The Deep Breath Before the Plunge

“When a nation forgets her skill in war, when her religion becomes a mockery, when the whole nation becomes a nation of money-grabbers, then the wild tribes, the barbarians drive in.”
– Robert Howard

By now anyone even moderately on the right wing of politics has become well accustomed to the regularity of both organized and spontaneous Muslim violence. Even the most milquetoast conservative is willing to criticize Islam as a doctrine and harp on about the need for integration and assimilation. Ultimately, such talk is futile and, as we are all well aware, doomed to failure. While the general European public is busy being placated with feel-good stories that simply don’t match up with reality, the enemy is afoot and expanding its deadly capacity to instigate open conflict. The hajis are biding their time, draining our national budgets, accelerating their influx with the end goal of conclusively annihilating their eternal Occidental nemesis. Unlike the Western liberal masses, the haji horde has a unitary and vindictive historical memory. The call of Western liberals to the third world masses to settle on our continent presents an enticing opportunity to conclusively do away with their enduring obstacle to hegemony, and whether this call will ultimately be a siren song leading to their destruction, with an ensuing Western Renaissance, is up to us. To that end we must carefully analyze the trends thus far and do our best to understand what is likely to transpire.

By carefully pouring over Europol statistics, related articles and studies, we can identify the rapidly evolving dynamic. A common theme in this report will relate to identifying state weakness and argue the point that the current liberal framework is entirely inept at preventing the inevitable.

The Unholy Coalition

According to Europol: “EU Member States reported an increase in children travelling to MENA countries. This phenomenon may eventually lead to the emergence of a new generation of jihadist terrorists in Europe. Returning fighters are likely to service as role models to like-minded young people. Furthermore, those not involved in attack planning may instead be active in radicalizing and recruiting others, facilitating activities and fundraising.” On the surface this all seems commonsensical and obvious. However, the interest of this conclusion relates to the following statistics, also from Europol: “Compared to previous years, in 2014 there was a notable increase in arrests of individuals aged below 25, from 136 (2013), to 227 (2014) and 268 (2015).”

Understanding the demographic trend and youthfulness of the rank and file makes it easier to map out and predict the trajectory we are on. “Austria reported more than half of their fighters are below the age of 25; Belgium reported that 81% were between 18-35; Germany reported that the majority were younger than 30; Sweden reported that most were aged 18-30; the UK reported that individuals are increasingly aged under 26.” Opinion polls revealing a divergence of opinion between older and younger generations corroborate this trend. For instance, according to PolicyExchange, “Thirty-one per cent of younger British Muslims endorsed or excused the 7/7 bombings of 2005, with just 14 per cent of those over 45 doing so.” I wonder what percentage of respondents are concealing their true thoughts. How does “shy Tory” syndrome translate into haji parlance?

Another interesting tidbit of data not widely announced by the mainstream media is the fact that these terrorist groups are active in inter community engagement, effectively creating a coalition of brown-masses against their evil Western oppressors. Europol reports that, “Slovenia reported a new trend of converting marginalized individuals from the Roma community, although is believed that the main motivation for such conversions to Islam is financial (they are allegedly paid to convert and to ‘join the jihad’).” The point here is not to conclude that superfluous Roma slums are going to become Taliban training camps but rather that our societies are rapidly polarizing into two clearly demarcated groups. This trend is nothing new; in the U.S., Blacks with political agency gladly join the nation of Islam just as La Raza will enthusiastically work with Blacks and Jews to undermine Anglo hegemony. The glue holding together our diverse opposition is a common hatred for us, this driving force behind their ideology is the common denominator and unlikely to change.

Terrorist spokesmen have publicly stated that, as part of their modus operandi, they will collaborate with their enemies’ enemies:

"When Muslims and Mosques will be attacked by neo-Nazis in protests, Muslims will do counter-protests alongside with antifascist groups," the propaganda book's authors speculated. "This is how the future Jihad in Europe will begin," the handbook went on to explain, urging its sympathizers to mix with Muslim protesters to fuel the violence. "If these violent protests and battles happen at a national level — there will be too few police to control the populations in every town and a war will happen between Muslims and their neo-Nazi enemies. People in between will be caught in crossfire and will have to pick sides."

The kebab is almost ready, goyim, its full pension-paying capacity ready for your stale White society. Not just hajis, but also gypsies, and Indians escaping brutal civil war on the subcontinent.

