Donald Trump: American Legend

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Donald Trump’s victory could not be more inspiring and Hillary Clinton’s defeat could not be more humiliating. While white people across the red heartland are celebrating, people of color in blue cities are rioting, underscoring why there was a so-called “whitelash” in the first place. The Left has long-denied that they were remaking the country through mass-immigration from the Third World – even though this dispossession was plain to see – but over the past few years, sensing victory, they dropped their guard and began fantasizing about how they would reign supreme once whites became a minority. The Left showed whites the knife too soon and got “whitelashed” as a result.

Enraged that Clinton won the popular vote but lost the electoral college, the sorest losers on the Left are demanding the abolition of the electoral college. The United States, however, is (or, more properly, are) not a national democracy of one people, but a federal republic of sovereign States. The electoral college was instituted for the same reason that States of all sizes have equal representation in the Senate: to prevent a few large States from ruling the rest of the country. Without the electoral college, New York, California, and Washington, D.C. would reign supreme – a one-sided outcome which the heartland would never accept. Perhaps such a dissolution of the Union is no longer “traitorous” or “racist” to the Left, however, as Trump’s victory has sparked a Californian secession movement (“Calexit,” named after “Brexit”). Speaking of secession, guess who else lost the popular vote but won the electoral college? Abraham Lincoln, at a piddling 39%.

Trump’s landslide victory did not surprise very many Trump voters, who were well aware of the fact that the press was rigging its numbers to try and suppress their turnout. To be specific, the polls heavily overweighted likely Clinton voters (registered Democrats, women, millennials, minorities, etc.). In late October, however, the polls went from double-digit Clinton leads to Trump leads almost overnight: the first poll to “cheat” on the game and put out an honest poll started a chain reaction of “cheating,” as no one wanted to be left with a bogus poll on election day. Around the same time, the numbers on voter registration and early voting all indicated a coming “monster vote” for Trump which would not only win swing states (Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio) but also flip blue states (Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan). The media must not get away with the story that “no one could have seen this coming.” That is a lie to cover up the travesty that they tried to rig the election as well as the irony that they were hoisted on their own petard.

Americans have always complained of the media’s “liberal bias,” but in this election the media proved that “bias” (a sincere but unsuccessful effort at objectivity and neutrality) was far too generous of a charge. Removing the mask of a free press, the media revealed its true face as a propaganda ministry – the government’s lapdog rather than the people’s watchdog. For the past year and a half, the lapdog media has denounced Trump on a daily basis, twisting his every word to fit their own narrative, uncritically repeating falsehoods as fact, providing a permanent platform to his vilest detractors, and even printing his ugliest pictures. Even after sacrificing what little credibility and integrity it had left, however, the lapdog media still lost. These liars, cheaters, and thieves sold their souls to the Devil and received nothing in return. At the same time, this new low for the already-untrustworthy media led many to seek trustworthy sources on the Internet, from the “alt-right” (The Daily Shoah and Fash the Nation) to the “alt-light” (Stefan Molyneux and Vox Day). If nothing else, a vote for Trump sent a stern warning to the lapdog media: partisanship will no longer be permitted to masquerade under the cover of a free press. Trump’s victory is thus a tremendous victory for the freedom of information.

The extent of Trump’s victory is truly epic (not in the sense that a funny meme is “epic,” but in the proper Homeric sense). Trump took on the entire American ruling elite and won: the scheming neoconservatives in the Republican Party, the hacks and halfwits in the media/entertainment industry, the bowtie-wearing fools in the punditocracy, and the anti-white “fringe coalition” in the Democratic Party. By the end, Trump was literally fighting off all four at once, and yet all of their combined strength still failed to prevail. It was as if Julius Caesar, instead of falling to assassins on the Senate floor, had dodged their low-energy blows and disarmed them, killed Lil’ Brutus and Lyin’ Cassius with their own knives, crowned himself “God Emperor,” and then chuckled at the news of Crooked Cicero’s suicide. The political class tried to portray Trump’s campaign as Napoleon’s doomed March on Moscow, when in reality it was Sherman’s triumphant March to the Sea: burning everything which stood in its way and demanding nothing less than unconditional surrender (apologies to my fellow Southerners). Even if his presidency accomplishes nothing, Trump – a real-estate tycoon and celebrity who risked his fame and fortune to challenge the ruling elite in the name of the common man – will go down in history as an American legend.

