Reframing White Interests, or: How I Learned to Love the Media Attacks

Trigger Warning: White Pill

The alternative right is more popular than ever- both in numbers of committed followers and in media and broader cultural exposure. The general response from the old guard of the movement is to embrace the adage that there is no such thing as bad publicity. This is correct, but doesn’t recognize the true scope of our newfound advantage.
Due to our recent high profile it is true that we are gaining new followers and are able to better amplify our arguments. While this is a fact, I haven’t seen evidence of an understanding of what is by far the most important effect of the alt-right’s introduction into the zeitgeist.

The alt-right has a strong case to make. It can and has made it either articulately or humorously, can project an idea to millions with seemingly effortless virality, and importantly has facts to back up the jokes, the essays, and the memes. But a tactical slip-up the (((press)) has made in its latest flareup of neurotic hysteria has been far better for our cause than any clever twitter posts, pepes, or essays. The shift in focus the media has undertaken regarding White identity, or perhaps more importantly, White identitarians themselves, has undermined decades of PR hit jobs that had previously served so well in successfully isolating, attacking, and alienating as lunatics any opposition to the globalist, egalitarian agenda of White replacement.

Five years ago, by many metrics, things were better. The idea of tranny bathrooms still struck the average American as a level of insanity that would never be realized; this was the stuff of slippery slope fear mongering. Ten years ago, it was even better than five years ago by any cut and dry analysis of social policy and social opinion polling. Why then, does it feel like the alt-right is ascendant? The short answer is that the left has, in a self-induced frantic paranoia, destroyed decades of typecasting and demonizing by replacing the Nazi phantasms of old with a somewhat undefined, suit clad, articulate, and relatively unknown demon--the “alt-right.”

This ill-conceived pivot is a fantastic opportunity for us. The KKK was defined and understood. The hoods were a sharp symbol of an organization with codified organizational and ideological principles that had been demonized over the span of more than a generation; they could be isolated and demonized with ease. The skinheads weren’t far behind. The swastika tattoos, the gauche working-class identity that “sophisticated” circles found so repulsive, and the gang mentality were either the product of decades of demonization or low-hanging fruit for the press to pick. Not even the “Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice” could save the subculture.

Respectable opinion-makers were at war with White identity and cultural reactionaries and they had cracked the Enigma Code--they knew the movements of their enemy before their enemy did. Each incursion the far-right made resembled less an offensive to be taken seriously and more a wounded foe wandering unwittingly into a trap. Now the forces of modernism and globalism have shifted their focus to an unknown enemy. The alt-right’s encryption is a mystery to them. Our troop movements are hidden. Our numbers are growing.

In the span of one year we’ve gone from the Romans at Cannae to the Germans at Teutoberg Forest and soon enough the Jew will cry out in his fevered sleep, “Hillary, give me back my legions!”

Trump's fabled 4D Chess has nothing on the Queen sacrifice the (((MSM))) is making with little hope of a worthwhile payoff, and we'd be wise to let them take their hand off the piece.

"Never interfere with the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself."
- Napoleon Bonaparte

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