Megaregions - LARPing Liberals Fantasize about Eclipsing Rural America

Megaregions Overview

It's been said that those on the right strive for homogeneity through exclusion, while those on the left strive for homogeneity through inclusion. This is true not just in how we wish to manage a genepool, but also in how we wish to draw our borders.

The election of Donald Trump has stirred new life into a debate about the question of whether the effects and achievements of his presidency will be enough to turn back the (((rising tide of color))), or if we still need to pursue the perennial plan of redrawing our nation's borders to restore a more manageable balance between Amerikaners and Hart-Celler Americans.

Similarly, the election of Donald Trump has stirred liberals into a frenzy about how they can accelerate the work of disempowering the rural Americans who successfully used their remaining agency to deliver a champion of their self-interest into the White House (incidentally, making that name no longer a misnomer for the first time in 8 long years). After a resounding defeat, the crushed urbanite is grasping at straws for ways to crush back.

For the basic-tier liberals, the chief call is for the abolition of the electoral college, citing Clinton's popular vote tallies racked up in California and other urban strongholds. However, some liberals are even more ambitious and detached from reality, floating "fever memes" (the sound of the vigorous hand rubbing is somewhat muted by the feverish sweat dripping from the nervous merchant's nose) of eclipsing rural America through a gerrymandering of state borders as orbits of these same urban strongholds, called "megaregions".

Megaregions Detail

(((National Geographic))), a "nonprofit" based in Washington, D.C. and currently led by (((Gary Knell))) (who previously acted as CEO for (((NPR))) as recently as 2013) was the chosen outlet for the insemination of this particular meme, likely in an attempt to bestow an aura of scientific respectability. Indeed, the piece Four Million Commutes Reveal U.S. 'Megaregions' tries desperately to give the impression that these "megaregions" are concrete phenomena that objectively exist (rather than abstract inventions synthesized to serve a political agenda):

An ever increasing share of the world’s population is living in what are known as megaregions—clusters of interconnected cities. The concept of the megaregion is decades old and fairly easy to grasp, but geographically defining them has turned out to be rather tricky. Now, researchers have attempted to map the megaregions of the contiguous United States by studying the commutes of American workers.

Note the condescending tone suggesting that critics of the invention just might not "grasp" it. The reference to "commutes of American workers" is also carefully planted, as if to disingenuously suggest that the proposed gerrymandering would serve their interests. It's a particularly disgusting evocation to those of us who understand how the phenomenon of "white flight" away from city centers (and the resulting soul-draining daily commute) is a systematic displacement of our people from the communities that we created. Indeed, the reconceptualization of the city center as the fundamental unit of our intranational geography is an attempt to draw us back under the sociopolitical yoke of urbanity that our people have been trying to escape for decades.

Quite intentionally, our noble cartographers have "discovered" exactly 50 of these megaregions through their careful and diligent study of empirical data. While never explicitly suggested in the piece, the clear implication that our reader is to infer is that these megaregions would form a more empirically sound (or, dare we say it, more fair) distribution of political power - that our 50 states should be gently refigured to put a gleaming city on the hill in the center of each one. In case some of the more dull readers hadn't yet caught on to the idea, they made sure to include a visual depiction of the proposed states near the end of article just to make the state proposition painfully blunt.

Megaregions as States

While the publication date of November 30 following hot on the heels of the election result of November 8 may seem to merely be (((coincidental))), even a charitable reading of the piece (outside of any political context) still betrays the urbanite's very real cultural disdain (or at least dismissal) of rural America. As one commenter noted, "Oh you city people. What if rural people made plans for you..."

In the urbanite's self-absorbed psyche, the rural areas that make up the vast bulk of this nation serve only as "spaces between" the urban centers that define the culture and direction of the area. If an urbanite thinks about these areas at all, they imagine them as sparsely populated with an unpalatable smattering of unfortunate people who dream of being more cosmopolitan (or at least, they would if they fully understood what they were missing). These backwards folk must be dragged kicking and screaming into the inevitable horizon of progress, or overruled and suppressed if they cannot be made to listen to reason.

So here we come upon the more insidious purpose of the "megaregions" proposal: to dilute and eclipse the political agency of rural Americans by ensuring that every rural region of the US is dominated by a festering metropolis of degeneracy and political corruption. Those unfortunate souls living in the badlands of the megaregion fringes are to be outnumbered and subjugated by their urban masters, whose collective cosmopolitan sensibilities will determine policy and prospects for all citizens. It is truly the fever dream of the urbanite - a dream in which their dismissal of rural America is no longer an oversight, but a reflection of the geopolitical reality of the nation - a dream in which real Americans could never again unite to elect another Donald Trump.

As we come back to reality, where Donald Trump is on the eve of inauguration with a Congress stacked full of knee-bent Republicans, we can easily laugh off this recent bout of liberal LARPing as a far-flung fantasy of the defeated. And indeed we should laugh - it is our sense of humor that keeps us resolute in the face of difficulty. But we must also never forget just how much the urbanite wishes to disarm and destroy us. You can be sure that whatever power they manage to regain will be employed toward pursuing our destruction with redoubled intensity.