the business cycle and the inner workings of the Federal Reserve, please cue Vivaldi, don your bow ties, pour yourselves a glass of scotch, and light your pipes:

Time preference is the degree to which we value present gratification over future gratification - or, in economic terms, consumption over saving/investment. The lower one’s time preference, the more they prefer saving/investment, and vice versa.

In the economy, interest rates (the “price” of money) are essentially just measures of collective time preference, and time preference pertains to the trade off between present and future consumption. Like any price, interest rates are a signal: should capital be utilized to produce more goods now or more goods in the future? The lower the interest rates, the more capital will be allocated towards producing goods for future consumption, and vice versa.

The problem is that the federal government has significant power over interest rates. Specifically, the (((Federal Reserve))) can control the money supply through buying or selling the Treasury Department’s bonds on (((Wall Street))). In order to buy back these bonds, the Fed literally prints money, thus inflating the currency. As the supply of money rises, its price (i.e. interest rates) falls.

The problem is that time preferences have not fallen accordingly: interest rates (the supposed signal of time preferences) do not correspond to actual time preferences. The result is that more capital is allocated to saving/investment than the people actually prefer - what is known as a “mal-investment.” So long as the Fed keeps interest rates artificially low by printing money, this meal-investment can continue, but when the inflation endangers the stability of the currency, the Fed has no choice but to raise interest rates by pulling back on its printing presses. Suddenly, there is no longer enough money to sustain all of the mal-investments that have been made, and the whole house of cards comes crashing down.

The Austrian theory of the business cycle is often compared to a drinking binge and hangover: at first, getting drunk feels great, but eventually you get so sick that you have to stop, at which point the hangover sets in and you feel even worse.

Predictably, Yellen, after steadily maintaining the soft-money policy of her predecessor, (((Ben Bernanke))), has now announced that she will raise interest rates. This contraction of the money supply will cause a financial panic, and given the trillions that the Fed has pumped out to prop up Wall Street, the punishment could be more severe than the last panic.

This is not tinfoil-hat territory. The (((ruling elite))) is doing everything in its power to destroy public confidence in the election, from denouncing the electoral college (God bless Madison and Hamilton), making baseless claims of voter suppression, and accusing Trump of being a Russian “Manchurian Candidate” (and his supporters of being “Putin-bots”). Crashing the economy would be a near-certain method of delegitimizing Trump and preventing his reelection. It does not take Alex Jones breaking your conditioning to see what is happening.

Central banking is the key economic issue. Next to central banking, the cuckservative obsession with “muh tax cuts” and the shit-lib obsession with “mo money fo dem po-grams” are completely irrelevant. So long as the Fed exists, the economy will continue on a boom-bust roller coaster and the currency will become increasingly degraded (since 1913, the dollar has lost nearly 100% of its value).

This concludes our economics lesson.
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Given the stakes, Trump must appoint Allison as Federal Reserve Chairman. Why? Allison was the CEO of BB&T Bank, a North Carolina institution founded by Confederate veterans. Allison shielded BB&T’s exposure to the subprime-mortgage meltdown, accepted a minimal amount of “bailout” funds, and (unlike fellow North Carolina bank Wachovia) avoided bankruptcy. Allison was also the CEO of the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank in Washington, D.C. Although libertarianism is largely overrun by beta males orbiting blue-haired feminists, Allison is not of the social-justice warrior variety. Instead, he is an Atlas Shrugged-style captain of industry who wants to abolish the Fed, restore the gold standard, repeal unnecessary financial regulations, and let big banks that make bad bets fail. Last, but not least, Allison is a goy, not a Jew, which is a rarity among the elite of Wall Street.

Certainly, the idea that Allison is going to restore the gold standard is a bit LARPy, but all that it would take to abolish the Fed is an act of the Congress and the President’s signature. Unfortunately, many cuckservatives in Trump’s party, afraid of departing from the Reaganomics playbook (tax cuts, deficit spending, and deregulation), will surely vote with the Democrats to protect the Fed, who will unconditionally oppose everything Trump does. At the very least, then, Allison could, without going full-Sampson on the economy, return the Fed to its humbler role as a “banker’s bank” rather than a Jewish casino. This would entail lending money to banks with good collateral that are in need of cash to meet deposit withdrawals, as well as cracking down on (((fractional-reserve banking))) by raising the banks’ reserve requirements (the percentage of deposits that cannot be loaned out).

President James K. Polk (nicknamed “Young Hickory” after his mentor, “Old Hickory” Andrew Jackson) is most famous for the Mexican War - conquering the Mexicans after a border incident, winning most of the American West in the peace treaty, and making the United States a transcontinental country. What he is less famous for is the Independent Treasury, a financial and monetary system which separated the government from the banking sector and put the economy on a gold standard. The unfortunately short-lived Independent Treasury (Abraham Lincoln’s Republican Party relied on the banks to finance their war by printing money) was the stablest financial and monetary system in American history.

Trump should hang a portrait of Young Hickory in the Oval Office: he may go down in history for driving the Mexicans out of the country, but driving the bankers out of the government may be just as important.

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