Alt-Right Advice: First Edition

Hello Waifus,

My niece has started dating outside her race and my stomach is thoroughly turned. Her father is a blue pilled liberal faggot and he's raised her accordingly. I want to intervene but I don't know how.

They live on the other side of the country so I don't get many opportunities to talk to her, but the holidays are here and the family is gathering. This will be my best chance for a face to face intervention.

My instinct is to scream "You're taking part in the genocide of own people!" but I suspect that won't gain much traction.

How do I talk her down from this before it's too late?

Horrified Uncle

Dear Horrified Uncle,

I’m sorry to hear about your viscerally painful issue. There are several variables here that aren’t in your favor – you don’t live near her, you’re not her father, and she was raised by a shitlib. So what’s in order is to step into a Jew’s shoes and play a long game of emotional manipulation – on both her and her dad.

Your mission is to plant seeds of doubt within them both without setting off tripwires and ruining Christmas. Time isn’t on your side, and you’re not going to redpill either of them in one visit. But a white father can find his way to rationality and discover his innate racial/tribal instincts; if you can turn him, he’s in a far better position to exorcise the pozz from his daughter.

Take it easy at first. If you start hurling coal-burning stats and lecturing about white genocide, they’ll peg you as a crazy racist and will shut you out for the rest of the visit.

Remind your niece that you care about her and respect her, but you’re curious: what’s with the new boyfriend? Isn’t it a little uncomfortable dating a black guy? Be prepared for the eye rolls that result from any pro-white rhetoric, but you’re used to that. Stay cool, and pretend to respect her responses while sticking to reason. Contrary to what she thinks, only seven percent of whites in the United States marry outside their race – a far cry from what the Jewtube leads her to believe is natural.

Prey on your niece’s natural insecurities and vanity. Doesn’t she notice the looks she gets when out with him? Doesn’t she want kids who look like her? Does she really want mixed-race children who won’t belong in either black or white culture, who will lack a distinct identity? You might turn her against you for now – something we’ve all experienced in dealing with the blue-pilled in our lives. But you’ll have struck a blow for our people if she’s at least mulling over mudsharking consequences on her flight home.

I’m guessing you’ve already tried converting the dad at some point, but now that his daughter is at stake, you’ve got a powerful new discussion point. If he can turn a blind eye to the very real likelihood his daughter will get a black eye from this rebellion, then he deserves the pain that is coming his way.

After all, it’s wholly unnatural for a man to see his lily-white girl with a negroid, regardless of how progressive he thinks he is. Since he’s a man, he is capable of absorbing facts without automatically getting triggered. Persuade him, light that fire in him, and you’ll greatly improve your chances of breaking the miscegenation spell.

Whatever you do, don’t push too hard and drive your niece back into the dindu’s unnaturally long arms. Her defiant flings could very well result in her death (sorry), and you don’t want to play a part in that. You want to sleep easy knowing that you tried. Good luck, Goy. Let us know how it turns out. –WJ

Hi Waifus,

What is the average velocity of an unladen Jew?


Hello Howe,

I would assume there are many variables that go into such a calculation: height, weight, sex, launching device, trajectory, wind speed, drag, aerodynamics and more. The waifus are simply unequipped to provide an answer with our lady brains. Would you consider performing many such tests and reporting back? –WJ

Hey there Waifus!

I live in Southern Commiefornia. I'm engaged to lovely woman who thinks my views are repulsive. I've tried to explain my side of a number of situations (Dakota Pipeline, Economics, Culture, Racial issues, Muslims etc.) No matter how strong my arguments are with her, I get nowhere. Nothing. Not even the tiniest budge. Every time something comes up in the news that relates to something we've already talked about, she brings up the same arguments as if I haven't explained the issue before. This is a big thorn in the side of our relationship. There are times that I think leaving her would be better instead of subjecting myself (and her) to this conflict we have. I would love for her to see things with our lens but I understand that doing so would result in a major downgrade for her in social capital as all her friends are liberals. What to do?


Brutal Marz

Dear Brutal,

Allow me to be brutal.

