Disgust vs. Phobia

The left has a deliberately difficult time understanding the difference between disgust and phobia.

For instance if you don't like gays you're homophobic. Don't like Islam? Islamophobic. Are immigrants raping, robbing, pillaging, and exploding in your nation? Xenophobic. Don't like men in dresses peeing next to your daughter in a restroom while whistling the theme to Silence of the Lambs? Transphobic. We know the drill.

But it's not phobic to be disgusted by something. For instance:

I'm not scared of gays. The gay lifestyle being foisted on everyone disgusts me.

I’m not scared of Islam. Islam disgusts me.

I'm not scared of third-world immigrants. Their culture and actions disgusts me.

I'm not scared of transvestites. Men in dresses acting like women disgusts me.

That's the real issue: Phobia vs. Disgust. Imagine walking across your lawn and stepping in dog crap. Your first reaction is not phobia. Your first reaction is disgust. Your second reaction is to get angry at the person that is letting their dogs crap on your lawn.

This is a simple concept to grasp, except for the left. Maybe we should explain it to them in the gentle way the Alt-Right is known for?

First, we are not afraid of the things the left pretends to love, we are disgusted by them. And secondly, we want to find the people that are dropping these turds on our nation's lawn and make them stop.

One reason the left labels disgust as a phobia is psychological. Studies show leftists have a very high disgust threshold. They aren't disgusted the way normally adjusted people are. They cannot stop themselves from loving disgusting acts because they are mentally unable to differentiate these threats. They are broken psychologically.

The other reason the left labels disgust as a phobia is more important and deliberate. The left frames disgust as a phobia because it works better to manipulate people to their goals. We live in a society that has two conflicting social mandates in the current year:

  • Don't be scared.
  • Don't be judgmental.

The first mandate about not being scared is a remnant of the old America and the Western culture that explored the planet and the stars. The idea that our people confront challenges and do not run from responsibility still lingers in the minds of our men. This notion has not been beaten from our psyches yet despite decades of propaganda to do so.

The second mandate about not judging is how the left does the most cultural damage. The idea of moral relativism and not judging actions, people, and cultures as good or bad is a core leftist philosophical belief. Without right or wrong, and no ability to comprehend the difference, we can finally have the leftist utopia they desire. If we can't judge good from bad, competent from incompetent, beautiful from ugly, or worthwhile from worthless, we have equality in the mind of the left.

The one-two argument above is combined into an effective way to control rational disgust mechanisms. Instead of defending ourselves against obvious threats brought about by disgust, the left simply retorts:

“What are you scared about and why are you being so judgmental?”

The left wraps our natural defenses into a pseudo-scientific “phobia” label to make the person saying them be perceived as mentally defective. In fact, the left is simply projecting their own psychological shortcomings.

After all, what person thinks gay men going around in ball gags, leather thongs, and dog collars in a parade is normal? Would they trust that kind of person to babysit their son?

Do non-Muslims really think that Islam is a great and peaceful religion?

Does any rational person think that mass third-world immigration adds any value to a first-world nation?

Would any sane parent want fully grown men wearing dresses in their daughter's bathroom at school?

No well adjusted person believes these things. In fact, they feel the disgust we're talking about here but are afraid to say it. So, if you are being called “phobic”, push back twice as hard about how disgusting the idea is and don't budge an inch.

I'll go so far as to say the easiest red pilling I've ever done on people was to get them to start admitting that the things the left treats as phobias are really disgusting. Once normies start verbalizing as disgust what they are already thinking quietly, then the process of seeing the truth has begun. All they need are others around that hold these ideas and aren't afraid to say them.

The left feeds on weakness and fears strength. Not being a perverted culturally suicidal Islam loving transvestite tolerant cuck is a good start for being strong. No sane person will hold it against you, trust me.

When dealing with the left, never allow them to back you into the corner with a phobia accusation. Always push back with your disgust and frame it so that the person charging you with phobia is the actual weirdo (because they are). You might be surprised what people might say and do when they realize that they are the ones being perceived as the oddball.