Anecdotal Evidence

I think back many years ago to my first girlfriend and the first time I kissed her; you never forget your first real kiss. I kissed her on the front steps of St. Gertrude School, an all-female Catholic high school in the former Capital of the Confederacy. Unbeknownst to us, Sister Charlotte, the draconian, but highly respected, principal was observing us from her office. As I was about to leave, she came out and chastised us for our foolish indiscretion. I didn’t mind and she wasn’t really mad--her job was mentoring young people and she’d seen it all. But if you weren’t in the good graces of Sister Charlotte, there would be hell to pay (in the vein of fine old Catholic discipline). A portrait of her hangs in the front lobby of the school and they named the gym after her.

She’s lucky to be alive (but for the grace of God)--Sister Charlotte spent months in the hospital after a drunk driver crashed into her car. She and two other nuns were driving to Northern Virginia for an annual retreat. Her brain was damaged, her memory and hearing have faded. Her colleague, Sister Connie Ruth Lupton, has pins holding her vertebrae together. And Sister Denise Mosier is forever resting at the Benedictine Monastery in Bristow, Virginia. The drunk driver? Carlos Montano--an illegal Bolivian immigrant and repeat offender who was awaiting deportation and whom federal immigration authorities had released (nice job, feds). This subhuman bastard had been arrested two other times on drunk driving charges, and on at least one of those occasions Prince William County police reported him to federal authorities. He was eventually sentenced to 20 years--he should have gotten the rope at the very least.

When a shitlib asks me how I feel about illegal immigrants and how I could possibly justify my positions (they all have to go back, and restrict legal immigration to Whites only), I provide them with that little bit of history. Their response is the usual and customary, “I’m sorry, but that’s just anecdotal--[obligatory, wait for it] they’re not all like that.” I don’t pile on the stats though, until I reveal the litany of my other real-life experiences with south-of-the-border vibrancy. In the end though, it doesn’t really matter--a shitlib (or normie for that matter) won’t ever wake up to the severity of our situation until his daughter is forced into child prostitution by Mara Salvatrucha gang members (Rances Ulices Amaya was born in the US, but “magic dirt” couldn’t stop him from embracing his El Salvadorian roots of child sex trafficking). Even then, a shitlib still might not wake up, as we’re experiencing levels of victimhood virtue signaling that shouldn’t be possible.

And speaking of drunk driving, in 2013 and 2014 alone, ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) set loose more than 66,000 illegal immigrant criminals who had over 166,000 convictions (30,000 for drunk or drug driving, 414 kidnapping, over 11,000 rapes or other sexual assaults and 395 homicides). Remember, facts are racist though. Based Congressman Steve King estimates that illegal alien drunk drivers kill 13 Americans every day--that’s a death toll of 4,745 per year. I ask shitlibs: How many more have to die? They can’t give a number to justify multiculturalism and open borders.

A few years ago, a close friend of mine got in a non-fatal car accident. She left the office to meet her boyfriend and they would have lunch together. She was T-boned (side collision) after another vehicle ran a red light and hit her passenger side. A Mexican had rammed his work truck into her Honda Civic. A squat dwarfish beaner ran up to her and began speaking gibberish (all she was able to piece together was “no insurance and no policía”). She was dazed and confused and by the time she got her bearings the beaner had fled on foot. He was eventually arrested and the cops later told her he had no insurance, no valid driver’s license, and was an illegal immigrant. Big surprise.

Deportations for traffic violations were 16,249 in fiscal year 2008. By 2013, those numbers had increased 191%. Contrary to the (((mainstream media))), that’s not because President High Yeller has been cracking down on illegal immigration crime. It is because the volume of future criminals (spics) has been significantly increased--we’re flooded with more and more low-IQ brown Mongoloids that behave in their natural state of lawlessness, corruption and sweaty ignorance. The Establishment Right wants cheap labor, the Left wants more votes, and we’re stuck with the violence.

I’m sure the cuck and shitlib lurkers won’t believe me (or care). Too bad they can’t ask 4-year-old Christopher “Buddy” Rowe (a cute dirty-blonde-haired and blue-eyed White boy from Santa Rosa, California) for his opinion on the matter. Marcos Lopez Garcia hit the child with his car, while Buddy, his mother and siblings were walking in a crosswalk (not sure if they have those in Garcia’s native land of Mexico). Buddy was thrown 80 feet and died 13 hours later at the Children’s Hospital and Research Center in Oakland. Garcia, an illegal without a driver’s license, fled the scene (shocking) and was aided by his girlfriend. According to court records, Garcia had been convicted in 2010 of driving without a license. He had two previous arrests for driving without a license, one of which occurred only five days before he killed Buddy. Despite his illegal immigrant status, Garcia was never handed over to ICE. He was eventually sentenced to a whopping four years--I guess a year for each of Buddy’s short life.

In 2013, data collected by the Census Bureau revealed that 23 per 1,000 male Mexican immigrants ages 18 to 40 are institutionalized (think jail or prison, these folks aren’t in nursing homes). Unsurprisingly, the rate for native-born Whites is 16 per 1,000. Furthermore, a 2009 study, Immigration and Crime: Assessing a Conflicted Issue, reports that from 1998 to 2007, 816,000 criminal aliens were removed from the United States because of a criminal charge or conviction. This is equal to about one-fifth of the nation’s total jail and prison population. The Government Accountability Office (or GAO) estimates that costs to incarcerate criminal aliens in federal prisons and reimbursements to states and localities ranged from about $1.5 billion to $1.6 billion annually from fiscal years 2005 through 2009. Just the simple cost of diversity; remember, this is why we pay taxes.

Here’s another “anecdotal” finding. In a 2007 GAO study of 55,322 illegal aliens, analysts discovered that they were arrested at least a total of 459,614 times, averaging about eight arrests per illegal alien. 70% had between two and 10 arrests, and 26% (about 15,000) had 11 or more arrests. Drug or immigration offenses accounted for 45% of all offenses, and approximately 12% (over 6,600 illegal aliens) were arrested for violent offenses such as murder, robbery, assault and sex-related crimes. In 2009, over half of the fugitive murderers most wanted by the FBI were foreign-born legal and illegal immigrants.

A year ago, another close friend of mine experienced the “victimless” crime of mestizo immigration. He had hired a contractor to work on one his family’s remote and rural properties. The contractor used a gaggle of spic peasants for carpentry work (you know, the work Americans “won’t do”). On the property was a locked tool shed brimming with expensive Stihl power equipment. My friend visited the property after the first day and determined that the work was shoddy (at best) and the contractor agreed--he terminated them that very day. The next day they were determined to oversee the next crew (made up of only Whites) and discovered that the tool shed lock had been broken and the shed ransacked--all the equipment stolen. Could have been anybody, certainly not the beaner crew fired the day before--because that would make sense.

But this is all anecdotal, right?

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