All You Can Eat Negro

(With Apologies to Phil Hendrie)

It's time to step away from the brother buffet. America has had enough All You Can Eat Negro, and I absolutely agree with Zack (de la) Linly, professional problem negro. Mr. Linly, a (((community organizer and activist))), was recently given a platform for the same old shit in the WaPo. But as our good friend and colleague Morrakiu might quip, it's time to agree with liberals for the wrong reasons.

Mr. Linly states the obvious: "It's Time to Stop Talking About Racism With White People." I could not agree more, and the lead photo encapsulates everything wrong with the modern Black Lives Matter movement: problem negroes, protest marches, propaganda posters with communist revolutionary themes--all things I've had quite enough of. Black Lives Matter, however, is not really about Blacks or lives; it has been subsumed by the modern communist/antifa movement. Just look at their list of demands:

  • Guaranteed livable minimum income
  • Corporate and Government reparations
  • Reparations for Cultural Appropriation
  • Reallocating money away from law enforcement
  • Universal Health Care
  • Cutting the military
  • Stopping Fossil Fuels
  • Radical Redistribution of Wealth
  • Financial Support for Black Institutions
  • Outlawing Private Schools
  • Release of "Political Prisoners" (read: Mumia)
  • Automatic Vote Registration
  • Right to vote at 16
  • Illegal Immigrant and Felon Voting

The list boils down to mo money fo dem programs, a final solution for Whites, politically speaking, and every other demand of the radical environmental and communist left. They have grown from being pro-crime, anti-White, and anti-cop to being the foot soldiers for communists.

Linly's argument is that Whites simply are not accepting BLM's whining on an emotional level. White America is too tied to our antiquated notions of truth, due process, and law and order. They cannot understand why we think the statistically underrepresented instances of cops shooting blacks is not that large a concern in light of the killing negro fields of Chicago and Detroit. While Whites may use facts and statistics to shred BLM, they don't really believe their shit. Linly claims we just do it because we want to counter-signal. We do it because we beez racist n sheeit. The dindu cries racism as he ooks at you.

I don't fight problem negroes because I'm racist; I fight them because they are a threat to my existence. In my line of work I necessarily deal with the things BLM complains about. Statistically, however, the number of "bad cops" is so small it really only merits attention when it happens. In other words, "police shoot unarmed Black man" only sticks out like a sore thumb because 1. It happens so rarely when compared to overall encounters with Blacks (who commit most crime, natch) and 2. The media has (((agendas))) to push. I have been a defense attorney for almost 10 years and only twice have I had a case where a bad cop was involved (a going rate of much less than 1%), and even then the criminal did not go free, but got a more favorable sentence. In the meantime, bad negroes? I've had my fill, though my income largely depends on them.

In the current year, the left has gone full circle towards segregation. The mention of "a conversation on race" evokes White eye-rolling and Blacks burning down weave stores and looting quick-stops. It's time to stop talking about race. As long as Blacks are violent communist tools, there is no talking to them. We acknowledge what's really going on--blacks want their own space. Let's disengage completely. Let them have it. If every Black Lives Matter problem negro lived in Negropolis where there was communist rule and no police, the reversion to the mean would be swift and brutal. But hey, they wouldn't have whitey keeping them down.

And as for the non-stop talking about race, I've had all I can eat. Check please.

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