Love Your Alt-Right Neighbor

The Alt-Right is pretty diverse (in the non-dildo sense) place. I understand we are bound to disagree on a lot of things and pretending that we won't is naive. I'm not even here to tell you to stop every and all in-fighting, because that is the pinnacle of naiveté.

The point of this article is to put all that in-fighting in perspective. I've noticed that the further away I get from the mainstream public Dildolech cult the more I get wrapped up in alt-right talking points or arguments. My tolerance for mainstream bullshit has been drastically reduced. I suspect that this is the case for most if not everyone else too.

What this means is that we sometimes forget how tiny our side really is when compared with the legions of people that are not only completely closed but hostile to our beliefs.

Speaking of beliefs, let's put them into perspective too. The only thing that concerns all of us is basically the on-going genocide of our people. Everything else revolves around that situation and it's gravy.

I don't fucking care if you're a follower of Native European religions. I don't care if you're a Christian or your denomination. Fuck, I don't even care if you're a Nordic fetishist and think anything below and to the left of Paris is not really part of Whitelandia. How could I care? We are all on the same small boat rowing against the storm that seeks to drown us. Any differences we might have inside the boat are stupid and are better left for after we hit land.

Most of us have already picked up the pen to fight for our Race and our Civilization. Odds are we most likely will have to pick up the sword at some point too. Ask yourself if you honestly see your fellow alt-righter picking it up for something else. Picking it up against YOU and whatever snowflake belief you have? I doubt it.

I get it, I don't want to belittle what might be perceived as valid grievances, but have some perspective on these issues. We are all brothers just by virtue of knowing what's going on. Brothers fight, yes, but you're not going to fight your brother if someone is raping your mother.

Lastly I just want to say:

inb4 Tercio is a fag and doesn't understand the struggle.

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