When the Trump battlegroup drops out of hyperspace on January 20th, they will find themselves in a historically unique situation: that of being the most powerful Republican administration in memory AND of being up against the most entrenched and structurally hostile establishment of all time.

Given present demographic and electoral trends, Trump is unlikely to win a second term unless he not only delivers on his radical agenda but changes the playing field itself. Fortunately, liberals have handed him a golden opportunity to do just that, in the form of #Calexit.

California is the Super Stardestroyer of the American Left. An electoral behemoth with 55 electoral votes, an economy that ranks #6 in the world, a propaganda machine in Hollywood that pumps out a steady stream of pozz, a cadre of tech entrepreneurs in the Bay Area who have more combined wealth and power than most sovereign states, and an army of mestizo voters intent on creating a de facto Aztlan in the Golden State. Wew, lads.

One county in California (Los Angeles) made up virtually the entire margin of victory for Hillary Clinton in the popular vote. Clinton won the state by over 4 million votes.

In the immediate aftermath of Trump’s win, angry neo-Confederate shitlibs took to Twitter to declare the independence of the California Republic. After an initial burst of coverage, during which #Calexit was a top trending item nationally, the fervor seems to have died down a bit. This is unacceptable. As long-time believers in states rights, we must find a way to assist our brothers and sisters on the Left Coast in their quest for independence.

I won’t bore you with the procedural details, which are manifold and complex. Besides, if there is one thing we’ve learned from liberals, it’s that such Constitutional archaisms are irrelevant in the Current Year. Nor, I am sure, do I need to cite the many benefits a separation from California would bring the rest of the country: a permanent Republican majority, a rebalancing of the demographics in our favor, a serious to the influence of cultural Marxism over our culture, etc. etc. etc. ad infinitum.

Being naturally people of low agency and high time preference, the Californians are unlikely to succeed (or secede) without our aid. Just as the avante garde of the abolitionist movement sought to catalyze the South’s failed secession attempt, so must the alt Right use our meme magick to provoke the Californians into action.

Trump’s administration would be wise to pursue a policy of aggressive provocation. He has four years to make this happen. After that, the window closes, quite possibly forever. Here are a few friendly suggestions on how Trump could help Make California Great Again:

1. Aggressively enforce immigration laws in California cities. Let me explain what I mean when I say “aggressive.” There should be armed ICE agents on the streets. Homeland Defense should effectively occupy licensing agencies. Illegals should be deported in mass numbers, preferably in front of television cameras. Large companies should be busted and fined for violation of federal immigration standards. California has always been the land of the future, a land of experimentation. Let’s make it our innovation laboratory.

2. Defund California cities that do not comply. No more sanctuary cities. No more failure to cooperate with the federal government on immigration and deportation. Any California city that fails to comply should immediately have all federal funding cut off. Repeat violators should be subject to quarantine and blockade. If this seems harsh, I remind you that the Obama administration threatened to cut off school funding for North Carolina schoolchildren over the state’s failure to allow grown, mentally-ill men to use women’s restrooms.

3. Jail California officials who defy the law. Liberals love to re-enact the glory days of the Civil Rights movement. They will posture and preen and pander to their browned electorate. The more daring among them will openly defy the government. This is a good thing. When it happens, they need to be jailed. We need to make martyrs of them. For pure dramatic effect, I would recommend allowing one of them to stage a Shawshank-style escape, followed by a national manhunt and a scene of being led, blindfolded, by the Emperor himself back to Sing-Sing. Better yet, re-open Alcatraz, close Guantanamo, and place the jailed California politicians in the same cells with the jihadis.

4. Nationalize Twitter. The tech industry is one of the deep-state power structures in California. Twitter is the weak calf in the herd. It has no profits. It has no buyers. It is banning popular and trusted Republicans like Andrew Anglin in pursuit of a political agenda. While Twitter is technically a private company, one could argue that it represents a de facto commons. The American people deserve to be able to exercise their free speech not only on street-corners but on the Internet as well. By nationalizing Twitter, Trump liberates important information infrastructure from the control of Stalinists. What’s more, such a move would provoke extreme anxiety among the tech elites in the Bay Area, potentially moving them over to the #Calexit side.

5. Prohibit federal employees from travelling to California for conferences. Follow the lead of bold liberal governors like Andrew Cuomo and Jerry “Jeff Davis” Brown. If California resists compliance with the new national immigration regime, Trump should issue an executive order preventing federal employees from traveling there for non-essential business. Las Vegas is cheaper, more fun, and far less expensive in terms of male prostitutes.

6. Set up an anti-degeneracy regime for Hollywood. Hollywood is another deep-state center of power in California. It wasn’t all that long ago that the film industry was subject to censorship and public decency standards. Creativity thrives under hardship! The Jews know this better than anyone. By setting up an anti-degeneracy regime, Trump will help Make Hollywood Great Again! Imagine the great art they could produce if they were forced to write scripts not that don’t rely exclusively on scatology and obscenity.

7. Un-recognize public employee unions in California by executive order. The public unions run the show in California. They have virtually unlimited power, especially now that Democrats have a super-majority in the Sacramento legislature. With a stroke of the pen, Trump could un-recognize and outlaw them, creating chaos in the heart of the enemy’s citadel. With the money saved, the California government could pay actual American workers a #living wage while returning millions to taxpayers.

8. Defund California’s research universities. California boasts 4 of the top 10 research universities in the US in terms of federal funding. That’s money that could be going towards the wall, people! By defunding UC San Diego alone, experts say that we would have enough money to create an army of robotic shark drones and extend the Grand Canyon all the way to Corpus Christi, fill it with water, and convert it into a moat.

9. Make English the national language. Require all government documents to be printed in English and English only. In the long run, this will help wealthy Californians better communicate with their gardeners, nannies, and rent-boys. Let’s end the soft bigotry of low expectations. Newcomers who have enough moxie to crawl naked and half-starved across the DMZ on our southern border surely have enough agency to learn our native language.

10. Mandate a civics test for voting eligibility. Since requiring a valid ID is clearly unconstitutional, we need to do something a little less punitive, like requiring would-be voters to name 5 previous US Presidents, recite the Pledge of Allegiance, or identify at least two of MLK’s mistresses.

There are other ideas, too: ending no-fault divorce, de-commissioning the USS Harvey Milk, or putting Pete Wilson on the $20 bill. I’m not picky. The point is that we have a historic opportunity do the job that Californians won’t do themselves. Southrons, especially, should assist in this effort in order to redeem the memory of their ancestors. Perhaps they can organize a band of volunteers under the old Battle Flag to go West and help birth the new Confederacy.