Reddit Attempts To Debunk White Pride, Fails Miserably

Recently, a Reddit post titled What White Nationalists Don’t Get has been making rounds on the internet, and it appears to have rustled more than a few jimmies. The post, written by an arrogant lefty under the moniker YouAreAll_Absurd, insists that white nationalism and white pride are irrelevant concepts, because allegedly, “white” is not a valid identity. Here’s the full post:

The author argues that the progeny of white Europeans have every right to celebrate their specific cultures — English, German, French, etc. — but not their race, as race is not a cultural determiner. “I don’t have white culture, I have Irish culture,” he states smugly.

A number of people have taken a swing or two at this faulty logic, but it seems many are missing the big picture, and are unable to place why exactly this self-flagellating nu-male is wrong. To that end, here’s a fairly exhaustive debunking of his flawed points.

Cultural Pride is Valid, Racial Pride is Not

For a moment, let us ignore the exception of black pride, which this Redditor seems okay with. If one can only take pride in his culture, but not his heritage, then to what do I owe my culture? Is culture not a product of heritage? This argument only makes sense if one believes, as this Redditor appears to, that culture is just an arbitrary amalgamation of language, customs, and traditions, that is in no way a product of race.

Yet this idea completely ignores the fact that culture and race evolve simultaneously, and are both determined by the environment in which a group of people reside. Just as the harsh conditions in Northern Europe gave the Scandinavians of old their strong work ethic and resilient spirit, so too,did the lack of sunlight result in the lightening of their skin and eyes.

Aside from the fact that race and culture are inextricably linked, the post completely ignores the fact that there are numerous other forms of racial pride in America that are treated as valid in the mainstream:

  • Latino pride, for example, is available to anyone whose ancestors came from anywhere within the landmass spanning the northern tip of Mexico to the southern tip of South America.

  • Asian pride is celebrated by people from a number of different eastern Asian countries, such as Japan, China, Korea, Mongolia, et cetera.

  • Native American pride is a common one, yet many Americans fail to realize that when the first settlers arrived in the new world, the American Indian tribes were completely fractured. There were larger conglomerates such as the Cherokee nation, but there were a myriad other smaller tribes, all of whom frequently warred with each other. In many ways, this particular example is analogous to Europe’s own history.

Don’t the dozens of countries inhabited by each of these different racial groups have their own cultures? If so, it would appear that by this poster’s own logic, anyone claiming Latino pride is as much in the wrong as someone claiming white pride.

Black Pride Is Okay, Because Slavery

Our author goes on to explain that while whites cannot be unified by race, blacks ought to be, as no black descendant of slaves can trace his ancestry back to a specific country in Africa. “Their culture,” he insists, “was taken from them. It was beaten out of them.”

True, many American blacks can’t point to a specific country of origin. But how many African countries really were there when the first future-dindus arrived in America? Africa was a wild and largely uncivilized continent prior to the age of Imperialism; before then, it didn’t have much in the way of countries, in the modern sense. These slaves did not have their national identity taken from them and beaten out of them — rather, they had their first-ever national identity bestowed upon them when they arrived in America.

Furthermore, there are numerous blacks from the Caribbean Islands who claim black pride as well. If their ancestors were never slaves, aren’t they no longer allowed to take pride in their own heritage, and instead sequestered to merely “Haitian Pride” (celebrating the time-honored traditions of rape, earthquakes, and dismemberment) and “Jamaican Pride” (dude, weed)?

This entire argument stems from a foregone conclusion and works its way backwards. That conclusion is that pride in one’s ethnicity is stupid, because my professor told me ethnicity has nothing to do with culture. I suspect this Redditor believes that modern Western culture just sprung up out of nowhere by chance for white Europe, and that it was equally likely to occur in any other part of the world.

If shitlibs are going to fall in line behind this line of thinking, then by their own logic, they must either oppose all the other forms of racial pride — Latino, Asian, Amerindian, etc. — or else permit us our own. Given the primal, gripping fear that lefties have of offending minorities, I’m going to assume the latter case is more likely.

There’s a reason that this Reddit post, riddled with faulty logic and double standards, is the most successfully convincing counter to white nationalism we’ve seen thus far. It’s because in the world of identity politics created by the modern left, where race means everything, there is no rational argument against white pride.

We have a right to exist.