How To Red Pill Your Woman

Now that we’ve pulled off the political miracle of the century, there’s optimism in the air. You’re thinking of taking a break from digging out that backyard bunker while consuming gallons of Yuengling in favor of giving real happiness a chance again.

The only problem? Your woman doesn’t understand why your only meaningful relationships these days are with men you found on the Internet. Explaining that it’s a secret club only intensifies the hermeneutic of gay suspicion, so instead you’ve both suffered through the discord because that was easier than explaining why you’re a racist-bigot-sexist-xenophobe-homophobe-Nazi (RBSXHN).

Here is a sequential guide on how to do it:

Trigger her emotions; don’t try to win an argument.

Women are more emotional than rational.  If you try to explain the concept of white genocide as if you were a shitlord professor, don’t be surprised when she refuses to grasp it. You may seem crazy to those outside the Alt-Right; muttering about Jews controlling television tends to trigger normies. Thankfully, the truth is on your side, but you may have to dial back the indignation in favor of cogent conversation.

Don’t try to argue that a 65% white neighborhood is less cohesive than a 90% one, or that she would be happier and safer in a whiter, higher-trust society. Instead, ask seemingly innocent questions that appeal to her personal experiences.  She’ll want to qualify her responses with bullshit rationale that’s embedded in her psyche, because she’s been programmed to fear social exile over politically incorrect views.  If she pushes back, explain that you want to open the lines of communication between you. Objectively, if she is pushing you to open up about your oddly compelling clandestine activities, she should be willing to dialogue with you in return. 

At this stage you don’t want to be combative. You’re aiming for introspection and a questioning of beliefs trained over a lifetime; don’t shoot for the moon(man) just yet.

  • Isn’t it weird that every race is encouraged to express pride except ours?
  • If your kid earned the same SAT scores and grades as a black kid, but he’s accepted to the university and yours isn’t, do you find that fair?
  • Why do elites encourage diversity and then send their own kids to non-diverse private schools? 
  • Should we move to a primarily black neighborhood, where we can get more house for our money? Why not?
  • If America is such a racist place, why do so many nonwhite immigrants want to live here?
  • Groups of whites are always being told they’re too white. Why is the same never said about groups of Asians, blacks, or Hispanics?

Figure out what triggers her and steadily fan those flames. She’ll start noticing the hypocrisy and inconsistencies all around her; this will begin to gnaw at her conscience.  Spurring your woman’s personal reflection will work better than debating her, and will ultimately lead her to embrace those appalling, truthful racist opinions she’s suppressed all these years.

Fear monger

Women are constantly stressed out. Once you get her thinking about the maddening racial hypocrisies of our age, stress her to the breaking point with devastating hate facts. Bring up interracial relationship crime statistics, or the disproportionate interracial aspect of the dindu pentathlon: home invasion, assault, rape, murder, and sodomy. Nothing triggers like... ahem.

If she's sufficiently insulated and invokes the naxalt principle to deify the well-behaved minority she knows, go bigger with "Islamophobia," the ultimate ghost story. She’s been fed horseshit about it being a religion of peace, so tailor your discussions to her own reservations about Islam. If she’s got a bunch of fags for friends, tell her that one day they’ll be tossed off a roof in America. Is she a feminist? Focus on the women-are-goats thing. Does she have kids? There’s plenty of pedophilia to tax her with.  Educate her on the Rotherham grooming scandal, or the New Year’s Eve sexual assaults in Cologne.

In an open-borders America she should fear the spics, too – they love their people-smuggling, gang-banging, and drunk driving more than most. Be cautious not to get overly heated when you fear monger, however; the truth will speak for itself. 

Show her your world

Women hate being left out. And though you need activities and shitlord friends independent of her, if you want to red pill her then you’re going to have to open up a bit. Giving her a glimpse into the world of the Alt-Right might stoke her curiosity further. Who doesn’t love being part of an underground society whose members dare not reveal their identities for fear of swift, societal retribution?

Reveal that there are, in fact, other women in the movement and that she can have her own group of pro-white girlfriends. Show that you also associate with a variety of people from different generations and “socio-economic backgrounds.” In fact, your Alt-Right fam is actually quite DIVERSE. Except they’re all white, duh.

Explain that the Alt-Right holds degeneracy in contempt, and champions a tight-knit, expansive family. Truthfully, much of it should appeal to women if introduced in the right way. What woman wouldn’t want her man to cut out the wickedness of porn and the NFL in favor of lifting weights and going to the shooting range in anticipation of Rahowa? Plus, if you show her how deep you’re already in this thing, she might feel like she needs to be part of it to protect your mutual interests.

