Ask Waifus: The Importance of Being Aesthetic

Dear 3D Waifus,

I'm a 22-year old college student with good career prospects for the future. For the past few months I've been dating a blonde Aryan goddess with incredible DD breasts. She is easily the most attractive girl I've ever been with.

The problem is that she is average IQ and kind of a basic bitch. She seems okay with me being a fascist, but she has no interest in politics at all. She wants children and is fine with me working so she doesn't have to, so it’s possible she could make a good tradwife. She will never become interested in the alt-right in any philosophical sense, so my question is should I stay with her, or look for a girl who will connect with me on a deeper level.


Dear TJ,

First, congratulations on dating a beautiful 3D girl with spectacular cans. A E S T H E T I C S are important.

From an Alt Right perspective, this grill can offer you much of what is desirable in a mate. She’s willing to let you lead as you whelp sons on her; she likely outranks you in attractiveness while accepting your controversial viewpoints… and she has zero interest in politics. Every man reading this is envious.

However, it sounds like you desire the rare gift of compatibility on the physical, emotional, and spiritual planes. I say rare because, well, it really is: be prepared for possible disappointment if you decide to end the relationship in favor of finding your ideal partner, as I can’t say that your she-unicorn is even out there. As we know, this movement is chock full of dashing, fashy goys searching for their Eva Braun.

The good news is that you’re young and don’t have to make a permanent decision about your Aryan goddess yet. Truly, you may not realize how lucky you already are, as many of our men would be thrilled to find a beautiful breeder with whom he shares interpersonal and sexual compatibility. To that end, there’s no shame in enjoying each other’s company while you decide whether you want to settle for short of perfect.

If you do decide to pass on this woman, break up with care, and maintain a friendship. I know many goys who would love their own shot with her! Best of luck to you. -WJ

Hi Waifus!

I was red-pilled by my ex-boyfriend and now I’m hoping to find my future husband. What are the TOP things a good, NOT a “neckbeard” Alt-Right man would want in a girl?


Hi, TTB!

I’ll keep it concise per your request, though I’m hoping the fine TRS commenters will elaborate in a lively, respectful way:

Become as attractive as you are capable of. Commit to having many white babies! Ditch the negative influences of movies and television; read instead. Learn to cook. –WJ

Dear wife-to-be,

Men are first attracted to looks, and then to other qualities. So the first thing to do is lots of squats.

After that comes, arguably, the more important things: a sympathetic ear, a caring heart, and practical abilities. Developing home-making skills is actually pretty fun, and men really love receiving baked goods. The best guys will be looking for someone they can see as a mother to their children and a life-long companion. When you read for pleasure and/or edification, choose the sorts of books that will prepare you to be a winsome conversationalist. –CD

Hello Waifus,

I just began reading The Culture of Critique. Having only finished the preface, I already feel more blackpilled than ever before. I feel even worse than I did when I found out that Uncle Adolf literally did nothing wrong. For those who don't know, The Culture of Critique is a scholarly work by Kevin MacDonald which examines the influence of Zionist intellectuals, businessmen, and politicians have had on the West. The long and short of it is that Jews have directly crafted nearly every aspect of the lense through which whites view the world. Our entire moral and philosophical foundation has been manipulated and used to get whites to support their own destruction.

It doesn't help that this is coming down on me while I've gotten very distant from my small family (my parents were both Commies in their younger years and my sister married a Jew). We haven't had any serious arguments besides them being incredibly uncomfortable with the fact that I voted for Trump. But it's hard to relate to people when you realize that they completely see the world differently than you do. With only one close friend who's hip to these issues, I feel almost completely alienated from society.

I know that Nietzsche felt that creating art and music was one of the best remedies to nihilistic dread, and indeed the creation of beautiful art is the great impetus of the Aryan spirit (Nietzsche himself was a fairly accomplished composer). I've been a musician my whole life and aspired to make a career of it for a long time. However after taking the redpill my motivation to make music has almost completely fizzled out. I've started looking towards other hobbies to try and lift myself up but nothing really does the trick. I feel like my purpose is to create, but the fire that used to drive me has died down to little but a pile of embers. How can I worry about making great music when the existence of our people is so vehemently threatened? And how can I go out and tell people about the threat when so few seem to care?

At the very least, it's comforting to listen to the TRS podcasts and participate in the forums. To know that there are others out there despite the fact that we're all hiding behind fake names and silly avatars is worth something.

Any advice for coping with the Black Pill Blues?

Taylor Swiftler

Dear Taylor Swiftler,

First off: I get it. We’ve all been there.

Secondly: It’s time to get over it.

Look, we all go through waves of depression about the condition of our race and our position in the world, our birthrate, and our cultural and physical erasure. There’s much to mourn. But if we stay in mourning, we’ll never get anywhere. It is good to mourn greatness which has been lost through our own foolishness and the evil of others. But that won’t do anything to stop it.

It would be inhuman to be able to escape the blackpill entirely, but we all have to push beyond it to some extent. The only way out is through. Frankly, we need artists and musicians to channel the pathos of our age and our race into new art: art against time. Your divine spark could inspire others. Use it. Study your art, improve upon your God-given talents, and become better for the sake of your people. Learn to channel your mourning without wallowing in it. If you let it consume you, it can turn you into a hollow shell which halts not just creativity, but really any kind of independent thought. I would also encourage you to try to find some people to interact with offline. The internet communities are helpful, but man cannot live on TRS podcasts alone.

All any of us can do is our best. That makes it sound easy, doesn’t it? The fact is that you have to truly desire to become that best self. Only when we see the way through to that higher self and actually become it will we ever have a chance to save ourselves and our posterity. Only when each of us become spiritual warriors as individuals will we be able to become who we are collectively.

I know that you will do your part for your people. –CD

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