Fatima and the Future of White Civilization

In 1917, while the lights were going out across Europe, the Queen of Heaven appeared six times to 3 illiterate Portuguese peasant children.

As word spread about these apparitions, the children announced that Our Lady would appear final time, on October 13th. As the day approached, crowds of believers and skeptics flooded the little town. Local socialist authorities—who had considered imprisoning the children—anticipated a great pr victory when the expected miracle failed to materialize. Amid a torrential downpour, the three children went to the Cova d’Iria and awaited Mary’s promised visitation. 70,000 onlookers grew restless and boisterous. Some were beginning to lose faith, when:

“…suddenly, we heard a clamour, a cry of anguish breaking from all the people. The sun, whirling wildly, seemed all at once to loosen itself from the firmament and, blood red, advance threateningly upon the earth as if to crush us with its huge and fiery weight. The sensation during those moments was truly terrible.” Prof. Almeida Garrett. His full account may be found in “Novos Documentos de Fatima” (Loyola editions, San Paulo, 1984)

The sun danced in the sky for 10 minutes and was reported up to 25 miles away. Even atheist journalists who had been dispatched to Fatima to discredit the little seers submitted their incredulous reports confirming the “Miracle of the Sun.” It remains the most widely-witnessed miracle in human history.

The messages of Our Lady of Fatima—along with similar apparitions at Akita, Garabandal, and LaSalette—are the singular key to understanding the history of the last 100 years. Together, they comprise an esoteric codex that provides a spiritual context to the great upheavals of white, Christian civilization in our time.

What were those messages? The First message was quite personal: Our Lady told two of the children—the siblings Jacinta and Francico—that they would not live much longer. Their cousin, Lucia, was told that she would live out a long life in service to the Church. The Angel of the Eucharist taught the children how to properly reverence the Real Presence in a vision of an angelic Mass.

But the core of Fatima were the Second and Third secrets, whose messages were universal: Our Lady predicted the end of WWI, Bolshevism in Russia, the spread of Cultural Marxism throughout the West, the death of Christianity in Europe, the onset of WWII, and the catastrophe of Vatican II. The Second Secret was a message of penance and coming chastisement and of the ultimate triumph of the Immaculate Heart.

The Second Secret:

“To save them [poor sinners who are on the road to hell], God wishes to establish in the world devotion to My Immaculate Heart. If what I say to you is done, many souls will be saved and there will be peace. The war is going to end; but if people do not cease offending God, a worse war will break out during the reign of Pius XI. When you see a night illumined by an unknown light, know that this is the great sign given you by God that He is about to punish the world for its crimes, by means of war, famine, and persecutions against the Church and against the Holy Father.

To prevent this, I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, and the Communion of Reparation on the First Saturdays. If My requests are heeded, Russia will be converted and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions against the Church. The good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated.

In the end, My Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world.”

And indeed, each of Our Lady’s promises were fulfilled in sequence. The Bolsheviks overthrew the Czar and established a Marxist-Satanic Empire. The War in Europe ended. Russia began to spread cultural Marxism throughout the world. And in January of 1938, a strange red light appeared in the night sky throughout Europe, even South of the Alps. The light was so intense that people fled their homes, called local authorities, and crowded into churches anticipating the apocalypse. Two men in particular understood its meaning: Adolph Hitler and Pope Pius XII, both of whom were students of the Fatima messages. The Munich accords ceding the Sudetenland to the Reich were concluded later that year, signaling the onset of the “worse war.”

The Third Secret, the subject of so much mystery and speculation, was recorded by Lucia and delivered to the Vatican in a handwritten letter, which was to be opened by the “the Pope of 1960” and revealed to the world. That Pope, John XIII, was the convener of Vatican II—a genial modernist who wanted to “open the Church to the world” and work with the traditional enemies of the Church to build “man’s habitat on Earth.” According to witnesses, when “Good Pope John” opened the letter in his private apartments, he nearly fainted. After a few minutes of stunned silence, he folded the letter and put it back in its envelope, saying “This message is not for our time!” For the first time in the history of the Church, the successor of St. Peter had explicitly defied the mandate of Heaven.

What was in the Third Secret? Alas, we may not know for many years, as every pope since John XXIII has followed his unfortunate precedent. The Vatican—the oldest human institution in the world—excels at keeping secrets, even from itself. (The famous Chinon parchment, which exonerated the Knights Templar and refuted the calumnies against them by Philip the Fair, was only discovered by accident by a junior archivist in 2001. )

An expurgated version of the Third Secret was released after the death of John Paul II, but some who read the original handwritten secret say that it is incomplete. Fr. Malachi Martin—a Jesuit exorcist, an advisor to Cardinal Bea and a member of the Vatican’s intelligence service, said that the true Third Secret is, “your worst nightmare, multiplied exponentially.” The chastisements it promised were global and catastrophic. “Untold millions will die in an instant, and those who survive will envy the dead.” It was not about the attempted assassination of John Paul II, but about the systematic destruction of Christian civilization and apostasy at the highest levels of the Church. It is any wonder, then, that John XIII and his successors—all of whom were deeply involved in the “reconstruction” of Catholicism at Vatican II—declined to publish the message of heaven?

