The True Call of Liberty

The most sacred form of liberty is the right of a people to defend their land, culture, and property. We therefore denounce libertarians who support the pillaging and conquest of Western countries by merchants, moneyed men, and migrants. And we reproach libertarians for their promotion of egoism and their rejection of White identity politics.

Sacred Liberty

You consider the nation-state to be nothing more than an economic manifestation of a geographic territory. You likewise regard distinct peoples as nothing more than equally interchangeable economic actors. Your political objective is to atomize society and reduce human life to a meaningless existence of private interest, consumption, and universal tolerance. We abhor the modern life of emptiness and self-adulation. We reject the degrading notion that humans can be satisfied with the shallow freedom of choosing Coke or Pepsi. And we regard your passive endorsement of diversity as pathetic cowardice. By tolerating everything, you ultimately stand for nothing. By equalizing everyone, you have become no one.

You repeatedly speak of liberty and freedom, but we ask you: Freedom to do what? Freedom to enjoy vulgarity, crude bodily pleasures, and sick perversions of the mind? Freedom to exploit your own people in the pursuit of riches? Freedom to deprive your children of their cultural heritage? Or freedom to effeminately surrender the civilization your forefathers built with their wisdom, conviction, and blood?

The Alt-Right despises your license and we loathe your selfishness, for we are a noble people who yearn for a deeper enrichment of our souls. We stand for Family, Nation, Race, Duty, Honor, Religion, Nature, Tradition, Culture. And we defend the sacred liberty that exists when a free and powerful nation loudly declares: This land is our land. It belongs to us alone. We shall fight and die for this land, as our ancestors did before us, so that our descendants will do so when we are gone.


You claim to be faithful defenders of the Constitution, but you elevate the free movement of humans above the survival of America’s founding principles. Amnesty and open borders are irreversibly expanding the number of voters in this country who support: (1) big government; (2) affirmative action; (3) P.C. mind control; (4) hate speech laws; and (5) the rejection of freedom of association. Do you understand that immigration is guaranteeing the electoral dominance of politicians who adamantly reject most of your ideals? Democracy in the West is essentially operating in reverse. The ruling elite are “electing a new people” to replace the liberty loving citizens they despise.
Freedom of Thought

You claim to endorse the free thinking philosophy of men like Locke, Mill, and Paine. But you refuse to actually make use of this freedom by engaging in serious inquiry and intellectual discourse. Is it any wonder then that your economic policies are disastrous? Or that your efforts to recruit minorities have proven childishly naïve? Let us investigate both these failures.

The Cosmopolitans and Politicos

Open your eyes! The economy of the twenty-first century has been utterly transformed by international finance and the globalization of capitalism. Your vigilant suspicion of Keynesian economics is commendable, but your religious devotion to libertarianism blinds you from seeing that Free Trade and Open Borders are likewise the ideological preferences of a traitorous ruling class.

The robber barons of this epoch are a cosmopolitan syndicate of transnational corporations, bankers, speculators, media moguls, and tech oligarchs. In contrast to the ruling class of earlier generations that built America’s massive infrastructure and employed millions of citizens, the private interests of economic elites today no longer overlap with the national interest. All of this was anticipated by that great American thinker Thomas Jefferson who presciently warned us about the merchant class. The cosmopolitan elites truly “have no love of country,” and they are ravenously profiting from the socioeconomic demise of the Western world.

The federal government is equally complicit in the economic raping of America. Shall we list only the most obvious betrayals? Our leaders have gutted the manufacturing sector with international trade deals that relocated millions of jobs overseas. Trade imbalances and the national debt have reached epic proportions. Congress and the Federal Reserve engineered the worst recession since the Great Depression by coupling affirmative action housing with artificially low interest rates. The president stimulated a sham economic recovery that has benefited only the super-rich and its alien workforce. Meanwhile, our representatives continue to pocket the donations of Big Business while servilely promoting the unceasing immigration of Mestizo labor, H-1B Visa professionals, and “refugees” who terrorize Americans with disease and murder.

Collusion between the political establishment and the cosmopolitan elite amounts to nothing short of treason! Had we the backbone of our forefathers, these opportunists, swindlers, and parasites would have been satisfactorily dealt with decades ago.

But the day of reckoning is fast approaching. The destruction wrought by the economic pillaging of America can no longer be masked by QE, the Debt Society, or complicit media distortion. Every day and every hour, the multicultural hellhole that America has become is furiously discussed by revolutionary dissidents in the blogs, social networks, and comments sections. And the declining economic position of the middle class is evidencing to millions of Americans what supporters of Trump and even Sanders already know—the social contract forged under Reagan (if it ever existed) has been irrevocably broken. There is no trickle down! There is no American Dream! There are only the bread and circuses of welfare, credit cards, iPhones, pornography, and NFL football.

