Why We Salute

I'm sure most of you are fatigued from all the post NPI conference infighting which seems to be becoming an annual tradition. Some of you might recall that there was similar internal strife on the AltRight after last year's conference although it was definitely on a much smaller scale. Last year's bickering was due to the fact that one of the featured speakers was an open homosexual but this year's controversy topped that by far.

A video created by The Atlantic went viral in the days after the conference that showed a few conference attendees giving the Roman Salute at the conclusion of Richard Spencer's keynote address. The fallout was immediate as some of the more high profile Johnny-come-latelys to the AltRight tried distancing themselves from Spencer and NPI while trying to rebrand the AltRight as edgy libertarianism. This was unfortunate but not too unexpected as these figures had already been deemed to be AltLite and an eventual parting of the ways was unavoidable. Sadly, the fallout would not stop there as well-respected senior members in our movement also denounced the salutes and/or criticized Spencer. Spencer and TRS co-founder Mike Enoch then responded to all the uproar with a Red Ice interview as well as in a Radix podcast. We all know this drama will continue to dissipate and the AltRight will return to our shared goal of winning bigly but I have my reasons for writing about it.

Obviously, the merits of giving salutes in public at a high profile conference like NPI is open to debate and reasonable minds can disagree on the issue but I thought it might be worthwhile to explain why some of us in the AltRight engage in the salutes in the first place. I confess to personally giving the salute on a regular basis when I and the other fashy goys in our local pool party get together to commiserate. If we're in public, we usually do it in a plausibly deniable way so as to look like we're just waving. If we're in private, we do it in a much more blatant way with smiles on our faces. And I'm positive such behavior is not limited to our local group. I can't remember the exact episode but on a Daily Shoah podcast from earlier this year, Mike Enoch discussed a gathering in Texas where he, Spencer and some other AltRight goys went to a karaoke bar and were giving salutes as they sang and drank the night away.

As some have noted, there seems to be a generational divide here in regards to the acceptability of doing this. Peter Brimelow, who I have great respect for and consider one of the pivotal figures in my red-pilling, dismissed the salutes as "juvenile bravado" and wrote that those who saluted are part of a "younger generation of Americans who, 71 years after the end of World War II, are clearly indifferent to accusations of Nazism, even if just out of bravado." There is truth to this but, in my view, the real reason goes a bit deeper.

It's not just bravado for the sake of bravado. We salute in a way similar to when someone extends a middle finger in traffic after being cut off by another driver. It's a gesture which makes no mistake about what it is you're trying to tell the intended recipient of your message. We want the Leftists to know that their smears of "Nazi", which they have been using on the most basic bitch, cucked Republican for as long as most of us on the AltRight have been following politics, no longer works on us. We are told by Jews that such gestures are offensive to them, yet prominent Jews in the media seem to not care one bit about offending us on things we hold sacred.

By saluting, the AltRight is letting our enemies know that this is a two-way street. If the Left wants to belittle and mock us at every turn, then they can't cry foul when we turn around and give it right back tenfold. The AltRight is young and pissed off and we're not stopping until our enemies feel exactly the same way they've made us feel in the past. I think it is completely justified to let our enemies know that we are willing to fight fire with fire. We don't care about offending people who despise us and, in most cases, that is our intended goal. The AltRight will never kowtow to the Left's oft-repeated shaming tactics which are only used on people on the right. Seriously, when is the last time you heard Democrats denounce Communists? I can't think of any time that was done yet Republicans have to constantly play the disavowal game. This needs to end. Stop playing by our enemies' rules and stay on the attack. Did we learn nothing from Trump's victory?

I totally respect the opinions of allies who feel that the salutes are counterproductive but I have no patience for those who seek to engage in Buckleyite styled purges of those in the AltRight deemed too far right. If you purge everyone in the movement to your right, then all that remains is a movement of people to your left. Isn't that what we had with the cuckservatives? If you want to be part of the AltRight, you need to have the confidence to be part of a movement where there are people in it who are more rightwing than you. We can work out our differences after we achieve political victory but, for now, we need to stick together and present a united front as we achieve that political victory.

And to all those who didn't back down or distance themselves from the AltRight after Hailgate, I salute you.

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