Aside from his epic underdog/comeback victory, Trump also has the potential to be a great president. The media portrayed “Donald Drumpf” as a ridiculous buffoon and a menacing demagogue – literally Hitler! – yet his message was quite moderate: “secure our national borders,” “make trade deals that put people first,” “spend money rebuilding our own country instead of rebuilding countries that we’ve bombed,” and “stay out of foreign wars.” This is vintage “America First” nationalism, which is how the country has been governed for almost all of her history. The fact that this patriotic, nationalistic message offended so many people is more an indictment of how much neoconservatism and progressivism has perverted American politics than of Trump himself. Furthermore, the fact that the tabloid controversies surrounding Trump seemed to matter more than his message – at least according to insufferable scolds like the smug John Oliver and the screeching Samantha Bee, from whom many millennials get their news – shows how celebrity culture has dumbed-down political culture.

Trump prides himself on “the art of the deal,” and no doubt his instincts are to compromise with rather than crush the Left. Trump will probably try to make deals with the Left, but so long as he does not compromise on securing a future existence for white Americans in their own country, this is not necessarily a problem. Where Trump absolutely cannot compromise, however, is with the Buckleyites in the Republican Party and Conservatism, Inc. – the “cuckservatives” who were content to let the Left have its way with their country while they masturbated to the ideas of limited-government constitutionalism and free-market economics. Indeed, the cuckservatives must bend their knees, bow their necks, and beg for mercy. Trump should never, ever forget how faithless the cuckservatives were and how eager they were to stab him in the back whenever an opportunity presented itself. Trump should make no concessions to this discredited ideology and strategy which resulted in defeat after defeat. Again and again, the cuckservatives would skirmish with the Left before retreating and surrendering vital ground. One of many examples of cuckservativism’s failure is House Speaker Paul Ryan, the Buckleyite “wunderkind” who essentially let President Barack Obama write the federal budget with his veto pen and has continually pushed to import massive numbers of Third-World immigrants. The cuckservatives fancy themselves George Washington, but they are actually Horatio Gates, the corrupt, incompetent general who unsuccessfully schemed against his commander, led his army to a crushing defeat at Camden, and dishonorably fled the field of battle. Just as the Battle of Camden has gone down in history as “the Battle of Gates’ Defeat,” so cuckservatism should go down in history as “the movement which sold Americans down the river.” Already, the cuckservatives are seeking to slither back into court, hoping to steer Trump away from the issues which got him elected and toward standard-fare Republican policies. Trump should, however, emulate George Washington and fire the worse-than-useless Horatio Gates, and they should be grateful that they are not treated as the treacherous Benedict Arnold.

After his inauguration, Trump should act decisively to secure the national borders, terminate illegal immigration, and reform legal immigration. If the Congress refuses to cooperate with him on building a wall or reforming the post-1965 immigration system, as it very well might under the leadership of the cuckservative Paul Ryan, then Trump can simply enforce immigration laws which are already on the books. Indeed, Trump will be free to beef up deportations, gut amnesty for “Dreamers,” punish “sanctuary cities,” and cut off “refugees.” With the Congress’ cooperation, of course, Trump can build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico (which will obstruct and intimidate illegal immigrants) and make American immigration law Eurocentric again (as it was for all of our history up until 1965). Economic policy is important (the national debt and bankrupt entitlements are, in particular, ticking time bombs), but unless the waves of Third-World immigrants are turned back, then it is just a matter of time before there are more “tax-consumers” than “tax-payers” and economics become irrelevant. If demographics are destiny, then unless there is a drastic reversal of current demographic trends – 51% of the population growth since 1965 has come from Third-World immigration, with population growth to 2055 projected to be 82% by immigration – America’s destiny is dark.

