Press The Attack


Here is my message of consolation and unity to the left: The only bridge we're going to build is one to hang you.

We are not going to find common ground with left. We are going to press the attack and crush the left into a pulp.

“This is where I disagree with Trump. He asks us to put ill will behind us and work together for the good of the country. He says we're all in this together. No, we're not. Sure they're our fellow Americans, but so are Jeffrey Dahmer and Charles Manson. We're all in this together in the sense we coexist with termites.


The leftists aren't merely wrong, they're dishonest and malevolent. They still hold us, our values and our heritage in contempt. They still mean to destroy the reputations and careers of dissenters. They still adore illegal aliens, jihadists, dindu thugs and the perverts du jour. They still insult and demean us and teach our kids to despise America, us and themselves. ” - Woodpile Report

Be ruthless and offer no quarter for the left. We should continue to open up multiple fronts against the left so they are exhausted and won't be able to defend themselves. We must go after the sources that give them power and ability to maintain their growth. Press the attack.

We can all imagine the obvious we'd like to fix with Trump around immigration, the economy, and foreign policy. I won't cover those topics here as they have been covered extensively elsewhere. The reality is we won't have total control over the administration that is coming. We can work to make sure it goes out our way, but it may not. Instead of sitting back, we need to work parallel strategies to keep our momentum in two fundamental ways:

1) Continue to grow our numbers.
2) Remove the source of our enemy's money and influence to reduce their growth.

Here are a few areas that we can do the above.

Convert Our Women To Grow Our Numbers

Don't listen to MRA incels about how lost Western women are. Don't believe leftist lies that Western women hate men and don't need us.

One of the most heartening developments of this election is that it showed white women overwhelmingly voted for Trump vs. Hillary Clinton. Without our women, Trump wouldn't have won. That is an amazing blow to the left. Even more than this, it indicates the power of the white identity politics we are forming is more than “Angry White Men.” It means our numbers are easily 2X greater by bringing our women along with us. This is a huge untapped area for our movement.

The attempt of the left to split our women away from our men was a failure. Our women love us and they want us to be strong leaders for our families. They voted for strength and against feminist lies. Let that sink in how our women came through for us and let's continue to lead them on the path out of the darkness.

Without women on the left, more men will leave their side as well. The left can keep the whores, spinsters, and social rejects. We don't want their fatties and lesbians. We'll take our women and show what the patriarchy can really do when it is united and strong.

Attack The Producers of Media Garbage

We can complain about Hollywood actors and producers, or we can do something about it. Agnostic and PA bring up something I've wondered for years. Why not go after the source of propaganda instead of just the drones that are controlled by it?

We should have efforts to go after the people in the media that produce degenerate filth. It is certain that the people that are creating this garbage are probably living it and projecting their inner souls. If we dig into who is making this material in Hollywood, we can find ways to get rid of them from the public forever by exposing them.

For instance, WeSearchr has offered bounties for information on pedophiles and other degenerates in Hollywood.We all know it's happening and we should encourage efforts to expose these people. Every time we bring down a producer, director, musician, or actor, we'll let everyone know why it was done (such as they produced an anti-white TV show, or other anti-Western messages). If these people have something to hide, they will either stop attacking our culture or they will face the consequences.

Defund Government Propaganda

Next, public broadcasting is a cesspit of government propaganda. We can work to take control of these organizations like PBS. Or, we can disband them so they have a harder time returning in the future. Personally, I'd love to see The Daily Shoah on in the mornings on NPR, Fash The Nation replacing PBS News Hour, and Morrakiu producing Sesame Street. But barring that, it's probably best to get rid of the entire mess and let left liberals pay for their own crap content instead of relying on taxpayers.

Choke The Universities

The philosophy and social science departments in Universities and Colleges are a major breeding ground for anti-Western messaging and politics. We should change federal student loan programs so these and other programs are not eligible for funding. It may also be possible to use federal funds in a way to see that these departments are shut down forever. Let the leftists that run these departments fend for themselves without having gullible students take on six figures of debt to do it for them.

Attack Leftist Funding Sources

There is enough evidence through Wikileaks and other sources that we can have investigation into and prosecution of George Soros & Co. The U.S. has RICO laws that could be used to work up the chain of corrupt and violent local groups being supplied funds by Soros to get to the Sith Lord and his family itself. Organizations such as SPLC could also be on a short list and it is not out of reason to think that libel lawsuits against them could be sponsored by our movement to put them on the defensive. The SPLC has operated with impunity wrecking people's lives for decades, let's find a way to return the favor and put them out of action.

Pressing the attack is critical at this point. Going after how the left is trying to influence our lives, poison our children's minds, and pay for their protesters and agitators can pay big dividends. Yes, let's secure the border and do these other things that have been talked about for years to limit the damage. But, let's not forget that we need to continue to grow our numbers and go where these attacks originate to seek payback at the source of the trouble.

Top image from PA World And Times Blog.