Saving Trump from Us

On Wednesday, Donald Trump betrayed his supporters on the issue that has defined his campaign: immigration. Unfortunately, with Hillary setting her campaign on fire left and right, this has gone mostly unnoticed. We need to make noise about this everywhere and immediately.

Mr. Trump, I address this to you.

You shared the stage with Nigel Farage in Mississippi this week. He gave a bright and optimistic speech on how Brexit was achieved and Britain put on a path to leave the European Union. Immigration is our European Union. The British people voted to determine their own fate as a nation, to refuse the claims of power over them made by outsiders and those who would have nation states disappear from the world. For us, immigration is that same claim made by the same people. America, we are told scoldingly, must accept tens of millions of immigrants legal and illegal from nations without our culture and without our shared history. We must make ourselves subject to the culture and values of outsiders.

Why do globalist powers want this? Why do both the Democrat and Republican establishments agree on immigration? For those backing the Democrats, this immigration is assured electoral victory forever. Immigrants from poor nations vote 4-to-1 for the Democratic Party. For every million that come in, they gain 800,000 votes. For those on the other side, the Republicans, these impoverished and uneducated masses are cheap and agreeable labor, willing to work for little and unable to complain for fear of deportation. Screw American workers with legal rights and expectations. We'll take outsiders who don't cause trouble, at least not for the rich.

The reasons for America's immigration policy are, in a word, evil. The effects of this policy are both obvious and catastrophic. A simple thought experiment: if you exchanged the populations of Japan and Mexico today, would the character of these nations change? Of course they would. Mexico would become a Japanese nation, Japanese-speaking with a Japanese culture and character. Japan would similarly become Mexico. No honest man contests this; geography is not magical, people determine the nation.

This reality entails an obvious outcome for the United States. As we increase the proportion of our population with Third World roots, we will become more like the Third World. We will lose who we are as a nation. We will lose the thing that matters most, our character as a people. Those who will pay the cost of this loss are our children and their children and so on into the future. This is a permanent disaster. By allowing immigration to continue as it is you tell us to sacrifice the future so the Democrats can have more votes and the donors to the Republicans can have cheap labor. To hell with you.

This is a campaign ending mistake, because it has the essential quality of a meaningful scandal: it confirms what critics are already saying about you. We have been told and many of us have thought that this campaign might be a publicity stunt. It might only be an old man with many achievements looking for one more before he leaves this world, and willing to do anything to have it. You defied this image. You took a strong and clear stand on immigration the day you announced your candidacy and you refused weakness on that topic for more than a year since.

To betray us on this now is to return everything to Day One. Donald the reality star. Donald the ego-maniac. Your shield against all of this has been your courage in championing our issues and concerns. You have put that shield down.

You do not have the right to do this, as that is our shield too. Your supporters have been egged, they have been beaten by gangs of protesters at your rallies, they have had their campaign signs stolen and burned, and they have been called racist in private and in public. This has all been water off a duck's back because you are leading the charge. By abandoning your position on immigration you make all of this suffering worthless. Damn you for that.