Kek and Christ

The new generation, having inherited world mastery, had no time or inclination to defend it; that readiness for war which had characterized the Roman landowner disappeared now that ownership was concentrated in a few families and a proletariat without stake in the country filled the slums of Rome…

If Rome had not engulfed so many men of alien blood in so brief a time…if she had occasionally closed her gates to let assimilation catch up with infiltration, she might have gained new…vitality from the infusion, and might have remained a Roman Rome, the voice and citadel of the West. --Caesar and Christ, Will Durant (1944)

Will Durant’s Caesar and Christ is the Cuck Nationalist historiography par excellence. It traces the decline—dare I say degeneracy—of Roman society primarily through the lens of class divisions, economic polarization, institutional malaise, and civic disunity. As such, it remains a point of reference for American Cuckservatives who believe that we are simply repeating the republican-imperial epicycle of ancient Rome, that if we could just stand athwart history—Constitution and free stuffed animals in hand—yelling “Slow it down a bit, goys!” we might perhaps arrest our own decline and preserve our “exceptional” status. Thus might we transform hordes of rent-seeking migrants with zero affinity for our traditions and institutions into acolytes of Ted Cruz and Antonin Scalia. Thus might we show ghetto dwellers that “Dems R the Real Racists.” Sprinkle in a bit of corporate mercantilism and pro-Israel militancy, and we might even win over the Jews!

The Alt Right, of course, sees things a bit differently. We understand that our problem is not one of “pacing” or of abstract civic values, but one of ethnicity and genetics. There is a reason why White societies have uniformly developed high levels of wealth, social trust, personal liberty, and cultural achievement while non-White societies have not. At present, our interests are aligned, and so we can work together towards our shared mid-range goals. We have built the beginnings of a functional dialectic, much as communists were able to do with socialists and liberals in the 20th century. Long term, though, we know that every intellectually honest and courageous Cuck Nationalist will eventually become one of us.
A healthy dialectic means that we find ways to cooperate with and appeal to a broad range of fellow travelers without compromising our core principles. We are made up of atheists, Neopagans, Dixians, Amerikaners, Protestants, esoteric Kekists, National Socialists, Neoreactionaries, woke Libertarians, and Roman Catholics. Lawrence Murray in his outstanding piece on the "7 Pillars of the Alt Right" identifies the foundational goals that hold this coalition together.

But we—and let’s be honest with ourselves here in our safe space, fam—still represent a tiny minority. Trump has given us breathing room and energy, but his win does not mean that Weimerica has suddenly realized the error of its ways. We have to expand. We have to create frameworks for cooperation with other, larger movements and groups—groups that are philosophically, theologically, or temperamentally predisposed to work with us—in order to survive.
Traditional Roman Catholics are one such group. They are large, motivated, organized, and they draw on a rich tradition that can add vibrancy to our movement. I happen to be a traditional Roman Catholic. I know these people. I love these people. Following Murray’s example, I hope to provide a framework of cooperation that will allow Traditional Catholics to work with the Alt Right without feeling that they must abandon or betray their Catholic beliefs.

Traditional Catholics are both mystical (See "Fatima and the Future of White Civilization," Parts I and II) and scholastic. We seek contact with God through both sensory experience and intellectual rigor. The Fatima message is a clear call to mystical discernment. What we need, then, is an intellectual framework, a series of theses that we can, you might say, nail to the Cathedral door.

We believe:

1) That our struggle is primarily one of Spirit. Penance and spiritual warfare are the pillars of the White soul. Traditional Catholics (and many Protestants) have always understood this. “We fight not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of this present darkness, against spiritual evil in high places.” Our fight for survival in the political realm is a reflection of a war in the spiritual realm to destroy Christianity by destroying the people who made it their own and built a civilization around it.

2) That Natural Law permits us as a people to fight against our own genocide and displacement. Alt Right critics of Christianity say, with some truth, that there is nothing the Gospel message or the tradition of faith that justifies “racism” per se. They cite the modern image of Jesus as a docile pacifist or otherworldly mystic. They refer to the universality of the Church and its openness to all people, regardless of race. All of these things are true, or at least constitute a fragment of what is true.

However, the Church has also a tradition of Natural Law, the law that is written on men’s hearts and could therefore be described as “esoteric.”

Thomas Aquinas went to great lengths to expand on the implications of Natural Law in war and conflict. In Summa, II-II, Q.64, art.7, he explains Double Effect, which justifies homicide in self-defense. Briefly, he explains that an act having predictable harmful consequences (i.e., the death of another human being) is justifiable if:

• The nature of the act is itself good or morally neutral.

• The intention of the agent is good.

• The good effect of the act outweighs the bad in circumstances sufficiently grave and the agent exercises due diligence to minimize the harm.

In other words, an action’s moral value is determined by both circumstances and intention. Thus, killing an attacker in self-defense is not an intrinsic evil. Killing an attacker out of pure hatred or doing so in such a manner as to increase the pain is evil. What is true at the individual level is also true at the social level.

Aquinas further developed the principle of Double Effect to articulate the doctrine of Just War. To meet the criteria for Just War, certain conditions must be met:

• Proper authority and public declaration In the Middle Ages, this meant that the sovereign must formally declare war. In our age, what is the locus of authority? What constitutes public declaration?

• Right intention Here again we see the White, European emphasis on the spiritual component of warfare. It is not merely our acts, but our intentions that are judged. Correcting a suffered wrong is considered a right intention, while material gain or maintaining economies is not.

• Probability of success There must be the possibility of success. This is to ensure that “scorched earth” does not become the norm. A global nuclear war is inherently an unjust war because the probability of “success” by any combatant is too low.

