Ask Waifus: Poetry Autism and Nuremberg Legal Interpretation

Dear Waifus,

I'm a NEET in search of a fashy waifu.

I know that women want a sensitive guy but when I run after them crying to show my sensitivity they just laugh. I've now started to recite poetry at them & beg for sex! No luck yet.

What do?

Most sincerely,
Baron von Jägerbomber

Hi Baron,

I’m sorry to hear about your lack of success in getting laid. In the ethnostate, no worthy young goy will endure such frustration. Until then, though, it’s time to work on your game.

Don’t assume women want a sensitive guy; this is not high on the list of what women initially want. Looks, dress, and humor far outrank your poetry game. All women primarily seek strength and virility; they wish to be whisked into the bedroom with promises of dominant seed and protection from the dindu. You’ll have plenty of time to show your sensitive side once you’ve locked that tail down and are shedding tears after the birth of your seventh son.

Might I suggest getting into peak physical condition? It’s a terrific distraction from unspent sexual energy, and will be just as important in RAHOWA as creating dank memes. Once ripped, instead of reciting poetry, you can offer to show women your abs. A fashy woman would rarely turn down such a titillating offer. Best of luck to you, and please keep us informed of your hunt. –WJ


There’s a difference between sensitivity and nonsense. Poetry is only effective when deployed correctly—or if you happen to find that magical girl who can quote the next line of TS Eliot’s The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock right back at you. Since this is unlikely to occur, I’ll restrict my advice to the appropriate deployment of poetry.

Poetry must be appropriate and particular both to the woman and to the setting in which it is uttered. Just as the invocation to the Muses set the mood for the ancient poets, so it is when wooing; disjointed, it has no effect. If you are bent on using poetry in seduction, make sure you’re seducing the kind of girl who will appreciate it, and think of it as setting the stage with an invocation to Aphrodite. If you are using poetry merely as an affectation and lack the necessary range to pull off such a feat, avoid it altogether.

Also, never beg for sex. –CD

Hi Waifus!

I am a former race-mixing degenerate. Before seeing the light I dated (and slept with) a half injun girl. Will Huwhyte women still accept me or is my goods forever tainted by mud pussy?


Hello ModernShaman,

The AltRight is a new venture for many of us, and often, the newly woke have unsavory pasts for which they must atone. In your case, you went corn drilling. This is degenerate, and I’m sure you recall those sexual exploits with an equal mixture of carnal exhilaration and shameful self-loathing.

Luckily for you, it’s far worse for a woman to accept a sub-race’s fleshly invasion than it is for a man to make a pro bono genetic dropoff to a melanin-rich lady. After all, you had been providing her with the finest d’nation of all: European DNA.

Ultimately, it’s your future waifu who’ll have to accept that you once enjoyed a romp on the reservation. If you are worthy in other ways (fit, learned, employed) this should be something she can get past. Best of luck moving forward from this debauchery. –WJ


New-ish member to the alt-right here. Probably one of the much younger people on the forum. I have a question about converting my leftist friends. 

I have so many white friends who want to identify with radical leftist politics because they've been taught that "opposition to the establishment = good/cool." They just want a purpose/cause/community. How can I red pill them on race and the problem with cultural marxism? How can I show them that they are now the establishment, and that the alt-right is a much stronger community for them because we actually value their whiteness? 

That's pretty broad, feel free to answer it in any way you deem helpful. I'm just so deep into the echo-chamber of the alt-right that I forget how crazy this stuff can sound to normie college liberals. Trying to help them see the light! 


-- Thales von Gunten 

Dear Thales,

In some ways, I think you’ve answered your own question. As you say, your left wing friends think they’re edgy and cool because being left-wing is “anti-establishment.” As you and I well know, the opposite is true. The campus leftists are the militant arm of the ideological establishment; student radicals are simply the shock troops of the state. Multiculturalism isn’t edgy; it’s our established state religion. The more that you can point this out to your friends, the more you can force them to see how actually staid, boring, and ordinary their views are, the better chance you have of helping them see the light. I think the best thing to do is, frankly, to make fun of them for thinking of themselves as edgy while gently pushing them to see that things like the Alt-Right and white identity are genuinely counter-cultural and revolutionary. Exposing the contradictions in their own lives is always a good start. Good luck!—CD

Dear Waifus,

I'm a newly redpilled uni student from NZ who has been converted from Evangelical 'Christian Zionist' culturist Cuckservatism to proper blood-and-soil race-nationalism through the power of fashy memes.  

