No Right To Whites

This is the last election for whites in America. After this election, if major changes to the demographics are not made, the country is finished. It may already be too late for the country of America, but it does not mean it is too late for whites to build a new nation for themselves out of the ashes.

This election is going to be close. The only reason it will be close is because the demographic noose has been slowly slipped over the necks of whites through the treasonous 1965 Immigration Act and the poison of multiculturalism. While the immigration changes that radically altered America were bad enough, the worst part was the total subjugation of whites to this plan through nothing more than guilt.

The left discovered they could make us feel guilty for being white. This guilt was thrown in the faces of the people that have given the world virtually every major technological advancement they enjoy today. This guilt neutered the people that put a man on the Moon. This guilt was used to completely ruin our cities, towns, and neighborhoods in the name of diversity. This guilt was used as punishment for crimes that no other culture on the planet feels pity over.

They used this guilt to make us destroy ourselves. It’s time we stop feeling guilty and start fighting.

This is the last election for whites because after Tuesday, we will be entering the world of identity politics on a massive scale. It will be ethnic group voting against ethnic group in fights over the dwindling resources of crippled America.

We will fight over pointless wars. We will fight over government spending on welfare. We will fight over whether we will be allowed to live in peace, or be forced to pay for hostile cultures to move into our communities and prey upon us.

We are going to be doing all these things as our government maneuvers against our interests and uses our tax money to pay for our dispossession.

This is the dawn of white identity politics and I am looking forward to it. I’m looking forward to it because when white people fight, we win. As the Orcs close in, we are drawing more people to our side.

I never thought I’d see the day when liberal friends would finally admit that there is a problem with diversity. Yet, it is happening.

I never thought I’d see so many whites tell the politically correct commissars to buzz off. Yet, it is happening.

I never thought I’d see so many whites say the three magic words: “I don’t care” to those that try to guilt them with leftist talking points. Yet, it is happening.

The magic in all of this is that it was happening even before Trump came on the scene. But we should also be thankful that Trump has acted like a catalyst for the phenomena. He has provided political cover for the average white to say they’ve had enough without apology.

As demographic realities set in for whites, the Alt-Right gets stronger. And as we get stronger the message is inescapable: We are here to fight and are not going to be pushed around. We are the opponent the left has always feared.

What is the message we are bringing to the fight? Simple: You don’t have the right to white people.

You don’t have the right to denigrate our history and traditions and then lay claim to what we’ve built.

You don’t have the right to ruin our children in your social experiments called public schools.

You don’t have the right to ruin our lives and livelihoods with your imported savages.

You don’t have the right to us.

We are going to determine our own future. We are going to determine our own lives.

Our lives are not improved with diversity. Our lives are not improved with multiculturalism. Our lives are not improved by those spreading these poisonous ideas. We are going to stop you.

We gave you our cities. We gave you our infrastructure. We gave you our neighborhoods. Now, you want our nations, children, and even our lives.

We are not giving you any more. Fuck you.

You don’t have a right to us. You can have your crappy culture. You can have your crappy communities. You can have your crappy way of life you made for yourselves. You can have your broken, backwards cultures that created your broken, backwards nations. But no, you can’t have us.

We are done with you and your enablers. We are not going to retreat any longer. Our numbers are growing each day with a righteous hatred of what has been done to us. We are going to fight and we are going to win.

The left has wanted this situation for generations. They foolishly thought white people would just sit aside and passively accept their fate while paying the bills. I’m here to say that they have seriously miscalculated the response.

The left and their imported Orcs are going to tremble at what they’ve awoken.