Steve Bannon is Very Problematic

Oh my god you guys, I’m really scared about Steve Bannon being named chief strategist in the Trump White House. He’s the meanest White Supremacist, and the proprietor of the anti-semitic website, racist website Breitbart. Harry Reid himself has clearly stated that Bannon is a “champion of White Supremacists.” He wrote this in a letter, so it is very official. I’m pretty sure that if Breitbart would show its true-colors, it’s emblem would basically be a swastika. They engage in this anti-semitic rhetoric like, “liberals are the real anti-Semites.” That’s very offensive because they’re talking about Jews there.

They’re also racist because sometimes when Black people do stuff like murder, rape, etc., Breitbart tells you about it. I’m pretty sure they’re not supposed to do that, based on my understanding of the American media. Also, Breitbart is pro-Trump, and you’re not supposed to do that.

As far as race is concerned, the only valid use of it in politics is empower non-White people, until they can officially be declared fully-empowered. Do not dare to inquire as to when that might occur! It would appear that Steve Bannon has a different understanding of politics; therefore, it is very disturbing that he will continue in his ways in a Trump White House (which is already very triggering). Although Bannon won, still, that’s not the right way, because he won by playing on people’s fears. We know that “fears” are bad, and you should ignore your fears. Don’t be angry, either—that’s a negative emotion. Yuck! Better to just stick with what the media tells you to feel; avoid any potentially bad thoughts and/or emotions.

It’s clear that Americans reject Donald Trump’s toxic politics, and that the media now has a mandate to tell him who should be in his cabinet. It’s really about time he apologized, actually; and this Bannon appointment doesn’t seem apologetic at all! Does he denounce? Does he apologize? These are the questions we need to keep asking.

Now it’s true, the media has covered this issue pretty thoroughly, and a cynic might suspect some degree of coordination. But this is all in good faith, regardless of Wikileaks revelations of media collusion with the Clinton campaign. That is not relevant here; this time it is for real. And I am for real very disturbed to learn that this individual Steve Bannon is said to be connected to a very bad thing called the alt-right.

The alt-right is a group of dastardly individuals who lurk in dark corners of the internet, to hide their hideous visages. I think it is fair to say that they traffic in fear—which I believe we have established is not okay. When journalists write vicious invective, members of the alt-right have been known to say stuff back at them on Twitter. That is totally out of bounds—journalists talk at you. Do not talk back at them! Do you not see that they are on TV? The fact that they are on TV clearly demonstrates that their arguments have a validity that cannot possibly be equaled by people who are not on TV. That is a straightforward formulation which I think we can all agree is unassailable.

As stated, and as confirmed by TV, the alt-right is not acceptable, and basically they are not even Americans and possibly not even human beings. Who knows how they go about their day with the burden of such hatred in their hearts. It is about time that Trump denounce them, and apologize. And what about those taxes? I am really concerned about the racism that is about to be committed in the Trump White House. It’s 2016, okay? And by the time of the inauguration, it will be 2017, and then it will be even worse.