State Fragility

It was previously noted that the younger generation is more predisposed to hold extremist views and to act violently in furtherance of their ideological aims. It’s almost comical noting the contradiction and futility in the approach emphasized by the Europol report. It is stated, “in some cases the court also imposed restrictions on civil rights and bans on entering the national territory upon completion of the prison term, or revoked the citizenship of those convicted of terrorist offences.” It is conspicuous that Europol conveniently didn’t cite any statistics on how many of these convicts had their citizenship revoked. Nevertheless, let us explore this possible solution to the expanding threat. Where will the liberal establishment send them? What of the younger generation who are not dual citizens? If this solution is actively pursued how will the pozzed masses react; what will the potential backlash be from the emboldened invaders who are so used to getting their way? Schizophrenic approaches never work.

Barbara F. Walter in The Critical Barrier to Civil War Settlement makes note of the fact that “between 1940 and 1990 55 percent of interstate wars were resolved at the bargaining table, whereas only 20 percent of civil wars reached similar solutions. Instead, most internal wars ended with the extermination, expulsion, or capitulation of the losing side.” Furthermore, “groups fighting civil wars almost always chose to fight to the finish unless an outside power stepped in to guarantee a peace agreement.” The problem with the globalist strategy of simultaneously flooding all Western nations with third world hordes is that you preclude yourself from having a third party savior at your disposal.

It is also worth noting that, according to Europol: “The average prison sentence handed down for terrorist offences in the EU in 2015 was seven years, which is slightly higher than the reported average in 2014 (six years).” In essence these individuals are being given, on average, a six-year respite to hit the bench press and strategize with their compatriots. The perpetrators of the Charlie Hebdo attack, Mohammed Merah (who killed three soldiers, three children and a rabbi) and Mehdi Nemmouche were all radicalized in prison. But apparently the French authorities will deal with this subsidiary issue by offering Japanese lessons, I’m sure they’ll be able to exorcise the snackbarring through Japanese anime porn.

The warden of Fresnes prison in Paris dejectedly asked, “are we expected to succeed where schools, families and local associations have failed?” Fresnes prison has been labeled a “finishing school” for extremism.

An egalitarian legal system will never be able to adequately quell existential threats. Dogmatic fixation on enlightenment values will continue to fail miserably and produce the same result. Appeasement only entices the enemy and we can thank the human rights organizations for ensuring these failed policies continue ad infinitum.

The ability of terrorist ‘charities’ to operate for many years before being dismantled further highlights the ineptitude of the security apparatus. In 2014, Danish authorities arrested the head of the humanitarian organization De Humanitære Hjerter (The Humanitarian Shepherd). Similarly, in France members of a charity called Perle d’espoir (Pearl of Hope) were charged with financing terrorism. Aside from creating these ruses under the nose of law enforcement, the hajis are also gaming the system by using bank loans to finance their operations. Slave away for decades paying a third of your income to the state so we can transfer it in form of welfare and bank loans to the future pension-paying kebab!

There have also been reports confirming the French police force being riddled with radicalized infiltrators. On Faceberg one such officer referred to her uniform as a “filthy rag of the Republic.” Aside from the all too-typical minority whining and vocal disgust for their hosts, there is reasonable evidence to suggest that as time progresses the ranks of fifth columnists will not just increase but expand in scope. Once again, this report makes note of the fact that those infiltrators in the police force and army, that were discovered, were all “young members.” Europol corroborates what this memo reveals and evidences that neither the public nor private sector has been spared, “money value transfer systems have also been abused by terrorists to move illicit funds, including by using insider agents or employees who knowingly facilitate the activity on behalf of terrorist groups.” Apparently sportsball and docile consumerism is a poor substitute for ideological purity and ethnic loyalty.

Specters of War – Glimmers of Hope

The presence of stringent anti-gun legislation has done nothing to curtail the ability of extremist groups to acquire large quantities of military-grade hardware. Europol notes the establishment of “large clandestine stockpiles of explosive precursors in the EU for future use in large-scale bomb attacks.” An example of this trend is evidenced by the seizure of a number of large shipments of illegal military-grade firearms and explosives, mostly from the Western Balkan countries, in organized crime investigations in 2015.

Terrorists are known to have acquired hand grenades, rocket launchers, and high-grade plastic explosives and detonators from organized crime groups. Explosive ordnance has also been acquired via theft from military explosive storage facilities and the illegal collection of ERW and unexploded ordnance from former battle zones. The current situation in Libya and Ukraine may ultimately lead to increased quantities of military grade firearms and explosives becoming available to terrorists in the EU.

