The Old Gods and the Trve

If you haven't yet heard then consider this your notice. Hillary Clinton, arguably one of the most vile, detestable, unhealthy, and extremely influential members of the American--and larger Western--political apparatus is going to address her beleaguered media muppets and voter pets (It's a tough race between her and Soros, tbhf). The subject?

The Alt-Right.


This is an important moment for everyone who's been here from the beginning to the average working-class joe who just realized he's on the list of hated groups and has taken up the cause of Donald Trump.

More importantly this is a monumental moment for the Alt-Right and especially TRS. Andrew Anglin wrote a peice over at the Stormer on Monday detailing the media coverage of prominent Alt-Right or otherwise alt-rightish sites. I suggest you take a look at the graphics he included and more importantly read what he had to say.

Between Anglin's article and the numerous analysis done by Jazzhands and Halberstram as well as the goys over at the #2 podcast on TRS it's clear we are the nexus of intellectual, memetic, and political influence in the American specter that is our electoral and civic system.


We hacked the media. We hacked their brains, their insecurities, their neurosis. We're just fellow travellers and fellow observers until we weren't anymore. We speak. We create. We are the memelords against time.

Responding to an interview the Guardian by the ultra-cucky looking beta-fail Jason Wilson, Mike Enoch was quoted as listing the TRS radio page garnering more than 100,000 listens per week.

That's yuge for a group of people basically running this train off our own free time and with the help of d'nations from our grateful listeners, fans, and the community at large. Hillary sees the Alt-Right (which means TRS et. al.), a meager operation with basically a pittance's (in respect to Hillary's) funding and little free time, as a threat to her multi-billion dollar corporate enterprise and the Jewish interests at the end of her strings.

This is cause for great celebration, SPWUIO (Shit-posting While Under the Influence of Ovaltine--pronounced "spweeoh"), and general pillow molesting. But it's also important to consider what the untermensch Merkel 2.0 is going to discuss on Thursday when she whips up her nogs and Hhhhlatinoes into a frenzy over frog memes and shit you can just self deport away from.

It's a safe bet, with all the Jewish echoes about Bannon, that Hillary is going to explicitly bring up the Alt-Right and force Trump to either disavow, deny, or embrace us. This puts the Alt-Right, Trump, and much of his yet-unconverted frog disciples in waiting on the knife's edge.

For the Alt-Right, should Trump disavow (he's not going to deny, there's just too much evidence of our shenanigans; Blacks hanging from willow trees, Jew memes floating around, etc.), we lose the cloak of ambiguity and omission we've been enjoying for the last year as the only explicit Alt-Right ties to the Trump campaign have come in the form of Jewish neurosis and speculation in the lying press.

Our antics will likely alienate Whites after losing this luxury because it won't be safe anymore and we'd have to adapt to an ever-evolving battlefield without Trump's public support (which we're extremely good at). For Trump, this means he also loses the ability to just ignore us and has to come out and take a firm stance.

For him, this would likely be the defining moment for his campaign, our future prospects, and the possible avenues Whites in America will tread. He either has to man up and take on the anti-White press and their financiers explicitly in the name of the Alt-Right or he leaves us high and dry.

The latter is good for us in the longer term (I think) and just bad for Trump, generally. The reason being the last group I've yet to mention. Those yet-unconverted Whites who've been watching with glee and enjoyment as Trump dominated and destroyed a field of 16 other candidates which might have been shades of the same carbon copy shit-tier GOPe garbage and then take on and completely wreck with unholy vigor the entire media system in the United States.

It is my firm belief that because of the Alt-Right, generally, Trump has been able to say the outrageous things he's said. He tweets our memes, one of his sons allegedly browses /pol/, and his unflinching will to run roughshod over political taboos has been pretty solid.

There was a market for this. It was us. He filled it.

But as he’s engaged this campaign over the last year he’s also illuminated just how corrupt and collusive the entire system has been and it’s had the side effect of drawing in dispossessed Whites and upper low-income to average middle income Whites who feel like there’s something wrong but can’t quite put their fingers on it. With Trump, they didn’t need to, they just have to watch it unfold before their eyes.

If Trump disavows the Alt-Right we’re publicly taboo from that moment on in a way we haven't been previously. This means a lot of the grassroots and ‘normie’ White enthusiasm typical at his rallies and in public (when his supporters cars aren’t being smashed in the middle of a dindu chimp-out) will likely dry up. People may not stop going to Trump rallies but the enthusiasm and the mindset will be drastically different.

