A Vodka For Your Thoughts

The news has been inundated with claims of Russian interference in the U.S. election. The Hillary losers just can’t fathom that running a tired, old, and sick lesbian was not a winning strategy.

During this dust-up, the pols and media have been in a frenzy over leaked e-mails from the Hillary campaign and DNC.

Is the concern over the illegal and nefarious content of these e-mails showing collusion and other criminal activity? No. The concern is that the e-mails were shown at all and people were able to read about the criminal activity of the Clintons and the internals of the DNC machine.

The latest salvo in this dispute is a ridiculous intelligence report released about how the Russians are big meanies. At least, the report is so childishly bad that by the end that was the kind of language I was expecting to see in it.

The fine piece of intelligence reporting is here: The Russians Did It Hacking Report

Let’s look at some choice quotes to see how our elite intel services operate. Be warned though, the level of precision and deep penetrating insight is something you may not have ever seen before. We are clearly dealing with the nation's finest who are keeping us safe at night.

“Moscow most likely chose WikiLeaks because of its self-proclaimed reputation for authenticity. Disclosures through WikiLeaks did not contain any evident forgeries.”

They say self-proclaimed reputation to discredit Wikileaks. Then in the next sentence they say WikiLeaks did not contain any evident forgeries?

In other words, U.S. intelligence agencies believe the leaked e-mails were accurate and the self-proclaimed reputation of authenticity for WikiLeaks is in fact a genuine reputation? Ok.

If the e-mails were not leaked, does that make everyone happier? Does that mean corruption and criminal conduct did not happen because we didn't see it?

The good news is now we all agree that the e-mails were authentic. Can we now move onto what the contents of those e-mails show?

Nope. We still have some deep analysis to report about evil Russians.

“The Kremlin’s principal international propaganda outlet RT (formerly Russia Today) has actively collaborated with WikiLeaks.”

As opposed to America’s principal propaganda outlets CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, Washington Post, New York Times, and Associated Press that collaborated with the Obama Administration and Hillary Clinton during the election?

“DHS assesses that the types of systems we observed Russian actors targeting or compromising are not involved in vote tallying."

So they admit that vote counts were only being altered by Dems stuffing the ballot box with traditional illegal voters, and not Russian bit twiddling. Good to know.

“Russia’s state-run propaganda machine—comprised of its domestic media apparatus, outlets targeting global audiences such as RT and Sputnik, and a network of quasi-government trolls—contributed to the influence campaign by serving as a platform for Kremlin messaging to Russian and international audiences."

Sergei Pepe, comrade.

There is a bizarre fascination in the report with Russia Today (RT). I have rarely watched anything produced by them. But with a channel name like Russia Today, what kind of spin would someone viewing it think they’d have? Obviously, these intel intelligentsia think RT has much more influence than most people would give them.

The pieces I have seen on RT have never been as over the top propaganda as the cruft from outlets like MSNBC and CNN. With Obama running it was 24/7 about how we are evil racists if we don’t elect a gay black man to the White House. With Hillary it was how much we hate haggard old lesbians if we don’t do the same.

Yet, we know that CNN hosts exchanged e-mails with debate questions and colluded with administration officials over other matters to spin stories. Has RT ever been implicated in that kind of activity? Did RT ever run ridiculous stories about golden showers? Has RT ever ran other completely insane stories about rape and hate crime hoaxes to wreck people’s lives? No. The American press does these things all the time.

And again, we’re talking one outlet for media (RT), vs. dozens of mainstream news outlets in America that blanket the country in their propaganda and filth. At least RT isn’t putting out prime time TV shows glorifying transvestite children and homosexual adoption for Americans. That wholesome endeavor is reserved for our proud and stalwart American made and (((American))) produced media.

“Starting in March 2016, Russian Government– linked actors began openly supporting President-elect Trump’s candidacy in media aimed at English-speaking audiences.”

When did AIPAC start their campaign for Hillary using the entire Hollywood media machine to do the same?

“Putin’s chief propagandist Dmitriy Kiselev used his flagship weekly newsmagazine program this fall to cast President-elect Trump as an outsider victimized by a corrupt political establishment and faulty democratic election process that aimed to prevent his election because of his desire to work with Moscow”

In other words, Dmitriy Kiselev the propagandist was actually telling the truth?

“Pro-Kremlin proxy Vladimir Zhirinovskiy, leader of the nationalist Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, proclaimed just before the election that if President-elect Trump won, Russia would “drink champagne” in anticipation of being able to advance its positions on Syria and Ukraine.”

Drink up Vladimir. Syria is yours and we hope you enjoy it.

Drinking champagne is certainly a lot better than crying over sending your kids off to fight wars in regions of the world we have no interests in defending. How about we give Russia oversight over Israel as well? It will be a sacrifice for us to not have to babysit that region any longer, but I’m willing to give it a try.

“RT’s coverage of Secretary Clinton throughout the US presidential campaign was consistently negative and focused on her leaked e-mails and accused her of corruption, poor physical and mental health, and ties to Islamic extremism.”

All true. Or does being thrown into the back of a van unconscious like a sack of potatoes qualify as good health?

Hillary’s top aid Huma Abedin is Muslim and her father gave public talks about islamic power and influence. We also know the Obama State Department under Clinton and Kerry has been using the growth of ISIS as a tool to push U.S. policy in Syria. Not to mention the destruction of Libya giving rise to another ISIS stronghold.

The only thing at this point Clinton hasn’t done to show her ties to Islamic causes is change her name to Muhammed.

“Russia used trolls as well as RT as part of its influence efforts to denigrate Secretary Clinton."

Has anyone else gotten their Russian trolling checks yet?

“For decades, Russian and Soviet intelligence services have sought to collect insider information from US political parties that could help Russian leaders understand a new US administration’s plans and priorities.”

Why are such obvious things part of a high level intelligence report? Nations build dossiers on politicians from other countries. Is this really noteworthy as sabotage and interference? Any country that wasn’t doing this is foolish, especially for a large power like Russia.

The level of actionable information in this report is slightly below that of an eight year old’s book report on spiders.

If this is the best the U.S. intelligence agencies can produce it really reflects the low IQ of our elected leaders. Is it any wonder that we end up in pointless wars when this kind of nonsense is able to sway opinions at the highest levels?

Trump is no dummy and I picture him at night reading these ridiculous findings and just laughing as he’s simultaneously doing a Tweet takedown of the latest leftist nitwit. This intelligence report is not just bad, it’s downright embarrassing to think this is the kind of obvious and petty information our leaders see daily.

The intelligence agencies have been badly influencing foreign policy for years. I recall hearing Colin Powell back in the early 2000s giving his briefing to the U.N. about how we desperately need to go into Iraq because of Weapons of Mass Destruction. We know how that story ends. At the time though, hearing Powell speak I couldn’t believe someone would be that stupid to have fallen for such a thinly and weakly made case. Yet, Powell either did believe it or he was lying despite knowing it was bad. In either case the intelligence agencies were in on the gag and here we are 16 years later still in that hellhole with no end in sight.

I get the feeling that President-Elect Trump sees this as well and something will hopefully be done about it. And again, this is all a distraction from Hillary’s and the DNC’s e-mails which contained numerous criminal violations regardless of how they got leaked. The swamp needs big draining in D.C. Soon we will see if President-Elect Trump is up to the task or not.

Until then, I’m still waiting for my Russian trolling funds to hit my bank account. I’ll have a bottle of Vodka though for inauguration day ready to go. Thanks Vlad for the memories.