Evangelicalism's Offer to America is Same Offer Devil Made Christ


Response to: Christian Post

As a Christian who has struggled with his belief in the face of a Christianity that seems to grow ever more hostile to reality, I was grimly unsurprised to be linked to this recent op-ed by a shitlib with an MDiv, comparing Trump to Satan.

Eric Sapp sees three options for evangelicals in this election: wasting a vote for Egg McMuffin or the other forgettable weirdos, not voting, or “join[ing] the 30%+ of evangelicals saying they’ll vote for Hillary Clinton.” Judging by his Twitter pics showing him at Clinton rallies, and the obvious low T expressed in his face, it’s not hard at all guessing which choice he made.

The author asserts that Trump “embodies everything Christ warned Christians against in the Sermon on the Mount.” That is, of course, not substantiated in any meaningful way in this article. One could quite easily defend Trump using the very same passages in scripture. Then again, I imagine his target audience is expected to nod and not think very hard on what was told to them; his sort of evangelical.

Sapp moves on, throwing out emotional appeals clumsily draped in religious language.

What will our Latino brothers and sisters think of us?

…That we are a sovereign nation with borders and laws similar to their own, and not a place to leech resources?

How could we ever again have credibility on religious freedom if we are willing to trade the First Amendment rights of our Muslim American neighbors so easily?

Remember what he just said here. Yes, it’s a dishonest and myopic view of both the Constitution and Muslim culture throughout the ages. That’s not as good an error to point out as the blatant double standard he erects later.

What will our children learn when they see us cast our lot with this man?

They will hopefully learn that their parents respect where they came from and what they are handing down. They will hopefully learn that mommy and daddy don’t want to sell them off. They will hopefully understand that it is not moral or just to resign yourself to be overrun and dispossessed of land and culture to appease greedy globalists and perverse moralists.

Trump said he will order U.S. soldiers to kill innocent women and children of our enemies and do “the unthinkable” when it comes to torture – all in violation of international law and Christian morality.

Yeah, I’m sure Clinton would be a person of great restraint and Christian morality when it comes to dealing with our (her) enemies. She has a great track record already.

Trump said he has never asked God for forgiveness and does not need to.

…But Mr. Sapp, how could we ever again have credibility on religious freedom if we are willing to trade the First Amendment rights of our presidential candidate so easily? Donald Trump is completely right by your own admission to worship in whatever manner he chooses. Including not worshipping. It is laughably inconsistent and arbitrary to argue that we should throw our arms open to Muhammadeans that may sometimes blow things up or stab people or massacre gay bars, then withdraw that insane level of charity to a white guy that happens to not be as far up his own pious ass as yourself.

Trump is a thrice-married adulterer who brags not only about cheating on his own wife but with the wives of other men.

The Clinton supporter of course won’t go into the greater sexual immorality within the family he supports. Mr. Sapp will turn a blind eye to the rape victim Hillary bullied and silenced. He will pretend that Hillary doesn’t ignore a “husband” who has lived a lifetime of flagrant immorality. That’s consistent Christian moral teaching because reasons.

Trump is hateful and said things about women blah blah.

Trump is blunt. So am I. This is a disingenuous faggot argument. Next.

Trump’s offer to give conservative Supreme Court justices and dial back progress is like Satan tempting Jesus.

Satan offered Jesus the world. Hillary Clinton offers Americans the world, the Third World, delivered to your doorstep. See how easy that was?

I reject the fear that a liberal Supreme Court would dismantle the Church.

Why should the Supreme Court do such a thing, when you’re doing the work for them?

But perhaps worst of all, if we accept Trump's deal, we'll trade all we are for nothing.

Mr. Sapp, you and your ilk have nothing left to trade at this point.

Thanks to a pandering, progressive slant that appeals to people who were never interested, and appalls people who are, your message tickles fewer ears every year. People like you give credence to those who argue that Christianity is a religion for traitors. Because you are a traitor. You make these shoddy arguments because you are a perverse and corrupt member of the consultant class in D.C. You are a man who would sell out your nation and church for thirty pieces of silver, a cush nonprofit gig, and a column on a third-rate Christian website to fart out your pedestrian, poisonous viewpoint.

Ichabod indeed. Go fuck yourself.

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Bulbasaur is a blue collar worker and part-time polemicist from the Southern U.S.