A Plan to Stop the Demographic Death of White America

I have read from articles and Twitter posts that it is inevitable. That Whites becoming a minority in America is already a done deal. That we need to focus on how best to cope with being a minority among the other races in America.

This is what we call ‘thinking small.’ The minoritization of Whites in America is far from set in stone.

What Is Predicted

Right now, if nothing is changed, Whites will become a minority (under 50% of the population of the United States) somewhere between 2040-2050. Looking at current demographics, this is hard to argue. Right now White Americans are around 60% of the population. 

The thing no one seems to mention is a solution to this problem. Why should we plan for a world where Whites are under 50% of the population, and not plan for a future where we restore America closer to its previous 90%+ percentage of the U.S. population?

How To Reverse White Population Decline

I am going to list out 5 steps the U.S. can take to not only stop, but reverse the current decline.

1. Stop/Severely Limit Immigration from Non-White/Non-European Nations

The first step is to metaphorically plug up the hole so no more water flows in. The wall must be built. The reasons should be pretty clear to us, but in short we need to be able to control who comes in and out of our country.

We must enforce our laws on the books, and deport people who came here illegally to settle our land. By enforcing our laws, millions of illegal settlers (the vast majority who are non-European), will be forced to go back to the country they came from.

Also, we must completely stop or severely limit non-White immigration to the U.S. We need to emphasize the cold hard reality that our current flood of immigrants is keeping wages down, while also causing rent and housing prices to rise. That current immigration is causing huge social and safety problems, and that we need a break from all immigration until things improve (however we want to define this).

After this break, we can emphasize how we need highly skilled workers who share our values, culture, and our history (and we must be the ones who define what exactly our ‘values, culture, and history’ are.) Such a policy would obviously be heavily in favor of skilled White immigrants from Europe, Canada, and Australia/New Zealand.

This isn’t a hard sell, as all we are doing is presenting the honest facts. If framed and presented correctly, this will be accepted by the vast majority of Americans.

2. We Must Re-Emphasize that the U.S. is a White-European Christian Nation

The culture that we have today is in a full out war against everything that is White-European, Christian, and especially White Male. This open hostility and blatant aggression against White-Europeans must change.
I do believe Trump can be extremely effective in this endeavor. He will have the attention of the nation, and he can point out how...

  • A strong traditional family
  • Hard work
  • Being proud of our nation’s history
  • Our Christian roots

...have benefited our nation, are what made our nation great, and that we must return to them if we are to Make America Great Again. He can also point out how...

  • Feminism (including the glorification of single motherhood)
  • Playing the eternal victim
  • Destroying our past and demonizing our history
  • Cultural Marxism

...among other things, have been detrimental to our nation. Basically, we need to have a general belief that this is, has always been, and will always be a White Christian Nation and that we will do everything we can as a nation and people to keep it that way.

In setting this as our goal and standard, we can better tackle the problem of the decreasing White population in America, while also attack and replace all the harm that feminism, globalism, and Cultural Marxism have done to our society.

This will also show White people that there is indeed a future for them and their children. White people believing that there is no future in America for them or their children is a massive problem, and this needs to be addressed.

3. We Must Introduce Nationalism and the ‘Ever Present’ Question of: Is This Good for the People?

The current economy does not work for the people. We have an economy where it is almost impossible for young people to move into their own place and start a family, and this is a major reason why marriage and child birth are put off until later in life.

This has a lot to do with our trade deals, immigration, and banking system. A lot of these problems have been discussed by Donald Trump. 

It’s very simple. We need an economy where wages are going up, and costs are stagnant and/or decreasing.

I knew the economy was rigged after I asked myself this question: With all the new technological advancements, especially the cellphone, computer, and internet, why hasn’t the cost of almost everything gone down?

The answer is that the system is rigged, in that special interests, the government, and the banks have taken most of the wealth produced from these technological advancements, while everyday people have not benefited from lower costs created from these advancements. That is why our governments, schools, and cultural organizations all need to ask this question first and always: Is this good for the people?

For example: A company wants to move their factory to China in order to increase their shareholder’s profits, while firing thousands of Americans. Is this good for the people?

If not, the government needs to do everything to can to prevent, and punish, companies that harm the people, in order to stop this from happening.

Another example: Certain politicians call for thousands of Muslim settlers (whom they deceptively call ‘refugees’) to be settled in the U.S. Is this good for the people?

If not, the government needs to reject this proposal, and the politicians proposing this legislation need to be held accountable by being called out as traitors and openly trying to work against the interests of the people.

By introducing nationalism and an ‘America First’ policy, our people will see that our government is indeed working for us and our interests. This will help the spirit of our people, as real prospects of a more prosperous future will encourage more young adults to have more children.

This helps combat the arguments “Do I really want to have children in a world where they may struggle and be a target?” or “Can I even afford children with how bad the economy is?”

4. We Need To Incentivize the Correct And Deter the Wrong Population Growth

I believe that when we achieve 1-3, #4 won’t necessarily be an absolute must, but this will further help the White population increase.

We need to incentivize the right people to have children. Ways in which this can be achieved include:

  • Loans to new families. For example, the government can give an interest free loan to a new family. If they have 1 child, the loan needs to be paid back 100%. For 2 children, 50% of the loan needs to be re-paid. If 3 or more children, the loan does not need to be paid back. Of  course, there can be general qualifies to get the loan in the first place.

