Shin Trumpzilla

Although I’ve all but given up hope in film’s transcendent potential I still go out and try to catch a movie every now and again. It’s a gamble that rarely pays off. Considering the degenerated condition of America’s inhabitants, I doubt there are one in a million people who could truly be moved by a movie, even if it was of phenomenal caliber. Given this, it makes sense that most contemporary films are big budget digital trash heaps featuring a cast of useful idiots spouting globalist propaganda. This recipe ensures that every film winds up being as tasty and nutritious a super stimulant as a 3-liter bottle of Diet Mountain Dew. On a steady diet of this trash the capacity for experiencing a sweeping realization of Truth through Art is nullified. The problem is compounded by the fact that millions of spiritually underdeveloped brown people now reside in America. This means that in order to turn a profit on a movie, filmmakers (read: Skypes) must basically churn out products that appeal to a broad (nosed) coalition of googles, spics and SWPLs.

These fagtors combine to ensure that cinema is largely shit now. On the whole it is a degraded and hackneyed medium. The mechanism by which Wagner’s Gesamtkunstwerk could potentially have been fulfilled has gone the way of every other respectable art form. It basically only serves to brainwash young White people while simultaneously entertaining the brown hordes. Once in a coon’s age there are exceptions to this principle. The subject of this essay doesn’t quite earn that status but still manages to be better than its Hollywood-crafted contemporaries. In the middle somewhere we have the latest iteration of the Godzilla franchise, Shin Godzilla.

After the terrible 2014 Godzilla film soured me on the franchise by using Bryan “Meth Is Cool” Cranston like a piss-stained blanket to cover up its emptiness, I was skeptical of yet another reboot. Being a lifelong Godzilla fan, however, I was willing to give a new Japanese version a shot.

A bit of background: I’ve loved monsters for as long as I can remember, Godzilla in particular. Since he was basically a super-charged dinosaur he appealed to the child version of me immensely. Many (((child psychologists))) have theorized over the appeal of dinosaurs to kids, arguing that it was the size and/or fantastical nature of them that was the draw and there’s probably something to that. But that only touches on part of the mystique. Obviously dinosaurs, like “Ball Earth,” are a hoax. This is clear to anyone on the Alt Right. Regardless, dinosaurs are still appealing. Why? Let’s list their qualities: They’re big, they’re powerful, they’re loud and they rule. They are primal glory incarnate. They appeal to us on a reptilian level. Sound like somebody else we know?

Donald J. Trump began making waves in the Weimerican political sphere on June 16, 2015 when he announced his candidacy for president. Since then he’s knocked over and pissed on nearly every sacred cow the Leftoid hivemind held dear. For his efforts he’s been called a racist, a bigot, a xenophobe and, worst of all, a White Male. He’s basically fomented an implicitly White cultural revolution. This man’s efforts (in concert with TRS) caused thousands of people to anonymously take to the Internet under the guise of cartoon avatars and ‘1488’ themed usernames. His world-shaking feats of holy destruction bear many similarities to those of Godzilla. I’m going to briefly touch on themes in the newest film that are relevant to the Alt Right and compare the King of Monsters to the King of Shitlords.

The most recent iteration of the decades-old franchise was co-directed by Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi. These names will be pretty familiar to you if you’re a weeb. Anno is the man responsible for Neon Genesis Evangelion and Higuchi created Attack on Titan. Both of these are extremely popular Chinese flipbooks with dozens of fans worldwide (maybe even hundreds). Although I have nothing but secondhand experience with these franchises I’m aware of the fact that they both deal with concepts from esoteric Jewish philosophy. In fact, unless I’m completely mistaken, they both espouse fairly Red Pilled takes on said philosophies. So we have these super popular Jew-wise Japs coming together to re-invent the world’s most favorite kaiju. Seems like a pretty based undertaking tbhfam.

