Introducing: AltRight Advice

Coming soon: a weekly column for those on the alt-right, written by two woke 3D waifus.

Our goal is to provide advice to both men and women navigating life issues in the alt-right. No question is too personal. We’ll keep questions anonymous and use those fake Dear Abby names, though she probably never used the names BasedTradWife or SuicidalPepe. But we will!

What’s the rationale for this column? Well, we’ve all be there: it’s not easy trudging around in normie-dom, and it’s not like you have tons of IRL friends to confide in.

You can ask us:

  • Questions about your blue-pilled loved ones
  • How to interact with normies
  • Finding partners with whom you can discourse on the topic of White Genocide
  • Developing relationships based on the principles of the alt-right
  • Raising kids in a sea of degeneracy
  • And more!

Who are we?

Well, we’ve been given permission to do this by the patriarchs of the alt-right. What more do you really need to know? But since you asked, we’re both over-educated women who have been in this movement long enough to know a thing or two. Wolfie James (@GorillaMother) is in her 30’s, married with kids and secular; Cecilia Davenport (@CWDaven) is in her 20’s, unmarried, childless, and Christian. In this column we’ll aim to provide our own alternative perspectives depending on the question or the circumstances involved.

Ask your mom for cooking advice. Ask us about ovens.

You can email us with your questions at [email protected]

What are you waiting for? Drop us a line, Nazi. We literally can’t even wait.