Edgecucks: A Study in Unwitting Cuckoldry

Written by and contributed on behalf of Ghoul

There is an issue that has become prevalent enough for me to feel it warrants being properly addressed-- this issue having been a constant nuisance for our movement. It isn’t an issue among the head figures of the Alt-Right, but rather an error of judgment on behalf of their followers seeking to prove some form of group exceptionalism. I’m not seeking to “cast out” these individuals, but rather offer constructive criticism, as I believe they simply have not fully thought through their approach. I am speaking of edgecucking; the great sin of the emotional aspie.

I. The Dumb Justification

“People place you into the caricature of the emotional unstable ugly-neo-nazi, so you ought to just own up and become that caricature!”

Firstly, this premise is both wrong and dishonest.

This is wrong because “people” do not place the Alt-Right into this caricature- the Left does. The reason they do so isn’t done out of honesty (although perhaps for some of the stupid ones, it is). The Left does this because this caricature is a turn off to the entire globe, and in this, they try to emotionally manipulate the honest normal folk of our race away from honestly investigating the Alt-Right. They recognize our victory lies in our placing what was previously a fringe position into the everyday discussions of normal individuals. Trying to viciously embody fringe-ism is counterproductive to our victory. We were all non-political types in the past, and for the vast bulk of us, it wasn’t edge which brought us to our racialist and nationalist views. It was honest discussions and talking points forced into the dark by the political status quo. Normalization sold us. Not shitty NSBM music layered over goose-stepping collages.

Furthermore, this premise is dishonest because it assumes the Alt-Right is a matter of personal identification and LARP rather than a coalition of ideologies and peoples with a unifying goal in mind. We aren’t using politics to escape our damn society; we are trying to save our damn society. When one’s personal politics are comprised of nothing but edgy music and seductive reactive feces, more often than not these individuals are participating in a form of rebellion against all things. In a way, virtually mimicking the second wave black metal scene in Scandinavia; a whole lot of talk about an underlying profound esotericism behind all the symbolism and candle-lit music sessions, but when the core is reached, all that is to be found is an alienated angry White kid.

I understand the alienation faced by such members of the Alt-Right. It is a product of the forced diversification of our homes, the destruction of our identity, the removal of gender norms, and all other elements of our culture which gave us a true sense of belonging. The reaction is to be expected, especially in the younger (more ambitious and emotional) members of the Alt-Right. However, the reaction accomplishes nothing. It’s an irrelevant dead end. If you are guilty of this, and you are man enough to recognize it, the time has come for you to get your jimmies straight and actually start being productive.

Note: I am not suggesting those honestly calling themselves “national socialists” or other fringe ideologies are being dishonest. There is an obvious underlying context here between the honest, and the dishonest edgecuck.

II. Why it’s Cucking

When you begin to allow the pathetic insults of the Left (ignorant racist, ugly bigot, klan member, evil-neo-nazi, white trash, etc.) to affect the way you would otherwise live your normal life, and the way you view yourself, you are cucking. You’re not spooking the egalitarian supremacists with leather jackets, patches, switchblades, and edgy swastika avatars online. You’re being their little bitch. You become the normie-repellant they want you to be. The Left says jump, and you respond “how high?” They couldn’t ask for a better pet.

You are not part of some violent extremist revolutionary circle. You are not overthrowing a government. You are not intimidating anyone outside of facebook cat-ladies. You’re a social outcast fantasizing about ropes and crosses in between hentai fap-sessions. You are the bottom barrel of what the Alt-Right has to offer; a haven for outcasts to out-LARP one another for status and approval among our dregs, and you will be a dancing puppet for the Left if it means effective escapism.

Don’t cucksplain to me that “normal people are useless.” Normalization is how we win. That doesn’t mean we necessarily need to “win over” every normie in town. It simply means our position becomes normalized. I can see how this concept is intimidating to edgecucks, as their means of irrelevant rebellion against all things loses its potency, and they might have to turn to some black metal to engage in their prolonged teenage angst.

Now, of course, I am not suggesting that being associated with “nazi” or “radical” imagery is in and of itself a bad thing. I don’t care. It’s not about the association, and that’s the entire point. When the Left points and cries “evil nazi,” the obvious proper response is to either not care, or even better yet, laugh at them. Normalization comes with removing the power of these buzzwords and labels to the normal day-to-day people; not trying to double down in the Left’s tactics. That’s cucking hard for them, and accomplishes nothing but establishing a speedbump for our momentum. Effectively, you might as well be supporting Bill Kristol.

Thus concludes today’s lesson on edgecucking.

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