Dixianism and Amerikanerism: Natural Allies

As can be seen below, the proposed Amerikaner territory erroneously overlaps with Dixian territory. That’s not going to work. In fact, if the proponent of the Free Amerikaner Republic could redraw his borders to stay out of Dixie...That’d be great. If he cannot redraw the border then he will have the border redrawn for him and some Dixians might accidentally go outside the lines when we color in our territory. Oh, and since nobody has claimed southern and central California yet, we’ll go ahead and take that for Dixie too. I’m also calling the Caribbean and some Latin American territory for Dixie while I’m at it. Oh, look! Somebody already thought of it!

Now that we have that settled, it is important to note that Dixianism and Amerikanerism are natural allies in our fight against multicultural-Americanism. It is to each camp’s advantage to support the other if we hope for a Soviet style breakup. Even if we don’t get a peaceful breakup, we’re still much more likely to actually win independence if we form multiple fractures instead of just one. It is simply harder for the establishment to hold multiple fractures together than to hold one single fracture together. It would also be to our advantage to see a strong Vermont secessionism, Pacific Northwest secessionism, Hawaii secessionism, Alaska secessionism, and Deseret (LDS) secessionism.

As can be seen, the map for the Republic of Dixie much better approximates the self-reported ethnic lines than the Amerikaner Free State map.

Don’t worry about the predominantly black, Hispanic, and American Indian portions of Dixie--We’ll take care of that. The “American or Unknown” portion can be considered Scots-Irish, which ironically was not an option on the census even though they by far outnumber some of the other ethnic groups that got included. The biggest shortcoming I see with the proposed Republic of Dixie is that we may end up trading northern Missouri and Northern West Virginia for some counties in southern Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois.

When you look at religious denomination, the map is only slightly different, with Catholic pluralities in many counties of the Florida peninsula. By religious denomination, northern Missouri should unquestionably be included in Dixie. If we lump Baptist and Methodist together as Protestant denominations, then almost all of West Virginia, about half of Ohio, and the bottom fifth or so of Illinois should go to Dixie. Obviously, the Hispanic population of south and west Texas, New Mexico, most of Arizona and California skews the religion map toward Catholicism.

If there is to be an LDS state of Deseret, it may include part of Arizona. Ironically, the majority LDS counties depicted here are depicted as majority Amerindian in the race map above and the majority British counties in the race map are depicted as majority Catholic when mapped by religion.

Now let’s take a look at another indicator of ethnicity: Accents.

Here’s a map from Wikipedia, along with the following caption:

“Blue represents major cities of the Southern accent; darker blue represents cities with the strongest features of this accent. Purple represents the related Midland accent, which together with the Southern accent falls under the "Southeastern super-region" (defined in this section). Red represents nearby cities outside of that super-region.”

Here’s a similar dialect map that was on an older version of the same page:

The green areas by dialect would be indisputably Southern while the pink is somewhat Southern. This map roughly approximates the above maps, definitely including Kentucky, southern West Virginia, southern Missouri as part of the cultural South. Realistically, a future border between Dixie and Amerikaner Free State would probably best fall somewhere in the pink area or northern periphery of the pink area. I think the Florida peninsula should fall indisputably to the South due to geography alone. Whether Cajunland gets included with the Anglo-Celtic South or autonomy as a sovereign, independent nation is a legitimate topic for future debate. There is no need to get too autistic at this point about the exact coordinates of the border. In the end the border(s) will fall where they will. This post just presents an approximation of where the border will fall if Amerikaners are willing to peacefully part. If we have to fight them then we are going to have to acquire more land from them as reparations.

At the present, Southern Nationalism is by far the strongest (white) nationalist movement in America. It’s time for others to step up their game in a synergistic rather than antagonistic fashion.