Tales of the Coal Burning

I see them more than I would like. Usually, it’s when I have to run to Wal-Mart or another venue commonly described as “underclass.” Full disclosure: I don’t mind shopping at Wal-Mart; the $5 dollar DVD bin gets me every time. Typically, they’re overweight (or extremely obese), wearing cheap kitschy attire and sporting trashy tattoos. If you’re unlucky, you’ll see them carting around their mongrel half-breed offspring, or the “child’s” cucked grandparents are saddled with their failed progeny. I always note the sadness in the grandparents’ faces--a forlorn look of permanent dejection. They know it, as does every normal healthy person - their bloodline and ancestry wiped away by their undisciplined, degenerate and ovenable daughter. Unfortunately, I’ve started seeing more middle-class white women signing their own death sentence--coal-burning. But, with every action, there is a natural reaction—and if you burn the coal, you will pay the toll.

I’m reminded of a family that lives in my county. They’re salt-of-the-earth types and would give you the shirt off their back if you asked. The father is a local farmer and flies a Confederate flag on his front porch every day and year round, other than the Fourth of July. Unfortunately, they reluctantly took in a relative’s seventeen year-old daughter and the reason for these types of relocations is usually under some cloud of white trash drama. Not long after, they soon realized the girl was drinking and smoking, not only cigarettes, but also marijuana (it's degenerate, by the way). As is typical of the “gateway drug,” she found herself consorting with the usual garbage of society and embraced the burning of coal (where else was she going to get muh weed?).

The family was, at first, heartbroken. They had some love for this girl (she was their blood), but she wasn’t their daughter. After her charming colored Casanova drove his car through the side of their house (yes, he was high and passed out when the police arrived) and they discovered she had heroin track marks, they rationally expelled her from their home. They knew what was going to happen next--either she or they would pay some kind of toll. She died two years later--police found her remains in her jiggaboo boyfriend’s trailer with a claw hammer protruding from the back of her skull.

Some families aren’t as forward thinking and, ultimately, fortunate. I usually consider that they weren’t aware of the “burn the coal, pay the toll” cautionary advice. However, to sound a little like a merciless bastard, sometimes you have to scratch your head and say, “maybe you had it coming, for being so fucking stupid.” Take the late Brian Szabo for example. Brian Szabo, originally from Ohio, and formerly residing in Richmond, Virginia, was an executive with SunTrust bank. Considering the subject of this article, you’ll find it ironic that his title with SunTrust was “Vice President for Corporate Operational Risk.” Furthermore, if you guessed cuck face, you’d be correct.

Now, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that you don’t let your daughter “get to know” a deranged dindu and allow him to live in your house, but apparently an executive at a major multi-billion dollar regional bank didn’t get the memo. In addition, who invites a guy who had no job or family ties and whose only source of income was a mental disability stipend into your home? Nigel Walker, a gud boi who dindu nuffin, was essentially an adopted pet of the Szabo family and, in turn, he brutally stabbed the late Brian Szabo in the neck. Police found Szabo in a pool of his own blood in his posh West End neighborhood home.

Prior to “muh killing” Szabo in April, Walker had been arrested in August of last year, after a brief rampage inside a convenience store after he could not produce identification to, you guessed it, buy alcohol. The on-duty clerk told police that Walker grabbed an energy drink display case and threw it on the ground, scattering drinks across the floor--he then grabbed what he deemed essential--a pack of cigarettes, a lighter and taking the beer he had tried to purchase. When police found Walker, he was in a parking lot stripped down to his underwear, with his clothing lying near a vehicle in the lot. The poe-lease searched Walker’s vehicle and found a 9 mm Glock 19 with a single bullet, but no magazine (God, they’re dumb).