Granted, I don’t know all the circumstances; you’re engaged, so you two are clearly serious about each other, and there are strong feelings involved. Breaking off an engagement is serious business, but you’re not married yet. I would suggest to you that there are two things you need to think (and/or pray) long and hard about.

The first is about your happiness. Now, marriage isn’t all about you. In some ways, it’s about society and posterity far more than it is about you—but we’ll get to that in a moment. I don’t usually go to Nietzsche as my first source for advice about courtship and marriage, but when it came to selecting a spouse, I think he got it spot on in Human All-Too-Human:

Marriage as a long conversation. When marrying, one should ask oneself this question: Do you believe that you will be able to converse well with this woman into your old age? Everything else in marriage is transitory, but the most time during the association belongs to conversation.

In brief: when you grow old with her, what will you talk about?

If you don’t like Nietzsche, let’s try someone else. In his Nicomachean Ethics, Aristotle describes three types of friendship, in ascending order: friendship of utility, friendship of pleasure, and friendship of goodness. The third type is extremely rare; almost no one finds it. There are good things about all three kinds of friendship. But the third type, even if it can be achieved only partially, is deeply rewarding, for when two souls can agree on and share in the goods that they hold dear—ideas about virtue and the best way of life, which are really the essence of politics—then life can truly be fulfilling. There’s nothing better than this.

I’m not counseling you to look for perfection, or a “soulmate” (whatever that means). But consider that this may not be a recipe for happiness.

But there’s a second consideration, and this is actually the far more important one. After all, one can choose to tolerate many annoyances for the sake of other goods (for example, I’m guessing she’s a very attractive woman). Nevertheless, the most important question you must ask yourself is this: Is this the woman you want raising your children? Can you live with the fact that she will, very likely, teach them to hate the things you love? Your duty is first to them, before yourself. Have you talked with her about how you will raise your children? That might be a good place to start working through some of these questions and finding out if you two are really going to be able to survive the long haul.

Look, in some ways, our ancestors had it easier: get married and then figure out if you like each other. But for better or worse, we have the tragic luxury of torturing ourselves. Make sure this is what you want. –CD

Hi again, waifus.

What is your favorite color?


Dear Howe,

–WJ & CD

Dear Waifus,

I’m an AltRight grill on the younger side, just kind of getting started in the movement. I know that I want to marry a fashy goy, and I want to sooner rather than later. I don’t think finding one will be a problem, but what character traits should I be looking for? In your opinions, when you’re deciding whether or not to marry a man, what is the most important quality for him to have? 

Keen on Tying the Knot in Kansas

Dear KtKK,

There are a thousand practical considerations, but assuming compatibility and agreement on the kind of life you want, and how to raise your children, it seems to me that the most important quality at the end of the day is loyalty. Will he cut and run when things get hard? As much as we’ve tried to conquer nature, events happen in life that we simply cannot control. Will he stand by you when things get hard? It may be hard to know, but that’s what I’d look for. –CD 

I’d consider being faithful, trustworthy, dependable and supportive (both emotionally and financially) to be character traits of utmost importance for a marriage. I’m assuming you intend to have as many Kind, Kansan Kids as possible in order to do your part in saving the white race, so you’ve got to be able to count on him. While the traits themselves seem dull, it doesn’t mean your Chad will be boring; it just means he’s got the agency to sustain a family - especially if you intend to become a trad wife. If it’s perhaps too hard to determine whether he’s got all these traits early on in your courtship, take note of his physical appearance. A guy who takes care of himself by being in shape and dressing well is more likely to take care of his family too. Also? Make sure he’s good with money before exchanging rings. –WJ

Hi Waifus,

I have a question. Can women be wooed with anti-Semitic poetry? For example (not my original work; credit goes to @harrison_partch):

Roses are red
Ovens are warm
The Jew is a devil
In human form


Hi again Howe,

If anti-semitism is considered by you to be a fine feature in a woman, then she would definitely be wooed by that poem. Test it out on every woman you meet; the one who responds positively is a keeper. –WJ

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