When Black Lives Matter More Than Your Own

On the night of July 26, 2016 Greg Wheeler and a female friend (lol, foreveralone) were accosted by some oppressed youth at a public park in Columbus, Ohio. During the altercation he caught three bullets in the legs and foot. Mr. Wheeler survived the encounter.

The 14-year old youth was later apprehended, confessed to the attack, and has been charged with two counts aggravated robbery and one count of felonious assault.

This would be, this should be your typical nightly news stuff, with the typical conclusion: don’t be out at night in places with “bad schools.”
What makes this worthy of our attention is Mr. Wheeler’s reflection on the incident, posted on his Facebook page two days later. It’s really special.

I'm not angry at those who attacked me, though I am saddened and concerned. The group of about a dozen was entirely composed of children, looking like 11 to 17, both boys and girls, all black. I remember that I felt so worried that the police would arrive and just open fire on anyone who "fit the description", even while I lay there bleeding on a stranger's porch.

LOLWAT. First of all, there is no American police force anywhere that operates in that manner (though I have no doubt there would be fewer stories like this if the “oppressed” in this nation were actually fucking oppressed).

Second, how low of an opinion do you have of yourself to value the life of the person who literally beat both you and the female you aren’t going to bang ever, and then fucking shot you, more than your own?

Even through all of this, I firmly believe that #BlackLivesMatter -- even AFTER a crime has been committed (most of the kids there did not strike or shoot anyone, some even tried to stop it). This epidemic of extrajudicial killings by the police needs to stop. Everyone deserves a fair trial and a chance at rehabilitation.

Eyeroll. Where is this epidemic of extrajudicial murder? Do you even understand what “extrajudicial” means, bro? Our legal system allows for situations of self-defense or the protection of innocent life as acceptable excuses for the taking of life. The facts of these “extrajudicial killings” can be examined, for those more interested in understanding reality and projecting a coherent worldview. The vast majority of these Blacks shot by police are situations where the Black was a threat to others and the ultima ratio was justified. Because innocent and law-abiding lives matter more.

…Still, because of our punishment-not-rehabilitation criminal justice system, I fear that at only 14 years old his future has already been decided for him.

What a profoundly retarded comment. The justice system didn’t decide his future, this kid decided his future when he chose to play GTA IRL.

While you may not like that the system values your life more than you do, the system was never meant to reflect the values of a psychologically stunted loser. Because society doesn’t work when it values the criminal more than the victim.

That you can’t or won’t accept this reality does not make it any less true. Neither do all the retarded comments and likes and “so much this”-ing I see in this thread… Say, I wonder how many of these people would have attended your funeral had the oppressed young man possessed better aim? JK LOL I DON’T WONDER.

If by some chance any of the young people involved are reading this: though you may be angry at society (and rightfully so, in light of some current events), please realize that this path does not lead anywhere you want to go. The community really does care about you. That's why we push for safer parks, better education, after-school programs, and the like. Because we want you to have a future you can be proud of!

Slim chance the youths involved will read or even care about this post, man. But we both know they aren’t the intended audience of this message.

The community doesn’t care about Blacks. It cares about being seen caring about Blacks. There is an enormous difference, there. People like Mr. Wheeler won’t see the difference because if they did it would really hurt their feelings. Sad face emoji. 

Fact is, if the police were magically poofed away overnight, Blacks would still be angry and would still harm others and behave in this barbarous manner. Because, whether or not they possess the awareness to understand it, that anger is really directed at people like you, Mr. Wheeler: people who see Blacks as children or pets, incapable of civilized standards.

Not even the harshest White supremacist, eugenicist or slavery apologist could have ever devised a society that matched the psychotic and abusive system of Progressivism’s Puppy Mill. And you would rather parrot narrative than reflect on this violent encounter with your narrative’s result. Did you plan on getting involved with assisting the downtrodden after you heal up, Mr. Wheeler? Did you just use these three bullet wounds to try and channel Captain Picard so you could maybe score a C- or D-tier “gamer grrl?”

And if anyone's wondering, yes, I will keep playing Pokémon GO. I think it's done so much good. I've walked new places, made new friends, picked up trash, got some sun, got a date, and beaten my depression. I would still recommend it to almost anyone -- but please, be careful and safe!

Congratulations, Gregory Wheeler. You’ve done your part to keep things really shitty in this county. You deserve an award fitting your efforts.