Race, Culture, and Libertarianism

“Free-thinking” libertarians, most of you have been unwilling to investigate the cultural and demographic requirements of your economic ideas. Have you even considered the possibility that liberal democratic society cannot be sustained by all men? Or that libertarianism is incapable of solving the problems that plague non-White communities? Certainly you must know by now that not even Ludwig von Mises could fix Detroit.

Perhaps you lack the courage to accept the unfashionable realities of the racial question. Or maybe you are foolish idealists and deserve the contempt you receive from the minority groups you grovel to convert. Do you really believe pandering to race-hustling organizations will garner their support? Rand Paul’s ridiculous effort to broaden his coalition must surely have generated some level of doubt.

Eventually, most of you will be forced to reluctantly acknowledge what we perfectly understand. Blacks and Hispanics will never accept libertarian ideals of limited government, free market economics, individualism, and meritocracy. Indeed, why should they endorse fair and open competition if they are genetically hardwired and culturally predisposed to lose this competition?

In the aggregate, Blacks and Hispanics are simply unable to compete with Whites and Asians when it comes to educational achievement, law-abidingness, job advancement exams, and every other measure of civilizational success. What passes for the Black middleclass today cannot exist independently of mandatory quotas and government employment. Yet you remain committed to a failed strategy of converting racial minorities to libertarianism. How can you pretend to be serious thinkers?

The Myth of Equality of Outcomes

Libertarians categorically emphasize the private interest of the individual, but you fail to comprehend that members of the rainbow coalition reject individualism precisely because of their self-interest. Identity politics is a successful extortion racket for cry-bullies that will bear fruit until members of the harassed class defiantly assert their own identity. So clutch your principles tightly, libertarian. Submissively place your head on the block. At least you will not suffer the discomfort of feeling like a racist, bigot, or homophobe…even though your executioner will certainly regard you as one.

If you truly want to enervate the politics of guilt, then you must reject what has become the most dangerous myth oppressing the Western World: That a just and tolerant society can only be evidenced by the perfect equality of outcomes across all identity groups. Never has a shred of credible evidence been produced to validate this absurd expectation, but far too many libertarians have meekly joined the liberals and cuckservatives on their knees in obediently fellating this egalitarian dogma.

Some of you do reject the myth of equality of outcomes, but you remain neutered by the quixotic notion that minority groups can be intellectually persuaded to accept the truth. Have you thought this out? Do you really believe that Blacks, Hispanics, and their liberal benefactors will ever assent to the biological findings of scientists like Nicholas Wade, Jason Richwine, Charles Murray, Richard Lynn, and Tatu Vanhanen? Do you think they would even concede to the less controversial argument that cultural failure and fatherless homes rather than prejudice are to blame for their ghetto societies?

No matter what evidence you marshal to support your position, you will never win enough converts. Explanations for unequal outcomes that attribute causation to factors other than discrimination are simply too shameful for minorities to accept. Moreover, these explanations will be vigorously attacked by rainbow coalition leaders whose wealth and power is derived from perpetuating the bogeyman narrative of an evil white society. Unsanctioned views will also be zealously silenced by the sanctimonious P.C. liberal priesthood of academics and mediacrats. And to reiterate the most pressing point, why would racial minorities accept a truth that legitimizes their permanent lower class status?

Do you get it yet? We may live in a world of competing ideas, but we also live in a world of competing interests. And it is interests that will prevail rather than ideas.

The True Call of Liberty

Libertarians, we implore you to accept that men are tribal creatures whose survival depends upon securing their tribal interests. If you continue to reject White identity politics and if you continue to worship abstract principles, then you will remain “useful idiots” in what has become the greatest existential struggle ever faced by Western Man. In this dark hour, the only principle that can matter is the sacrosanct oath we make to put the interests of our people first.

Libertarians, we beseech you to throw off your egalitarian chains and bravely stand with your countrymen and European brothers. You will be cheerfully welcomed among the ranks of the Alt-Right. We admire your passion, we respect your strength, and we value your intellect. The serious thinkers among you have already made significant contributions to our movement.

Libertarians, we urge you to search deep within your Western soul and listen to its noble yearnings. Do you want to stand for something meaningful rather than the selfishness of materialism or the decrepit nothingness of universal tolerance? Do you want to be men of consequence rather than childish idealists? Do you want to be true guardians of liberty rather than parchment-worshipers who surrender America to the merchants, moneyed men, and barbarian hordes?

Then rise from your knees, listen for the trumpets, and hear the true call of liberty.

It is your innate right to defend the land, culture, and property of your people.

And it is your sacred responsibility to do so.