What Has Libertarianism Done?

It was February of 2013. The libertarian movement was about to begin its rapid leftward leap. A few thousand young people--about 90% White--gathered for the annual Students for Liberty Conference in Washington, D.C. to hear lecturers and entrepreneurs speak and even film an episode of Stossel.

Attendees bustled in and took their seats. The lights dimmed.

And that's when the music started to play. Disco music.

One-by-one, obvious plants stood up around the room and started dancing, including one mohawked man who was clearly on some sort of mind-altering substance. I suspect the planners expected it to catch on and the rest of us to stand up and join in. It was a woeful miscalculation. The audience sat there awkwardly for the next five minutes while the tune played itself out.

It would be a long conference.

To this day, I don't know what made the event planners decide to do this. Perhaps it was a desire to show the "hip" side of libertarianism. Perhaps it was an appeal to the homosexual community. Perhaps the "leadership"--who would skip sessions to go up to their hotel rooms and smoke pot throughout the conference--were stoned. Regardless of the motivation, it a sign of coming decline.

It was a move that hearkens forward to the faux cool of Gary "weed lmao" Johnson. Somewhere along the line, the libertarian movement devolved from being a serious threat to establishment neocons and leftists into a neohippie, feminist cult. What was once a principled ideological movement became another rentseeking opportunity for ugly women, racial minorities, and ugly, female, racial minorities.

I've run the libertarian gauntlet from Ron Paul to Rothbard. The movement's rigidly principled political ethics and intensely analytical Autistrian School of Economics were extremely attractive to people like me. Almost as soon as I departed for college, I sought out these like-minded students and began an exchange of ideas that has profited me to this day.

These people are all in the alt-right now. What's left in today's lolbertardian movement are "the advocates of alternative, non-family and kin-centered lifestyles such as, for instance, individual hedonism, parasitism, nature-environment worship, homosexuality, or communism--[the very people who] will have to be physically removed from society, too, if one is to maintain a libertarian order."

For all the flaws of the old libertarianism, it signaled hard against degeneracy. Ron Paul's position on drug legalization was that adults have the right to ruin their own lives. I recall him mentioning in one debate that he'd never even seen marijuana. He was staunchly opposed to abortion and gay marriage personally, but opposed federal legislation on the grounds that it was a state's rights issue for constitutional reasons.

Gary Johnson is an altogether different creatures. He openly admits to using illegal drugs. He embraces the SJW left while pushing away social conservatives who seek to improve the moral character of the nation.

More broadly, the Republicans generally need to be made aware of the moral character of the libertarian movement today. The libertarian movement today stands for sin. The idea that Gary Johnson provides a valid alternative for conservatives put off by Trump's pompous bombasticity is absurd.

In fact, Trump has more in common with Ron Paul than Gary Johnson. Like Ron Paul, he's never used recreational drugs--in fact, he's never even had a drink, a cigarette, or a cup of coffee! (With the exception of his weakness for Slavic supermodels, Trump, in his personal habits, may be the most socially conservative candidate for President in history.) He has defeated the very same neocon globalist warmongers who took down Ron Paul four years ago. In a series of tweets, Trump has expressed sympathy with Ron Paul and the movement he left in his wake.

How did this happen? How did the founders of this great movement, men like Murray "unleash the police" Rothbard, Hans Hermann Hoppe, and Ron Paul be replaced by a leftist vanguard of cultural Marxism?

Ironically, the libertarian open border policy applied to the movement itself killed whatever momentum Ron Paul had generated. Feminists and attention whores infiltrated when they realized it was populated by thirsty autistes who would put them on a pedestal. Ideological purity was sacrificed at the altar of lust. Suddenly, the non-aggression principle began to incorporate so-called "microaggresions." All real libertarians were feminists. Anyone who said otherwise was ostracized.

Both at my own university and across the country, young millennial women desperate for male attention began taking leadership positions. Thirsty beta males thought whiteknighting for these infiltrators would give them a shot at getting laid. Slowly, but surely, the sexually liberated "slut-pride" types co-opted what was once an ideologically pure movement for their own selfish agenda.

Under the new regime, lip service was paid to free markets, but the real goal was subverting traditional Christian and Western social mores. Whereas we once spent hours debating the existence of natural law or price imputation theory, we now discussed the oppression of patriarchal gender norms and why women should be allowed to go topless in public.

Alas, my personal acquaintances were positively benign compared to Students for Liberty's most publicized leaders: Jewish feminist Cathy Reisenwitz and porn performer Belle Knox.

Believe it or not, this is not an alt-right troll. This is why the libertarian movement imploded. Self-identifying sluts took over and everyone left except for beta leftists. Imagine how little self-respect one must have to orbit this human refuse. But it gets worse.

Enter "Belle Knox" (that's her porn name), president of Duke University's Students for Liberty chapter. Her claim to fame is starring in a pornographic film for a website called "Facefuckers." She claims this experience was liberating.

"I like the assertive, passionate person that I'm becoming because of porn," she says in chapter two of this series (although it "gets kind of annoying...always having cum in your hair").

Say hello to the newest heroine of the libertarian (or should I say libertine) movement. This is the role model SFL puts up for young women.

With strong, independent women like (((Belle Knox))) and (((Cathy Rentseekerwitz))) in charge, the libertarian student movement rapidly morphed into what The Right Stuff's Mike Enoch has called a "beta farm." These "betas" were intelligent and productive individuals. What they lacked was experience in dealing with women. This allowed them to be suckered into doing the succubi's bidding.

The few chads had long since fucked all the women and left when they realized what was happening. What remains of the libertarian movement has been corrupted intellectually by social Marxism or morally through a decade plus of chronic pot use and free love. In short, the libertarian movement before I left was the closest approximation to Jack Donovan's "Bonobo Masturbation Society" that I've ever seen.

Frustrated at their inability to get laid no matter how much they whiteknighted for feminism, the bitter betas sought out PUA. What followed was a dive down the rabbit hole that led to a fundamental shift of values. Many of these men found their way to the alt-right and have embraced traditional values. All of them hate feminism and degeneracy.

In a few short years, our movement has grown from a small internet clique to a worldwide phenomenon so expansive that the Democratic nominee for the United States presidency was forced to publicly address it in a speech.

What has libertarianism done?