One note of caution: if you’re not in a serious relationship, or if a breakup or divorce is a distinct possibility, do not reveal the identities of your shitlord friends.  Vengeful exes have been known to dox for revenge.

Introduce her to meme magic

While you’re used to tossing around inflammatory language like “white genocide” and “gas the cucks,” she’s not, and some of our harsher rhetoric will make her uncomfortable. She’s likely struggling with despondency as she awakens, so it’s time to show her the levity of the Alt-Right: meme magic. Evocative imagery corresponding with witticisms harnesses a unique power, pairing truth with humor and creativity. What other movement can claim that it memed a President into the White House? 

Start with Pepe: our not-so-secret weapon has been taunting liberals for well over a year now, but he really came into his own after Hillary’s hilarious and tone-deaf Alt-Right speech. By sharing your esoteric knowledge of Pepe, your woman will feel like she’s in on the secret, and might even ask to see more rare ones. There’s a lot of darkness in the Alt-Right, so take advantage of this delightful bon vivant of a frog to show her there’s fun to be had in this revolution.

Pepe is powerful. Utilize him to your advantage. From there the world of memes will open to her like a flower, and she might even start shitposting on her own. Take it a step further with our song parodies and funnier podcasts and it’ll dawn on her that there is a whole joyous culture to be embraced.

Demonstrate your commitment to her and the cause

If you introduce your lady to the Alt-Right and your alter-ego, you’re going to have to assure her this isn’t a passing phase. Whether she comes along with you or not, you will not be reverting to a life of complacency and suppression; you’re a rebel goy now. This can be terrifying for her because women don’t accept change easily – so be prepared for pushback. If she’s concerned you’re like a stranger to her now, that’s legitimate. The change from even cuckservative to Alt-Right is drastic, let alone if either of you were a progressive – so it’s up to you to demonstrate that you’re actually BETTER this way.

Say you want to make beautiful white babies with her and prove it daily. Work hard and make good money. Be trustworthy. Get healthy and strong. Ditch sportsball and the Jew tube in favor of reading and writing. Show that white nationalism is for alphas, and that the old stereotypes are outdated.  Prove that you’re serious about securing a future for both of you and all the progeny you'll create together.

While there are different levels of action regarding the politics, there’s got to be 100% commitment to her if she’s willing to take this ride with you. After all, the red pill train only goes one way, though there might be some slowdowns or stops. The trick is getting her aboard at all.

Support her when she starts to embrace it

Ladies need encouragement more than gents. If she wades into this shadowy pool of righteous loathing, you’ll have to guide her more than your friend who's always made lame black jokes. 

Reassure her when she comments aloud about racial hypocrisy that her opinions are justified. Give her reading and listening material to back up what she’s finally allowing herself to experience. Tell her you’re proud of her and listen to her thoughts without harsh critique. Sure, she’ll have to toughen up eventually to face the trolls and assert her opinions, but you don’t want her to back out before she even begins. Women can be pretty irrational, so being sympathetic and reassuring will get you a lot further than being a know-it-all dick.

Importantly: show her that you both can still hang out with normies and keep your mouth shut when necessary. Prove you can keep her secret. She’s far more likely to maintain her normie façade than you, which strategically is intelligent, especially if you have a family to consider. You might bathe regularly in liberal tears, but she’ll need backup as she makes potentially devastating emotional choices.

Show, don't tell, on the JQ

It's the toughest pill to swallow. Until she gets it, she may believe Jews are just a group of poor, oppressed white people (groan) who have managed to thrive despite constant efforts to exterminate them. Eye roll. 

This is the slow and steady game; beware moving too aggressively or it can bomb, sending your lady right back into Shylock’s maw. Among your Alt-Right buds you’ve likely already experienced that some goys are weak on the JQ. The Semites have done such a terrific job of convincing the world of their imaginary plight that even hardened ethnonats think twice about denouncing them. Everyone’s got to find his or her own path there, and your woman is no exception. 

Treat her like a horse that spooks easily. Feed her one cohencidence at a time: the author of a particularly disgusting liberal article; the alarmingly disproportionate number of Jews in powerful positions who advocate against white interests; the hypocrisy of their having an ethnostate with a border wall they can escape to while they condemn a U.S. border fence; the duplicity of a Jewish “friend” who is white when useful and a minority when threatened. 

Your woman will get it in time, and when she does, you will feel almost as good as you did on election night. Now you can freely talk politics, shitpost to your heart’s content, and raise your future kids without the burden of imaginary white guilt. It’s not an easy road to travel, but it’s a worthy one – you’re stronger as a team.