The Right of Rebellion

Our ascending God Emperor, the Trumpenführer, has come under attack again. This time for cracking an inside joke to an audience of gun-totting White American right-wingers. Essentially, he warned that no one would be able to stop governmental agents and bureaucrats from usurping the Second Amendment if Clinton were to be elected. And then he interjected into his own train of thought with a joke, conceding that “the Second Amendment people” might still be able to do something—to stop the gun-grabbing, that is.

The liberal cosmopolitan Media apparatus has been quick to declare that this was akin to placing a hit on the monstrosity in a pan suit—a wink-and-a-nod sort of suggestion that supporters of the Second Amendment should assassinate Clinton. Of course, this is a ridiculous assertion and was most likely made in bad faith with the intent to poison the decent but blind and politically clueless portion of the electorate against Trump. The Media lackeys of the Democratic traitors want to make “normies” associate Trump with a sort of wanton gangsterism—an association that, ironically, actually applies, not to Trump, but to Clinton.

Of course Trump wasn't putting a hit on Clinton. However, he was signaling to rural White Americans—in a light-hearted manner—that he agrees with their continued belief in the American founding fathers' belief in the right of rebellion.

Indeed, it cannot be denied that the assassination of an empowered tyrant bent on subverting the Second Amendment by a patriotic American could possible be effective in preventing gun-grabbing. And it cannot be denied that there was a strain of thought present in the Republican ideology of America's founding fathers that would support such an action. After all, calling someone a would-be Caesar was a favorite political insult of the founding generation—a pattern that would suggest that they would have viewed the actions of Brutus and Cassius as an heroic example of patriotism. Indeed, Thomas Jefferson's famous quote concerning the “tree of Liberty” and its need to continually be “refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants” in order to retain a healthy republican constitution comes to mind.

And the simple truth of the matter is that the vast majority of patriotic gun-totting White Americans are, not only aware of this vital aspect of American Revolutionary thought, but also firm believers in and supporters of its saliency. The liberal elites know this. In fact, this is the entire reason why the liberal elite apparatus that holds our noble nation in an ever-increasing degree of bondage wants to get rid of the right to bear arms altogether. Sure, the average useful liberal idiot hipster on the street might honestly believe that gun control is needed to stem gun violence, but the grasping, power-hungry vanguard of the globalist Cosmopolis simply wants to level the rural White American populace into a state of complete and utter subjugation.

Anyone with half of a brain knows that the Second Amendment is about more than hunting rights, or even the right to defend one's person from opportunistic criminals. When Charlton Heston warned that governmental gun-grabbers could fully expect to be able to confiscate his firearms only by prying them from his “cold dead hands,” what he meant is that he would use those guns to shoot anyone who tried to take them away. Even a child knows that. Nearly half of America—the conservative half—believes that a people's guns serve as the final deterrent against tyrannical or oppressive government.

Indeed, the liberal insistence to always presume and declare otherwise is an effort to divorce the ownership of firearms from its place within the republican constitution which our founding fathers envisioned. These liberals are not interested in even recognizing the legitimate concern of many rural White Americans that the United States government may no longer be operating in any manner whatsoever that could be construed as friendly to them. Furthermore, they want to paint any White Americans who believe—as many of our founding fathers believed—that their people have a right to resist governmental power as fringe lunatics, even terrorists.

Ironically, however, the Left—as seen in their defense of the petulant spasms of the urban Black proletariat—seems to be willing to excuse non-Whites for resisting or even taking up arms against the State. When the members of Black Lives Matter kill White cops, the President of the United States pleads with the rest of us to understand their legitimate grievances. When Baltimore riots, its mayor begs us all to permit them “space to destroy.”

It is no coincidence that the occupational regime of Democratic rule is renewing a vociferous call to repeal the right to bear arms at the exact moment that it prepares to move in on White America's jugular. Thus, to anyone with an historical eye, it is also no surprise. Furthermore, it is no surprise that the Left would viciously attack a presidential candidate of a major political party who even jokingly half-suggests that White people have a right to resist tyrannical government encroachments with their arms. What the liberals are afraid of is that the belief in a right of revolution might again become normalized throughout the cultural milieu of White America. The Republicans have been fielding cucks for so long that few Whites not fully immersed in gun culture know anything about the right of rebellion of the historic American nation. And the cosmopolitan elites are afraid that Trump may inadvertently push the Overton window to the right on this issue just as he has on so many others.

Unfortunately, the Trump campaign has—in a rare instance of being intimidated—chosen not to dig in on this issue. Today, the campaign insisted that Trump was simply referring to lawful NRA activism, or something. I'm not stupid; I got the joke that Trump was clearly making. I know what Charlton Heston meant when he spoke of his “cold dead hands,” and I'm sure Trump and his campaign manager both do as well. If the Trump campaign ultimately ends up insisting that Trump does not and could never ever support the Constitutional right of the historic American nation to defend itself from pernicious governmental power—which is precisely the admission the liberals are already attempting to exact from them—then the campaign would run the risk of making Trump look like a hypocrite. It would make him look like the sort of politician that will lie to your face about something that he clearly said—like Hillary.

But more importantly, to win Trump needs to continue to smash political correctness and move the Overton window to the right. Furthermore, by smashing political correctness as much as he can and moving the Overton window as far to the right as possible, he will be able to cement a movement beyond this campaign season, stealing the Republican Party away from the cucks forever. A clear solidarity with the millions of historically-minded White American gun owners who support and believe in a right of rebellion could help ensure this. Hell, it could even help the few remaining recalcitrant Cruz cucks to finally come over to our new nationalist populist workers' party.

Trump should not hesitate to remain unrepentant of his recent signaling to rural White Americans that he supports their traditional right-wing interpretation of the Second Amendment.