A Little Cancer

Angela Merkel - Childless Islam Lover The shriveled up communist Angela Merkel is playing the mea culpa game with the Muslim hordes she brought into Germany. She's not deporting them because that would be mean. Rather, she's going to give them a stern talking to and attempt to ban wearing the burqa in public.

The problem is that Merkel is offering to put out the fire she herself started. Even worse, she wants thanks for her efforts with a re-election to finish her destruction. The bravery is stunning. Yet, we should expect nothing less from our liberal leaders. Merkel is not going to ban Islam, she's just going to groom it around the edges a bit. It's like a Brazilian wax for a very hairy and ugly Arab woman.

Yet, it's not burqas that are raping European women. It's not burqas that are robbing people. It's not burqas that are shooting up theaters and setting off bombs. It's Islam that is doing these things. A burqa ban is the least of the issues here.

I've found in life that if a problem is causing someone big trouble, they can't just address it a little. No, they need to address it entirely. You can't fix a serious problem with half-measures.

Alcoholics can't just cut back to one beer a day. Alcoholics need to stop drinking entirely.

Cancer patients can't allow a little cancer to stay around. Cancer patients need to kill it all off.

Barack Obama can't simply take the tip of a random man's penis in his rectum. He needs the full balls deep shaft.

Likewise, if Islam is worth banning a little because of problems it is creating, it's worth not having it at all. You can't go half-way with Islam, it's an all or nothing proposition.

You can't allow a little invasion, a little shooting, a little raping, and a little bombing. You must get rid of all of it, and that includes the symbolism of Islam with how they dress their women. This is a culture war. There is no compromise possible.

Merkel's dysfunction on these issues is a mix of hatred for her own people and the fact that she has no children. There is nothing more vile and wicked than a childless post-menopausal leftist woman. They know they are genetic failures and want to take it out on the happiness of those with families. Merkel is taking a country that isn't hers, and giving it away to people that shouldn't be there. This is the mode of the selfish left:

  • Give away what isn't yours to give.
  • Then expect gratitude and kudos for your efforts.

I have a better idea. Not only are we going to ban the burqa, but we are going to ban Islam. Islam is not going to be allowed to remain in the West. We are going to have our own nations run by and for our own people. There won't be a need to ban the burqa because there won't be any Islam around to make people wear one.

The burqa is a visible tumor on the body of the West, but it is not the illness. Attacking the underlying cancer is the only way to heal our nations. If we remove Islam from our lands, the burqa goes with it. But, if we remove the globalist ideology that imported the problem, we cure the disease. There is no living with just a little cancer, we need to get rid of all of it.