It’s clear this Trump campaign has been primarily about Whites and what used to be White America. None of what he talks about is possible in a multi-cultural dystopia. And his campaign advisors and media critics know it too, but they can’t explicitly say it. That’s a risk of waking up Whites en masse they’re not willing to take.

A disavowal of the Alt-Right would be a Pyrrhic victory. In the short term he may see a few bumps (unlikely) in the polls but he will still be called a racist, Blacks still probably won’t vote for him, and he’ll alienate the one group in this country his message on the campaign trail has been geared towards and who can actually make America great again.

White pill.
Black pill.
White pill.

If Hillary isn’t totally incompetent (which I have no reason to suspect this), and if her legion of idiots on their smartphones have any sense at all, they’ll force Trump to answer this question by naming us outright. If they’re really smartdumb they’ll force him to answer it on a nationally televised debate.

That is, as long as Hillary’s awake to ask the question.


Either way, whatever happens I don’t think Trump is going to back down from this one. There’s too much at stake with his campaign and everyone at the top of his inner circle knows the shit-storm it would create for him to alienate and disavow a very large group of pro-Whites who’ve been responsible for making his takedown of this corrupt experiment in Jewish utopianism that is our current political system possible.

I don’t think anyone can seriously lobby the claim at our own who do what I’m doing right now as puffed-up deluded fanatics with no serious grasp on the reach of our movement. I’d simply point you to the image at the top of this article.

What’s more, if we use David Duke (no offense David) as a litmus test for the general state of things, as his own U.S. Senate campaign in Louisiana is underway, the fact that Duke has more support among Blacks than Trump does is astounding and hilarious.

If you had asked me whether Trump would disavow the Alt-Right a few weeks ago I would have been about 60/40 against our odds. Now, with Bannon at the helm, and even though Breitbart is far from being Alt-Right, I put our odds at about 85-90/15-10 in our favor. I don't have any data to support this. It's just my gut feeling.

Bannon came from a working-class family in Norfolk, he’s a navy guy, familiar with the demographics of the banking industry, understands national security, and most importantly has a memory and the benefit of living in-–and growing up in-–an America that used to be predominantly White.

With his living eyes he’s seen what has happened to families and friends of his who were also part of the working class and he’s old enough to remember things without the liberal tint of public schooling and academia clouding modern vision.

In his heart of hearts, I think Bannon understands what’s at the core of the Alt-Right specter and what invigorates us day after day to constantly troll twitter, comment sections, and publicly avow our unwavering support for Donald Trump.

And I think this is why, if pressed, this will be one hand of cards Trump won’t fold on. If Duke’s support among Blacks is any indicator Trump has more to gain from not disavowing the Alt-Right than he has to lose in doing so.

We have to be prepared for this both mentally and physically. The rate at which things will increase for us politically in both the short and long term will be exponential whether he disavows or embraces-–but especially if he embraces-–the Alt-Right.

As I noted from my article in the Stormer above what we are going to see is an attempt at diluting the message of the Alt-Right-–our message-–by making the term a catch-all for anything anti-Liberal and anti-Progressive more so than it is now.

We’re also going to see an increase in interest and media attention as a result of this and as an attempt to carry this out. Our ability to be at the same time both nebulous and amorphous with our tactics and rhetoric as well as our ability to maintain our own positions, as varied as they can be sometimes, in an explicitly pro-White exclusionary and ethno-nationalistic lens is what has propelled us to the top of Hillary Clinton’s talking points on Thursday, the national media spotlight for the better part of the last half year, and as the leading voice in the country for the people who made this place worth salvaging.

We’re going to see more articles in the form of what is the Alt-Right? attempting to intentionally spread false information.

We’re going to see more movies like Harry Potter and the Final Solution trying to make it increasingly socially unacceptable and implicative of White Nationalism to advocate for White interests.

But we’re also going to see more Whites pull their heads out of their asses and we’re going to see more Paul Nehlens.

This Thursday, if Hillary is actually smartdumb enough to put it to Trump about the Alt-Right it would be like a retarded gazelle asking a lion to abandon his pride. We can only hope that the combined might of esoteric Jahanism and the unleased spirit and chaos of our chaotic Lord and savior, KEK, will be enough to keep Hillary from going full dindu.

Because in the end...



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