It has also been recognized that there has been a demonstrable transfer of technical knowledge and capability in IED design and construction. There are indications that some of the fighters in the conflict zones have received advanced training in manufacturing and using HMEs in IEDs. Moreover, “recent investigations show that certain terrorist groups continue to establish large stockpiles of explosive precursors in the EU in order to manufacture HMEs.”

The threat of conventional terrorism evolving to incorporate biological warfare is not negligible. Even if the threat is far-fetched, it drains and stretches the ability of the state to deal with the threat posed, as heightened security is required at all plants and facilities. The added expenditure is continually compounding in the context of a population being thinned of its productive demographic. Nuclear power plants and nuclear weapon facilities in the EU also remain potential targets for terrorists. Of note is a case that occurred in December 2015 in Belgium. It was reported that during a house search of a suspect linked to the November Paris attacks, a video was found containing surveillance footage of a senior executive of a nuclear research site.

Europol explicitly states: “The deliberate contamination of water supplies is seen as a plausible CBRN scenario.” The French Prime Minister warned that the risk of biological and chemical attacks couldn’t be ruled out in France. That’s a whole lot of potential vibrancy.

The UK reported that the nature of the threat from right-wing extremist groups changed in 2014. The cases from 2014 (unless otherwise specified) highlighted in this article demonstrate increased levels of activity and mobilization. Between 2013 and 2014 arrests related to right-wing terrorism in the EU jumped by 1133% (albeit from previously low levels), according to Europol stats. Authorities have observed the emergence of a more dynamic right-wing extremist group.

In May, French police dismantled a right-wing extremist cell whose members were stockpiling Kalashnikov assault rifles, pump-action shotguns, and hunting rifles. A declaration was found stating the intention to “take up arms to defend nationalist ideals.” The group called itself Blood and Honour C18, deriving its name from the same movement in the UK. Globalism works in mysterious ways.

Police searched a total of four homes across Germany. Multiple data storage media and written documents were seized, alongside firearms and chemical substances suitable for the production of improvised explosive devices.

In late July, police arrested 14 members of a right-wing extremist group in the city of Bialystok, in northeastern Poland. As part of the investigation 31 houses across the Podlaskie region were searched, which resulted in the discovery of firearms and ammunition. The group is suspected of being responsible for numerous arson attacks on homes owned by foreigners.

After the Nice attack, Jonathan Miller, an elected council member in the small village of Caux, stated, “France may be on the edge of something resembling a civil war.” He revealed that membership in his local gun club had “quadrupled from 200 to 800 members in the last few months.” Miller added that one resident in plain terms explained the interest in the gun club was due to “preparation for a war.” In conclusion, Miller relays that he has “detected a change of mood and that the mood is turning nasty,” adding that he is “no longer taking for granted that they will put up with this much longer.”

In August, France detected training camps in the Fountainebleau forest southeast of Paris. The training camps promoted an initiative called Prenons le maquis ‘Join a resistance group’. A video uploaded to the website demonstrated military activities, including close combat, knife-fighting techniques and firearms training. Other extreme right-wing groups in France allegedly also organized numerous independent events. In addition, Russian militants have conducted training camps in eastern Poland in conjunction with Polish nationalists. In Norway, Swedish Neo-Nazi groups have engaged in joint events with local allies.

In December police in Norway busted a cell whose members had stored “powerful weapons bearing the logo of the right-wing extremist organization Motstandsbevegelsen.”

Also in December, Italian police arrested 14 right-wing extremists belonging to a clandestine extremist group calling itself Avanguardia Ordinovista. They are reported to have “planned attacks on politicians, prosecutors and police in order to undermine social stability.”

Caesar approached the banks of the Rubicon with his troops. He had reached the frontier of his province; he halted for a while, and revolving in his mind the importance of the step he meditated, turning to those about him, saying: “Still we can retreat! But once we pass this little bridge there is nothing left for us to do but fight it out with arms.” He pondered his alternative, the option of dejectedly returning from conquest and glory abroad and letting the fractious Senate decay further. As he hesitated, a man of strikingly noble disposition appeared close at hand and played upon a pipe. To hear him not merely some shepherds, but soldiers too came flocking from their posts, and amongst them some trumpeters. He snatched a trumpet from one of them and ran to the river with it; then sounding the “advance!” with a piercing blast he crossed to the other side. At this Caesar cried out, “Let us go where the omens of the Gods and crimes of our enemies summon us…. The die is now cast.