• Proportionality The anticipated benefits of a war must be proportionate to its expected evils or harms. This rules out intentional genocide or forcible enslavement of enemies.

• Last resort Force may be used only after all peaceful and viable alternatives have been seriously tried and exhausted or are clearly not practical. It may be clear that the other side is using negotiations as a delaying tactic and will not make meaningful concessions. At what point can we say definitively that White people have exhausted their options? We have opened our societies to others. We have favored them in our laws and socio-economic structures. We have outlawed discrimination. We have re-written our own history books. We have redistributed our wealth. And yet our enemies are no closer to acknowledging our rights than they were before all of this.

I mention Aquinas’ Jus ad bellum only to provide an intellectual backdrop for our political struggle. The reality is, we have political solutions at hand that are far short of actual war. And yet even under the traditional doctrine of Just War, a powerful case can be made that White people have the right to defend their homelands against invasion and occupation, particularly when we see what tends to happen once our enemies achieve political power.

The most challenging of the criteria laid about by St. Thomas is the one having to do with intention. It is exceedingly difficult, faced with the barrage of anti-White and anti-Christian propaganda from an all-powerful elite, not to indulge in vengeful malice. Nevertheless, Catholics who wish to be faithful to the Church while joining in our just struggle must find it in themselves to attach their participation to love of their people rather than hatred of their enemies.

3)That we face organized enemies who have been engaged in a centuries-long struggle to infiltrate and overthrow the Church. Traditional Catholics, as opposed to many de-racinated post-Vatican II Catholics, have always understood that organized groups of enemies want to destroy the Church. Freemasonry and Talmudic Judaism—the two groups most responsible for creating the modern world—are the greatest threats to the Church. Freemasons promote a subservient globalism that worships an idealized form of egalitarian man. Talmudic Jews are defined principally by their rejection and deicide of Christ and their enduring, tribal hatred of the Church. Today, Freemasons and Talmudic Jews control the machinery of global finance, media, and governance. They are using the power of this machinery to dismantle traditional faith and to promote their own interests at our expense. Alt Right Catholics must be willing to name our enemies and join with those who are fighting them.

The new covenant is binding and replaces the old. We may respect Jews and refrain for forceful conversions, but we do not accept the idea of a separate and parallel blood covenant. This inherently places us at odds with Talmudic Judaism. It is not a sin to acknowledge this difference and to understand that there can be no compromise between their notions of tribal superiority and our views of universal grace. Likewise, it is our duty to our people, our children, and our Holy Mother Church to resist Judaization and Freemasonic modernism (which Pope St. Pius X called “the synthesis of all heresies).

4) That Enlightenment ideals of egalitarianism and immanentism constitute a Luciferian anti-Faith that is inimicably opposed to Roman Catholicism. The Medieval period was the high water mark of Catholic spiritual, intellectual, and artistic achievement. We don’t advocate LARP-ing a return to traditional monarchy or feudalism (though we are not fundamentally opposed to such structures), but we do desire a return to the Medieval unity of spirit and blood. Christendom was weakened by Enlightenment revolutions (military and political), but it wasn’t destroyed until WWI. We live now in the anti-Paradise of the Enlightenment, and the result is our own demographic and spiritual decline. Alt Right Catholics should fight against political egalitarianism and against the idea that we can, through political action, create a paradise-on-Earth. We should respect the lesson of Babel—that human beings, created in God’s image, are not intended to live in a mongrelized global village. We are at our best when we live among our own kith and kin.

5)That the threat of Islamization must be met with an unapologetic Crusader spirit. It should be clear to all by now that globalists have no desire to resist Islamization, even as it undermines their sacred ideals of feminism, religious liberty, and homophilia. Secularism is a void, and Islam is the force seeking to fill that void. Hatred of tradition and the worship of victimhood are far more foundational values to the secular globalist Left than, say, protecting their own women and children from rape, their gays from torture and execution, and their people from forced religious conversion.

Catholics have a long history of violent encounter with Islam. We attempted but ultimately failed to protect our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land. We succeeded in defeating the invading Mohammedans and casting them out of our European homelands. Recently, one of our priests, Father Hamel, was murdered by Muslims as he celebrated Mass in France, making him a martyr for the faith and a probable saint. There will be more Father Hamels in the future.

We have been taught that the Crusades were evil, that our ancestors were wrong, that we were “the bad guys.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Then, as now, Catholics were the victims of Islamic aggression and harassment. Rapes, massacres, and forced conversions were the strategy of the enemy.

Alt Right Catholics must consciously adopt a Crusader mentality (as opposed to a Gorilla Mindset). The Crusades were not merely a violent action against an existential threat. They were a form of penitential warfare.

Great divisions exist among Catholic traditionalists. We squabble constantly amongst each other. FSSP vs. SSPX vs. SSPV. Sedevacantists vs. those still in communion with Rome. I won’t belittle those differences, but they are not germane to the Alt Right. The protection and survival of our people is a cause around which all the factions of traditional Catholicism can rally. It can serve as a rare unifying force.

We have much to contribute to this cause. We are, after all, the original meme warriors. We understand the power of imagery to bypass man’s cognitive defenses against persuasion. Consider the situation of the Church in the New World prior to the apparition of Our Lady of Guadaloupe. The Conquistadors were having no luck in converting the native Indians. Missionaries were being killed, and the rites of human sacrifice persisted in the jungle enclaves. The appearance of Our Lady of Guadalupe with her iconic image immediately turned the tide, leading to the largest mass conversion in human history.

The tent of the alt Right is big enough for Kek and Christ. We may disagree on particulars and we may have divergent points of emphasis, but the warriors of Kek and the crusaders of traditional Catholicism are both threatened by the same enemies. Our cause is just. It is spiritual in its scope. And it is winnable.

Deus Vult!