The “burn the coal, pay the toll” proverb is absolutely correct and it’s not news to the Alt-Right--in fact, it’s proven by the shitlibs’ (and cucks) worst nightmare--statistics. Rachael Fusco’s study, Intimate Partner Violence in Interracial Couples: A Comparison to White and Ethnic Minority Monoracial, proves what we all know is correct--if you’re a white woman and you “date” a black man, you will get beaten and possibly killed. Fusco found that interracial couples were more likely to have a history of prior intimate partner violence (IPV), engage in mutual assault and result in perpetrator arrest than ethnic minority monoracial couples. In addition, victims (white women) of IPV in interracial couples were also more likely to be injured--just ask Nicole Brown Simpson. Unsurprisingly, mudshark couples were more likely to have children present during IPV, to have a prior report and to result in perpetrator arrest than White couples. Finally, interracial couples were more likely to engage in mutual assault (keeping it real) than White couples.

I can hear the shitlibs and cucks screaming right now: “You’re ignorant!” Really? Ignorant means “lacking knowledge or awareness,” but shitlibs, cucks and dindus use the term as a go-to for when their feelings and sensibilities are blitzkrieged by truth. Here’s another study to enrage the shitlibs--this time titled Fatal Violence among Spouses in the United States 1976 – 1985 (Nicole Brown Simpson and Rachel “Stabbed Sixty-Six Times” Carlson were not included in this study due to the date range). The study states, “The risk of being killed by one's spouse was 1.3 times greater for wives than for husbands..Black husbands were at greater risk of spouse homicide victimization than Black wives or White spouses of either sex.” Color me surprised! Although I’m sure Ivy Bodkins, Penny Phillips and Angela Lawrence were surprised when their dindu husbands murdered them. For extensive triggering, not resolved by this article, this blog provides exhausting and black-pilling examples in the dangers of coal-burning--including, but not limited to, dindus burning their mudsharks alive, throwing acid at their faces, shooting, stabbing etc.

Finally, in a different case of the “Burn the Coal, Pay the Toll” maxim--but really, this case is just a tragic (?) irony of being an honorary nigger-lover and carrying water for jiggaboos. January of this year marked the 10th anniversary of the Harvey family murders. Dindu nuffin Ricky Javon Gray and his colored accomplice, Ray Dandridge, brutally killed Bryan, Katherine, and their two young daughters, nine-year-old Stella and four-year-old Ruby, on New Year’s Day in 2006 in Richmond, Virginia. The Harveys were preparing to host friends for a holiday chili dinner when the dindus invaded their (likely gun-free) home, tied up the family in their basement, and then stabbed and beat them to death.

The late Bryan Harvey was a member of the band House of Freaks, where he played guitar and sang. The shitlib band’s lyrics focused on race, religion and life in the South (from the inauthentic perspective of a milquetoast SWPL). Particularly caustic was House of Freak’s foreboding song “White Folk’s Blood,” with white-guilt lyrics such as, “Dusting off their father's guns/Words like worms crawl through their brains/Sermons fly from the preachers mouth/But the auction block still remains.

I sometimes wonder what Bryan Harvey was thinking as his objects of signaling affection were viciously spilling his white folk's blood and killing him and his family; did he regret his symbolic coal-burning days? I guess I’ll have to ask him when my day comes, unlikely I’ll have that opportunity though. The Lord doesn’t take too kindly to folks that sing, “Life's so short and it's so odd/To make believe in a malevolent God/Who doesn't understand/He's got no great plan.” Harvey burned the coal (even if figuratively), he and his family paid the toll.

The amalgamation of the races is not only unnatural, but is always productive of deplorable results. Our daily observation shows us, that the offspring of these unnatural connections are generally sickly and effeminate, and that they are inferior in physical development and strength, to the full-blood of either race. It is sometimes urged that such marriages should be encouraged, for the purpose of elevating the inferior race. The reply is, that such connections never elevate the inferior race to the position of the superior, but they bring down the superior to that of the inferior. They are productive of evil, and evil only, without any corresponding good. – Scott v. State, 39 Ga 321, 323 (1869)

No truer words have been spoken.

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