  • 100% tax deductions on health insurance. A major problem in the U.S. is the high cost of health insurance, and this only goes up when you have a family. By allowing people to 100% deduct their health insurance from their taxes, this would be a major cost saver for families.

  • Remove no-fault divorce. Marriage is for the children. The excuse that the woman/man is ‘unhappy’ is not enough to allow for divorce, as the children’s interests must take precedent over the wife’s or husband’s. The less ways you give people to get out of a divorce, the harder they will try to make it work. Again, emphasis on the health and well-being of the children.

  • Remove and criminalize affirmative action. Affirmative action is blatant discrimination against White people. Right now, it is not only allowed but encouraged by the government and courts. It disallows our best their rightfully earned position and spot--and instead gives the position to others less qualified based solely on their race or religion. This discrimination must end.

We also need to deter births that are currently being encouraged by the wrong type of government incentives.
Ways in which this can be achieved include:

  • Remove the incentives for the poor to have children. I am not saying the poor should not have children, but what I am saying is that there is a system in place that encourages the poorest, least capable, and least intelligent to breed--while actively discouraging the most capable and intelligent to have children. This includes housing payments, child payments, food stamps, cash payments etc. Also, any and all people in the U.S. illegally will not and will never be eligible for any ‘welfare’ (see The Truth About Immigration And Welfare).

  • Stigmatize and disincentivize single motherhood. Not only can single mothers do well via government payments, but the courts and lawyers are almost always on the side of the single mother. Single mothers are a massive drain not only on our resources, but their children are greatly harmed without the presence of a father. Most children from a single family household grow up with a whole host of problems, including major predisposition towards criminality (see The Truth About Single Moms for a more in-depth look).

  • One more thing that needs mention: Pornography must be banned. Pornography has caused massive problems among our youth, and especially our young men. It makes them weak, unmotivated, and docile. It makes it harder for them to find and attract a female. Pornography has been shown to alter brain activity similar to drug and alcohol addicts. It can be extremely addictive and is harmful to our people. It needs to be banned and removed from society as it brings no positive benefits to our people.

5. We Need To Have It Known: We Are Proud Of Our History and We Are Not Guilty

Various elements of the Corporate Media, education, and the government have all come out against our people and our past, e.g. promoting sayings such as ‘America was never great,’ or how our Founding Fathers are referred to as ‘racist old White slaveholders.’

We can see how the Corporate Media and Hollywood constantly portray White men as weak, stupid, and in need of strong female guidance. And how the Corporate Media constantly portrays a strong, independent White woman who can do it all on her own, or with her side-kick/love interest being a strong capable Black male.
These need to stop, and we need to hold those accountable who promote this by ridicule, boycotts, and if possible, legal action.

It must come from the top down that we are:

  • Not guilty, but proud for the creation of the United States. That the history of mankind is written by conquest and the strong surviving, and we will not feel guilty for taken an undeveloped land and developing it into the world’s most powerful and advanced country on Earth.

  • Aware that slavery did occur--but we are not guilty about it and accept no personal or collective responsibility for the tiny percentage of Whites who had slaves over 150 years ago. We recognize that non-Whites (especially Muslims) enslaved tens of millions of Europeans. We recognize that blacks enslaved their own people, and are the ones that sold their own people to the Europeans. That no other race feels ‘guilt’ for slavery, and that ‘White guilt’ is used as a weapon against White-Europeans to extract resources from them. We recognize that White-Europeans are the ones that ended slavery world wide, and that this should be celebrated and respected.

  • A White, European founded nation, with Christian morals and we have a right to remain as such. That former colonized nations such as India, Algeria, and the Philippines were allowed to stay Indian, Algerian, and Filipino--and that we have that same right.

  • A people and a nation, and have the right and responsibility to pursue our own interests for our own people, and put ourselves first before foreign people. That means globalism, foreign aid, and foreign intervention take a backseat to the interests of our people, first and foremost. By implementing these 5 steps, we can attack, criticize, and dismantle the current anti-White, anti-European culture we have today.

To Sum Up: It Can Be Done

Consider this: Our current demographic trend, of a perpetually decreasing White population in America, is 100% created by governmental policies put in place. If we change these policies, we can also change the demographics back to what they used to be.

If we can implement all of the above steps, and even achieve a modest .5% increase every year of the percentage of the White population (“non-Hispanic” White), we can achieve the following:

  • In 10 years, the White population would be 65% which takes us back to 2005
  • In 20 years, return it to 70% of the population which takes us back to 2000
  • In 30 years, return it to 75% of the population which takes us back to 1990
  • In 40 years, return it to 80% of the population which takes us back to 1980
  • In 50 years, return it to 85% of the population which takes us back to 1960

All of you who think we are finished as a majority of the people, and that the U.S. is finished as a White nation, are not (as Donald Trump says) thinking big.

Believe it or not, most non-Whites do see the United States as a White nation. If we would just come out and stake our claim to what is already ours, most non-Whites (except the fringe radicals who are constantly stirred up by the Corporate Media) wouldn’t oppose it. They would recognize that a majority White nation would be in their best interests as well. And the few non-Whites who reject this reality would simply self-deport back to their country of origin, or be arrested for any crimes they commit against our nation.

These 5 steps are by no means all inclusive. However, I believe that if expanded on, and put into place, we not only can stop the decreasing demographics of Whites in America, but in fact increase the White population to its former percentage similar to the 1960s.

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