A Return To Tolerance

Another one of our allies has fallen to the insatiable appetite the Left has for ruining the personal lives of people who have opinions they disagree with. Emily Youcis, an aspiring animator with an online following, was terminated from her day job as a food vendor at the Philadelphia baseball stadium by her employer, Aramark, for publicly expressing her personal opinions on current events.

As most of us on the AltRight are painfully aware, publicly expressing personal opinions on current events is not a fireable offense for people on the left side of the political spectrum. No, it's just us right-wingers who need to bite our tongue and stay silent. That's why most of us remain anonymous by using pseudonyms and funny looking avatars. But even this doesn't stop the Left from attempting to dox anyone who expresses an opinion that runs contrary to their Cultural Marxist narrative.

Youcis didn't hide behind a fake name and is serving as yet another example of what the Left will do to silence its opposition. The incident which preceded her termination was when Youcis attempted to interview leftist protesters for Red Ice TV but was instead assaulted. Her cameraman was actually beaten and left bloodied in the melee. But instead of the violent leftists involved in the attacks being held accountable for their criminal actions, Youcis is the one who is punished!

Whenever something like this happens, your basic bitch, cucked Republican will very quickly cower and hide behind a libertarian sounding argument in favor of "employment at will." "Employers are free to terminate employees for any reason at all" the cuck will loudly proclaim. The truth is that we no longer have "employment at will" in this country since we enacted anti-discrimination laws and those very laws are being used to further a leftist agenda.

There is no better example of this than the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's (EEOC) decision last year to consider "gender identity" protected under federal anti-discrimination law, Title VII, without any corresponding legislative changes from Congress. As a matter of fact, employers across this nation have paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars to the EEOC shakedown artists over such trivial things as "transgender bathroom access" or "proper pronoun usage."

The EEOC sued Deluxe Financial Services Corporation, a check-printing and financial services corporation, alleging that after charging party, Britney Austin, began to present at work as a woman and informed her supervisors that she was transgender, Deluxe refused to let her use the women's restroom in violation of Title VII. The Commission further alleged that supervisors and coworkers subjected her to a hostile work environment, including hurtful epithets and intentionally using the wrong gender pronouns to refer to her. As part of a settlement agreement, Deluxe agreed to pay $115,000 in damages.

So Bob comes to work as "Britney" one day and, next thing you know, he's collecting a $115,000 pay out! Meanwhile, Emily Youcis is unemployed solely due to the fact that she expressed personal opinions which Leftists do not want to hear.

This is the America we live in today. Leftists are able to use both giant corporations and government regulatory agencies as tools in their efforts to crack down on dissent and push our nation further to the Left. Your public statements, and sometimes even private ones, can and will be used against you if you dare to challenge them regardless of whether you're an employer or an employee.

So what are we going to do about it? The first thing that needs to be done is to formulate a coherent argument whenever one of these events take place. I propose a response which you can even use under your real name that re-frames the issue into one of tolerance for differing opinions. This soft-sounding argument is uncharacteristic of the AltRight which has become known for its edginess but I believe it will be persuasive for normies.

We need to stop all this repression of different opinions! Why can't people be free to disagree with you without you trying to bankrupt them? Has the Left become so intolerant that people can't express themselves without leftists trying to ruin their personal lives?

And be sure to constantly throw it back in their face whenever a leftist tries to defend the actions of giant corporations.

So you're fine with corporations terminating people for political opinions?

And if someone tries to claim that it's because racial issues were discussed, just make comparisons to Black Lives Matter, NAACP or the Nation of Islam and ask whether participants in those organization or movements are subject to the same type of terminations that White people currently are?

I doubt you'll change the mind of any leftists but maybe, just maybe, some center-right Republican might hear your argument and begin to question why it's only our people who are constantly being attacked like this.

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