Put Race Deniers on the Defensive

What will you say when someone charges you with the question “Are you a racist?” Every one of us must have a comeback ready for when we are asked that question, or just directly accused of being racist. We must not, ever, ever allow ourselves to get caught without a defense. Here are three comebacks that I have come up with:

  • Tell the accuser that throughout human history racism was known by its original name: patriotism.
  • “Of course, I’m very proud of my race, I mean it’s hard not to be proud when your race has accomplished more than all the others put together. And of course our women are prettier too.”
  • Employ some form of the term “race denier” in your response. For example, you might matter of factly say “Well, I’m certainly no race denier, I can tell you that.” or “Just because you’re a race denier doesn’t mean everybody else is obliged to be one.”

The third option is different in that it not only deflects, but actually flips the script, putting the other person on the defensive. It is extremely unlikely that I’m the first person to use the term “race denier” “race denial” or “race denialism” but I don’t know whom to credit, and to my knowledge no one has advocated the term’s use in the meme war. Being called a denier is probably not very unsettling to many of us, but shitlibs, being hypersensitive, are more likely to perceive a negative nuance. Most of us probably have no problem with being called a “climate change denier” (at least regarding catastrophic, manmade global warming) but my personal opinion is that being called a denier gets under their skin more than it does ours.

The key point is that name calling, including racist, sexist, bigot, misogynist, homophobe, etc does at least three things:

  • Allows the name caller to control the language of the debate
  • Puts the name callee on the defensive
  • Shames or marginalizes the callee as inferior or evil

We must understand how this trick works and use it against the enemy as they routinely do to us. It is a very powerful weapon and our refusal to employ it against them is just another form of unilateral disarmament. Very few names are ever going to pack the same kick in the balls that cuckservative does, but they are still good ammo that we get to use in unlimited quantity and at zero cost. We should not even wait to be called racists. We should go on the offensive, calling our adversaries race deniers or accusing them of race denial, or calling their ideology race denialism at every opportunity. Don’t wait for them to punch first.