While Clinton – imitating every President since the fall of the Soviet Union – was recklessly picking a fight with Russia for the sake of projecting global power, Trump wisely noted that the U.S. and Russia have more reason to be friends than foes. It is no exaggeration to say that Trump’s victory may have saved the human race from world war (or worse, nuclear war). Trump should thaw frozen American-Russian relations by inviting Vladimir Putin to Washington, D.C., where they can discuss cooperating on shared national interests and deescalating pointless provocations. Trump should join forces with Putin to defeat the Islamic State and stabilize Syria under the Assad regime, thus curbing worldwide terrorism and stemming the mass-migration of Middle Easterners into Europe. Trump should stop the standoff with Russia in Eastern Europe (American regime change of Russian-aligned governments and the absorption of ex-Soviet states by NATO), respect Russia’s historic sphere of influence, and accept that the Russian political tradition (from the Romanovs through the Bolsheviks to Putin) has always been more autocratic than Anglo-American liberalism. The only fighting which the U.S. should be doing with any country right now is at the Olympics.

With Trump’s victory, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is now dead in the water. Canada has already suggested that she is open to renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement. Mexico has the most to lose from reduced trade with the U.S. and thus is squawking in protest, but her abject dependence on the U.S. ensures that she will be brought to the table. Protectionism has long been anathema to the political class, yet the classical case for free trade which they accept as Gospel truth was based on the now-obsolete assumption that the means of production were fixed in a given country. In the eighteenth and nineteenth century, before those conditions became outmoded, free trade did indeed promote worldwide prosperity and peace: each country produced and exported its comparative advantages and imported its comparative disadvantages. Now, however, the mobility of the factors of production means that capital flows to wherever labor is the cheapest and labor flows to wherever wages are the highest. As production is outsourced from rich to poor countries and workers from poor countries immigrate to rich countries, livelihoods vanish, lives are ruined, communities are uprooted, and tensions rise along with trade deficits. While free trade may be the most efficient system for an economy, for a country, stability is at least as important as efficiency. It is fitting for entrepreneurs and economists to toast “creative destruction,” but to the blue-collar whites who have lost their livelihoods to free trade, “creative destruction” is just destruction.

Last, but not least, I would like to tell y’all how and why I decided to support Trump. During a primary debate in South Carolina, Trump sharply criticized America's role as “world policeman” in general and the Iraq War in particular – all stuff which I liked to hear, admittedly, but I was still content to be merely “anti-anti-Trump.” The audience (which unlike previous audiences, was comprised of party donors) was booing and jeering Trump the way they booed and jeered Ron Paul at another South Carolina debate. How did Trump respond? That magnificent son of a bitch taunted the audience: “That’s all of his donors and special interests out there,” he retorted, referring to the hapless cuckservative Jeb Bush. At that exact moment, I realized what Trump was doing and what he represented: for better or for worse, he was the true “third-party” candidate. I promptly ordered a “Make America Great Again” hat and went on non-stop offense for Trump. Over the course of the campaign, I am happy to say that I convinced many of my friends and family – some skeptical, some bewildered, and some blinded by purism – that Trump was an exceptional candidate who deserved their vote.

When Trump opened up his campaign to donations, I eagerly set up a recurring amount. In 2008 and 2012, I proudly voted for Ron Paul. In the midterm elections, I have almost always written in the names of Floridian Confederates “John Dickison” and “Edmund Kirby Smith.” I still endorse protest voting under certain circumstances and believe that more political parties would make for better representation. In 2016, however, I voted for Trump. As I got ready for work on the day of the election, I found myself shining my shoes, putting on my best suit, dusting off my father’s watch, and fixing myself a hearty breakfast. Like the gentlemen on the Titanic who donned their formal attire and enjoyed brandy and cigars in the face of icy death, if my country was going down, then I was going down with her in dignity.

Fortunately, that did not come to pass. In the final, fateful hour, the unlikeliest of outsiders did what no one in the political class had the courage to do and raised the alarm that everyone else was afraid to raise. That makes Trump, for all his flaws, a big, damn hero.