Hell is for Children

(No, that's not my wife's ultrasound.)

In about 11 weeks I am going to be a father to two bouncing baby boys. This is without a doubt the most amazing and stressful thing to ever happen to me. They will be my legacy, so much more than any article I ever wrote or any crappy song or podcast I ever tried to do. This is not to short-sell the wonderful stepdaughter I've raised for the past 6 years though. She is amazing in her own right.

Given our demographic and political trajectory, I've often had internal debates as to how I explain the horrors of the world to my stepdaughter. I also worry about whether or not my boys will be able to have the childhood they deserve, or whether or not things will get so bad that they are forced to become Carl Grimes. I so desperately want them to have the Disney and model train, ride-your-bike-to-7-11-for-a-Slurpee childhood I had, yet I know that's not likely to happen. Still, out of duty, I feel like I have to protect them from the blood wars as long as possible, if only to keep them innocent just a little bit longer. I've already begun the process this past weekend, explaining 9-11 and Islam to my now 10-year-old stepdaughter. There is no right answer to how you "redpill" your own children. It's a horrible reality you have to deal with at some point but so desperately want to postpone.

But hey, fuck me. Wanting to keep my kids innocent makes me a White supremacist, right? According to Shannon Gaggero, absolutely. By not pozzing the fuck out of my daughter and fashioning natal wooden yolks and "I'm sorry" onesies for my unborn sons, I am literally murdering a million Mike Browns and Trayvon Martins as you read this. I am Breivik's completely rested jimmies.

Okay, that might be a little exaggerated, but Gaggero, whose entire blog is about having "race conscious children," fashioned an article titled "Preserving My Children's Innocence is an Act of White Supremacy." The title stops you in your tracks. The thought of encouraging something not-innocent in your children is a painful one.

I know that if current trends continue unabated, my sons will be social pariahs in their teens and twenties. They will be looked down on as the cause of all the ills in the world. Meanwhile my stepdaughter will soon be pressured to engage in degenerate sex, race mixing, and urged to abandon her Catholic faith. It's all I can do to hope she maintains the values I have taught her. This not a future I want for any child. Yet this is exactly what Gaggero wants.

She urges that parents inundate their children with cultural marxism and progressive ideologies by using parenting techniques created by insipid, marxist, jewish women. She reads children's books about economic justice and overcoming sexism and every hideous idea the left has ever shit out onto a page. This is how she fights for anti-White causes:

Naming race and naming injustice with my children are direct actions I can take right now to begin to dismantle white supremacy. I no longer want to preserve their innocence as this preserves the status quo. Recently, I heard a person say the work we do inside our families is the ultimate grassroots organizing. Yes! The choices I make as a parent matters. The anti-racist work I do within the context of my family can affect powerful change.

To her and her ilk, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, and Tamir Rice replace the cuddly puppets of Sesame Street (of 30 years ago, not the pozzed shit of today.) Teaching your kid about racial profiling is more important than teaching them how to ride a bike. Having them wear rainbow-colored clothing and march in gay pride parades in response to the Orlando Muslim terrorist attack is more important than the ABCs.

And I know what you're saying, it's a war. I should be doing the same. I should be teaching my kids not to be ashamed of being White. I should teach them about violent Islam, about the dangers of unchecked immigration, about why Blacks are so prone to crime and violence, about all the things we talk about here. I should be the White warrior-dad of TRS, upholding the virtues of /pol/ and so on. But I'm not ready to throw my children to the wolves so they can come back ready to continue this war. Not yet, not at such tender ages. I know this woman is raising the ideological enemies of my own children. I know she is sewing the seeds of Western destruction. But for the love of all that is sacred, can we not militarize our children at this young age?

No matter how much this world is turning into them and us, can we not agree that for our children's tender years, we don't have to send them to the hell in which we live? Can't we just let them play and be happy a little while longer? Lord knows when you get older it becomes so much harder to find the joy of a loving innocent child.

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