Trump The Mountain King

Epic legends depicting heroes asleep under mountains or hills are entrenched in the European racesoul. Kings under mountain that will one day awake; the second coming of King Arthur; and the slumbering Emperor Frederick Barbarossa are all examples. Donald J. Trump epitomizes this legendary series of tales that are embedded in European folklore and Kultur. Trump, unbidden and unforeseen, has arisen almost out of nowhere to drive the sentiments of the people. He is the voice articulating the unspoken assumptions of the folk.  In a similar vein, the resurrection of Kek in our great time of need is a cross-cultural parallel to the sleeping King Under Mountain legends of Europe. As per Lawrence Murray, in his article on Esoteric Kekism: “If one acknowledges the notion of cyclical time believed by the non-Semitic religions of the world, one can understand that the nationalist Pepe meme is a return of Kek the chaos-bringer, who may well represent Kalki the Destroyer, bringer of the end of the Dark Age.” Much like the God Kek, the sleeping mountain king awakens when he is needed most by his people. Amidst the chaos, a hero will emerge to bring about a new order.

In her Counter-Currents article entitled The Mountain Kings, Juleigh Howard-Hobson writes about the pervasiveness of this style of legend across the European continent and the British Isles. These king under mountain legends are characterized by kings/gods/heroes asleep in caves/hills/mountains.  The heroes are often surrounded by treasure or an item of great value; ravens typically fly above the stronghold to mark its place and signal the hero’s slumbering presence. When the ravens no longer fly overhead, the hero has awakened to aid his people in their most dire hour.

Much like Trump’s entry into the political arena from his professional life characterized by success and opulent wealth, his political awakening, and his supporting retinue of advisors and family, there are many legends of King Arthur that depict marvellous fortunes, a slumbering honour guard of knights, and a pre-ordained awakening.

In one such famous example, which fits the typical pattern of King under mountain legends about King Arthur, comes from Richmond Castle, Yorkshire:

Not far away, on the other side of the River Swale, is a large cave known as Arthur’s Oven, and underneath the Castle Keep the King himself lies sleeping. A man named Potter Thompson is said to have encountered a stranger near the castle and to have been taken by him to an underground vault of enormous size in which a multitude of people lay sleeping on the ground. The stranger showed Thompson a sheathed sword and a horn and invited him to draw the one and blow the other. Had he done so, the sleepers would have been freed from the enchantment that bound them, but Thompson was not fated to be their deliverer. When the sword was half out of its sheath they stirred and seemed about to rise. In a sudden terror he let the blade fall back, and the sleepers sank down once more to the ground…

Although Potter Thompson was unsuccessful in awakening King Arthur from his slumber, the legend has it “that no other opportunity of breaking the spell will occur before a definite, though unstated, time has gone by.” The potential for an awakened Arthur is always present.

In other variants of the tale, the purpose of a fully awake King Arthur is overtly stated. In what is called the final question form of the legend, the sleeping heroes are found in a cavern or hill and when woken, by a shepherd or other commoner, they ask if it is time. When they find that it is not time, they return to their slumber, but not before stating their destiny:

I will sleep once more until the day comes when I shall rise and bring victory to the people of Britain. Take of the silver and gold that lies before you and get you gone speedily: for my knights awake before it is time they will slay you—and then there will be none to speak the words which you have spoken and which send me now back to my long rest.

Oftentimes treasure hordes surround the resting King. In this instance, King Arthur commands the man to take silver and gold away with him, which is strikingly similar to Trump’s own philanthropy. It is also interesting to note that in these variants of the tale it is a person of common birth and occupation that rouses the great hero. Just like Trump, the hero is enervated by the people.

In Europe, it is not Arthur that slumbers beneath a mountain, but Fredrick Barbarossa. Howard-Hobson states that the brothers Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm tell of Barbarossa in their early nineteenth century collection of German Legends:

Many legends are in circulation dealing with this emperor. They say that he is not dead, but that he shall live until the Day of Judgment, and also that no legitimate emperor shall rise up after him. Until that time he will remain hidden in Kyffhauser Mountain. When he appears he will hang his shield on a dead tree, and leaves will sprout from the tree, and then better times will be at hand. From time to time he speaks to those who find their way into the mountain, and from time to time he makes appearances outside the mountain. Generally he just sits there on a bench at a round stone table, asleep with his head in his hands.

Barbarossa, legend has it, awakened “every hundred years to see if Germany need[ed] his help as leader.” Much like another hero, King Karl, asleep under Odin’s mountain (in Odenberg, Germany) was to appear with his army every seven or hundred years, depending upon the legend’s variant. Anyone witnessing the emergence of the King was said to be very lucky as the mountain contained vast treasures.

Barbarossa like the other heroes of Europe such as King Arthur, Emperor Otto, King Karl along with every variant of the king under mountain tale share many similarities and a common overarching pattern that culminates in the salvation of their respective peoples.

Should God-Emperor Trump fall, it is our duty to resurrect him to maintain his memory, the idea of his presence. On 8 September 2016 Reactionary Tree tweeted “Keeping the flame of Trumpism alive after Trump is important for the #AltRight.”  Trump is now president-elect of the United States, the God-Emperor of Mankind in waiting, but should he fall electorally in the future, it is the duty of the Alt-Right to keep his memory alive. In the coming years, it will be necessary to invoke the memory of Trump’s glory to hold new candidates to account not just in the United States, but across the West. When the Emperor is gone, his spirit will live forever as part of our racesoul, he will be carried off the field in honour and his legend shall live on. The sleeping heroes represent the awakening of their strength, courage, creativity, and endurance within us. The emergence of Trump and his populist counter-revolutionary uprising can now be added to the list of heroic legends.