Martin, who died under mysterious circumstances shortly before the release of the expurgated Third Secret in 2000, is perhaps our best source for the secret history of the Church in the 20th century. Long before the pedophilia scandal hit the headlines, he wrote about an organized network of Satanic pedophiles who had infiltrated the seminaries and the chanceries of the Roman Church in his roman-a-clef, Windswept House.

He traced its roots to a group of powerful American and Italian members of the Curia who participated in a Black Mass immediately prior to the opening of Vatican II. This Mass was a specific ritual called “The Enthronement of the Fallen Archangel Lucifer in the Citadel,” and it was celebrated simultaneously in Charleston, South Carolina and in the little Chapel of Sts. Peter and Paul beneath the Vatican. Its purpose was to install a Satanic “Superforce” in the very seat of Roman Catholicism, rendering the Pope powerless. The details are as gruesome as you might imagine and may sound familiar in these days of #SpiritCooking—the ritual rape and torture of a child victim, the consumption of blood and semen, and the defilement of Christian symbols. Martin’s primary source was the victim herself, a girl named “Agnes,” whose father had been a prominent layperson in Bishop Russell’s South Carolina diocese. It had the desired effect—traditionalists in the Vatican were weakened and confounded while the modernists scored victory after victory. Years later, the unhappy Pope Paul VI, who saw too late the devastation wrought at Vatican II, confessed to a friend that “The smoke of Satan has made its way into the temple of God through some crack.” By this time, the Catholic Church was already in massive decline, and the Pope found himself powerless to stop it.

In Windswept House, Martin details the subsequent spread of Satanic pedophila throughout the West, including the ritual murder of his friend, Father Alfred Kunz, who at the time was investigating Archbishop Bernardin’s network in Chicago. Father Kunz was found amid satanic symbols, in a crucified position, his body drained of blood with his throat slit open from ear-to-ear. His murder remains unsolved. Although Martin changed the names of the principals, a concordance may be found here: http://www.traditio.com/tradlib/wind.txt. Martin at times described the book as a plea to John Paul II to exercise the full power of his office to cleanse the Church of its enemies, though he held little hope that the aging pontiff would listen.

After his attempted assassination at the hands of the KGB agent Mehmet Ali Agca, Pope John Paul II did, however, develop a newfound interest in Fatima. His life, after all, had been spared only because he bent towards a young girl holding a picture of Our Lady of Fatima at the precise moment the would-be assassin pulled the trigger. John Paul II’s first visit after recovering from his wounds was to Lucia, then a cloistered nun living in Portugal. He emerged from his meeting with her resolved to fulfill—as best he could—Our Lady’s mandate to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Russia. Unfortunately, this ran counter to the Vatican’s long strategy of Ostpolitik—engagement with the Soviet East—and the Pope’s advisors cautioned him that he could not perform the consecration without risking world war and a severe persecution of Eastern Christians. Many of his bishops revolted, refusing to participate. The Pope’s solution was novel—a consecration of the entire modern world to the Immaculate Heart. Surely, this included Russia?

Traditional Catholics continue to debate whether this “partial fulfillment” of Our Lady’s command satisfied the mandate of Heaven. Catholics, alone among Christian denominations, have made a 2,000 year old study spiritual economy. We understand that material reality emanates from the spiritual world, and that our actions here have predictable consequences in eternity. The saints and angels are real. The eternal war between the Devil and St. Michael—Revolution versus Counter-Revolution—is real. The Mass is for us not merely a symbolic communal meal, but a re-enactment of the paschal sacrifice at Calvary. A valid Mass thus brings about the Real Presence of Our Lord and Savior, and atones for our sins. Properly blessed Holy Water is ipso facto sanctifying. The Rosary is not merely a meditation on the life of Jesus, but a potent spiritual weapon. A valid exorcism in the Old Rite banishes Satan and his servants through the power of the blood of Christ. The details matter—we preserved the ancient and precise language of Latin so that our rituals would not be compromised by the inexorable degradation of living language.

What we do know is that shortly after the Consecration of the World, a seismic shift happened in the Soviet Union. First the perestroika and glasnost reforms of Mikhail Gorbachev, then the collapse of the entire communist system.

I am inclined to believe that the partial fulfillment achieved partial success. The chastisements promised at Fatima were forestalled and mitigated, but not voided. After all, the Prince of this World still has his servitors in the Court of St. Peter and in the highest places of power in the West. The traditional faith of Europe has been destroyed. The Church itself is now more akin to an NGO than to the great power it was prior to Vatican II. Muslims are invading the heart of Christendom with the connivance of European leaders. Indeed, everywhere we look, we see that the “errors of Russia” have spread devastation throughout the world.

Everywhere, except, curiously enough, Russia itself….

This is Part 1 of a planned two part essay on the relevance of Fatima. In the 2nd part, I will go into more detail about what Fatima means for the future white, Christian civilization and what the endgame—the promised Triumph of the Immaculate Heart—might look like.