Cut to the characters- most of them are petty politicians who get caught up in the natural disaster that is Godzilla. The whole piece seems to be a running joke about the failings of Democracy, basically stating that they always turn into bloated, ineffective bureaucracies. At one point a character literally says something like, “Blasted bureaucracies! Can’t get anything done for all this red tape!” Really makes ya think, huh? The main character is Japan's Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary Rando Yaguchi. He is a mild-mannered, sincere politico. When subterranean rumblings in Tokyo Bay cause a panic and a giant tentacle is seen surging from the sea, he is the first to insist that the cause could very well be a titanic animal. Of course he is nearly laughed out of the boardroom- until Godzilla promptly makes landfall.

When the creature first appears he is in a simpler, un-evolved form; sort of an orange, shambling puppy dog creature with goofy googly eyes, gills, no arms and two legs. This equates to the MSM’s view of Trump when he first showed up on the political scene. A bumbling orange buffoon, if memory serves. Granted, many libshits still refer to him as such (I had one tell me he had no actual policies just the other day). Unlike Trump, however, Godzilla begins destroying buildings instead of Feels. This forces thousands of Japanese to flee their homes and Yaguchi is assigned to a task force with the express purpose of researching the monster.

Much like the media’s commentary on the phenomenon of Trump, the story unfolds through the lens and experience of a bland cast of bureaucrats who are constantly disagreeing with one another over what should be done. The film doesn’t seem to go out of its way to paint any particular politician as “bad” or “evil” but it certainly doesn’t idealize them. Part of this could be due to the fact that in terms of Fire vs. Ice, the Japanese are a very Icy people. This spiritual constitution often leads to neutrality in terms of decision-making and detachment in relation to emotional concern- think an entire Race of Scott Adamses who also like tentacle porn. Not to mention the fact that the Japanese psyche has been indelibly altered by the bombs we used on them in WW2. Why do you think nearly every popular anime features characters who use atomic bomb-like techniques and weaponry?

Fast forward a bit, Godzilla begins changing, evolving. Lurching upward in defiance of gravity’s supremacy he takes on a bipedal form. This incident corresponds to Trump’s early campaign trail phase. Even in the face of his obviously waxing power, the same people who intoned his failure since the beginning didn’t change their tone and kept up the whiny rhetoric. “Trump is crazy if he thinks he’ll get enough votes to win!” “He’s just doing it for publicity” etc., etc., on and on. Yet they watched and reported (incorrectly) with rapt attention as Trumpzilla continued to cut a jagged swath of destruction through their precious Establishment.

After he handily dispatched all of the other 16 Republican candidates and continued to win the hearts and minds of the media-weary public the (((establishment))) had no choice but to run an unending smear campaign and bet on libshits’ inability to “even”. Then, there came a lull. In the film, Godzilla disappeared, right when it seems he’s best prepared to complete his campaign of destruction. In Trumpian terms, this roughly correlates to the time at the end of August when he began to walk back the “deporting them all” aspect of BTWDTA. We were highly pissed (especially Jazzhands). I refused to wear my MAGA hat til he corrected himself. The libshits and cucks all breathed a sigh of relief- perhaps Trump was bluffing after all. Maybe we’ll be able to get behind him and nudge him far enough Left to where we can at least retain our respectubilituh, they thought.

A brief period of time passes in our timeline, not sure how many in the film. (Japanese time flows backwards and upside down [or is that Aussie time?]) Everyone waited, static, with bated breath. Just as it seemed all was well, the titan reemerges- stronger, meaner and more intent on holy destruction than before. Here we see Godzilla in the form most of us are familiar with. Twice as tall as before, covered in dark scales, spine adorned with his trademark jagged crests. Here we saw Trump walk in front of the sun, hair glowing like a divine nimbus and give a speech that doubled down on the anti-Immigrant rhetoric. I DONned my MAGA cap yet again for I felt confident in the God Emperor’s intentions to build the Wall. The forces of Kek began to whip up a meme-filled gale of good feels and smugness and all was well for a time.

The media pundits went back to their cringing and kvetching, as did the Japanese politicians in the film. At some point a scientist makes the discovery that Godzilla was in fact heading toward a nuclear plant in order to replenish its reserves and the reason it abruptly stopped was because it was overloaded with radiation. Any number of analogs can be used in Trump’s case: Growing from conflict a la his affinity for Chaos, absorbing Meme Magick straight from the ether like some vampiric sky elemental. Either way, they’re both charged up and they begin their Dance of Demolition.