However, my new racial consciousness has brought with it the realisation that I am the freakish product of a cross-racial (though not cross-cultural) union, my mother being half-Maori (the alleged indigenous people of NZ).  I am fully White in appearance, habits, speech, etc. having been raised as part of mainstream White Kiwi (Pakeha) culture.

My question is: is there a place for me in the alt-Right?  Can I be a White Nationalist if I'm only 3/4s White, or should I put an end to my obscene existence as a miscegenetic abomination and help purify the White race?  Should I become a Maori Nationalist (I'd rather kill myself tbh)?

Heil Trump,

Kia ora, HM!

What a delight it is to hear from a White Nationalist from New Zealand, though I’m sorry to hear of your racial conundrum. It must feel like your body is betraying your brain.

To answer your question, I decided to consult someone with well-documented and thoroughly researched opinions on this subject: Uncle Adolf. If you are unaware of the Nuremberg Laws of 1935, the Fuhrer determined that (((someone))) who is a quarter mixed race is a Mischling, only partly belonging to the German race. But before swallowing that cyanide pill in your pocket upon reading this, know that the next generation – 1/8 mixed or better – would be allowed to call itself White.

You’ve already disavowed the murky blood roiling in your veins, which is step one to moving forward. Step two is to find a 100% certified, lily-white gal who is willing to accept your quarter mudblood status and have many babies with you, as your progeny would be considered White – and that’s a solid way to contribute to our cause. You seem like a very cool guy, and we’d much rather have you as a committed member of the Right Wing Death Squad than hanging from the rafters. Send us those pale baby pics in the future, yeah? –WJ

I tend to take the position that the spiritual aspect of race is just as important as the biological aspect. Evola is quite helpful on this subject. It sounds like you consider yourself to be a member of the white race, and there’s something powerful about that all on its own. Welcome to the fight, white man. –CD

Hello Waifus,
As you know, the AltRight has some of the most suited men for courtship in America right now.  As a European-American, traditional, family-centric movement, men who pursue our ideas (and ideals) are following time tested methods for having a fulfilled, functional and happy family.  We also acknowledge not all men should breed.  However, finding an implicitly trad waifu who can be redpilled can be difficult.  

As a Catholic, my church has been pozzed and I can't stomach even going there anymore, which is extremely isolating from the community.  Also, I feel the refusal to engage in immediate intimacy has cost me some relationships.

Where did men end up meeting you?
Was refusal to immediately partake in degenerate behavior, (i.e. premarital sex, heavy drinking) a turn off to you making you feel like he wasn't interested?



Dear AG,

It seems to me that the best target for the typical guy on the Alt-Right is a sweet girl, raised in an implicitly white background, who doesn’t have particularly strong political beliefs. These women can be found in a variety of places. Online dating is, of course, the obvious answer, but I’ll talk about other options (I myself tend to think of online dating as something of a last resort, but that may be a matter of taste and personality more than anything else.)

First off, while I share your angst about the current state of the Catholic Church hierarchy, depending on your geographic location you should be able to find a more traditional rite or parish. I suggest Tridentine or the Anglican Rite. It may be that you have to travel some distance for this every Sunday, but I speak from experience when I tell you that it’s worth it. Where else might you meet these sorts of women? As trite and frankly unpleasant as this may sound, I would encourage you to “put yourself out there.” Your local gym, community events, implicitly white local clubs—think local Republican Party groups or community organizations. Does your local parish have a Theology on Tap group? Might you talk to the pastor about organizing one? Are there any local or national organizations involving an interest or hobby of yours? National right-wing conferences aren’t usually the place to meet girls, but hey, I’ve heard some stories…

As to the other part of your question, I think what you call “refusal to engage in immediate intimacy” is a good character test for a potential mate. In general, I think many ordinary girls today are secretly looking for someone who wants to take the time to get to know them on an emotional level before jumping into bed. If they’re not, they’re probably not that serious about getting married or settling down either.

Look: you know who you are and what you’re looking for. That’s the first step, and in some ways, the harder and rarer one. Now you have to open yourself up to the serendipity of the moment. You never know when you might find the one: just make sure that you are the best version of yourself that you can be when you find her. –CD