Godzilla wreaks havoc on his traditional stomping ground of Tokyo; Trump lashes out in a nuclear frenzy against the media and the elite banking class who conspire against We The People. Now, in the film Godzilla is portrayed more as a villain. However, being a kid who grew up loving him, I have a tendency to habitually view him as the hero. Part of me obtains some sick pleasure from watching Tokyo get destroyed again and again. Maybe it has something to do with WW2. Who knows? I can only speculate.

In the 1954 Godzilla, hydrogen bomb testing was said to have awoken an ancient sea creature. Shin Godzilla applies a similar formula to this take on the King of Monsters, citing nuclear radiation as the creature’s origin. Some films in the franchise have attributed more spiritual origins to Godzilla. Either way, I view him as a necessary force of Nature- a kind of cosmic balancing, or a sort of challenge from God. Something like, “Deal with this and then we’ll talk.” He is Man’s unchecked arrogance come home to roost. Trump serves this same function in our world. He is a natural result of the hubris of man. He is the pendulum incarnate. The extensive corruption of the federal government in collaboration with a crooked media establishment funded by (((wealthy oligarchs))) caused all of this. It was the nuclear waste to Trump’s Godzilla. Something like this had to happen eventually, it’s only natural.

The pivotal scene in the film featured a U.S. led assault against Godzilla in which he discharged atomic beams from his mouth, dorsal fins and tail in self-defense. This was the single most over-the-top display of Godzilla’s power that has ever been featured in one of the films. This hyperbolic offensive almost directly correlates with the historic speech Trump gave in Florida where he called out the global Marxist establishment as an “existential threat” to America’s very existence. He went on to say that we were at a “crossroads in the history of our civilization.” In Godzilla-Trump terms, Tokyo correlates to our overblown media-government apparatus in that it’s glitzy, unnatural and unhealthy. Trump is the divinely sanctioned Destroyer/Creator sent to cleanse our land and bring balance to the mind and body of the West.

As a film, Shin Godzilla was fairly enjoyable. The demographic make-up was sure to anger shitlibs at about 99% Japanese, 1% American. Where’s muh diversity, senpai? I genuinely think a sassy black secretary would have been the cherry on top that turned Shin Godzilla into a modern masterpiece. Maybe next time. The score was very engaging and the directors used it well; action sequences were accentuated and long segments of dry, policy-based dialogue moved at a nice clip thanks to the music. I really enjoyed Godzilla’s new creepy design although it would have been way cooler with a dollop of golden Trump hair. If you’re a long-time fan of the franchise you might as well check it out. Unlike almost every other show/movie that comes out in the U.S. it was relatively pozz-free. Overall I give it 1288 out of a possible 1488 stars. Breddy güd but Trump’s speeches are way more intellectually stimulating and won’t set you back 20 ZOG bucks.

Speaking of being stimulating, plebes like to complain that Trump is nothing but a showboat. “He was a reality TV star,” they whine. “How can you trust anyone like that?” But honestly, they’re at least half true. Trump is a showman. He is a ringleader. He has the natural predator’s sense for detecting weakness and the inveterate salesman’s ability to exploit it for his own gain. He knows what makes people tick and he knows what they want. I’d like to believe he is sincere in his desire to Make America Great Again. In the degraded Age in which we live, it makes perfect sense that a man who was born out of the rotting, decayed City of Cities would rise to fame and power partially because of his ability to enthrall the masses. When a majority of the people aren’t paying attention anyway, this ability becomes a necessity. Trump isn’t our best bet, but he’s better than anything else we’ve ever had. Come November 8th, even if he loses, we’ll all still be here together. And we have Donald Trump to thank for that. Regardless of what Destiny holds for us we have a lot of work to do but I’d like to think that forty years from now when we’re all riding steel-reinforced tumblewagons through the hellfire of RaHoWa we’ll still recognize friend from foe by the bloodstained red-on-red of our MAGA caps.

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