Exploiting the Coalition of the Fringes and its Discontents

Steve Sailer calls it the Coalition of the Fringes. Others call it the poz. It's the fractious alliance at the heart of the modern Democratic Party, an alliance glued together by a (((manufactured))) hatred of us. This article discusses:

  • (1) factions comprising the coalition,
  • (2) how they see each other, and
  • (3) strategies to exploit their discontents.

The strategies are relevant to this year's US elections and beyond.

Factions Comprising the Coalition

Six factions comprising the coalition are:

  • Fags - aka homosexuals, or rather the LGBT lobby. What they lack in numbers (2-5% of the population) they make up for in campaign contributions and time.
  • Felons - aka Black Lives Matter and supporters. They contribute violence and high turnout.
  • Feminists - aka alienated single women. Participating gives meaning to their hopeless, husbandless and often childless lives.
  • Foreigners (Jews). Without their organizing (unions, NGOs) and propaganda (media, academia) talent, there would be no coalition.
  • Foreigners (Mexicans). The Great Brown Hope to deliver the Democratic Party increasing numbers of voters.
  • Foreigners (Mohammedans). An exploding (!) demographic overseas that is yet to make it numbers felt here.

How They See Each Other

The table below shows not only how the factions see each other but scores how they are seen by, and how they see, their coalition "partners." The more negative a faction's scores, the easier it is to exploit pre-existing discontents between it and its partners.

Strategies to Exploit Discontents

Most readily apparent are high negatives for Foreigners (Mohammedans) followed by Felons. Both feature in primary and secondary strategies below.

Primary Strategy

  • Audience: all factions except Mohammedans
  • Message: you are being sold out in favor of Mohammedans

Few in the coalition love or even like Mohammedans for good reason. Most other factions or people/causes important to them have recently suffered at their hands:

  • Fags - examples include Orlando, 10 Mohammedan countries" where homosexuality is a capital crime, IS throwing them from buildings.
  • Felons - examples include Mohammedans still enslaving Blacks across much of the Sahel.
  • Feminists - examples include burkas, FGM, non-Mohummadan women being insulted, spat upon, assaulted, raped.
  • Foreigners (Jews) - a long list

Against this backdrop the Democratic Party (in league with much of the Republican Party) is importing millions of Mohammedans into the country at the same time its presumptive presidential nominee has taken tens (if not hundreds) of millions of dollars from their potentates. Not content with helping their Islamic Brotherhood allies (hello Huma Abedin) in Libya, Egypt and Syria, and their co-religionists into Europe and North America, she also propagandizes for them. After they murdered 129 people in Paris, she tweeted:

Her dishonesty is matched by theirs.

Properly communicated, the juxtaposition of Hillary's tweet and Mohammedan actions will make both toxic to all other factions. It must be shown that Hillary is at best a weak ally to the coalition, at worst someone who is lying to and betraying them.

Secondary Strategy

  • Audience: Felons
  • Message: you are being sold out for Foreigners (Mexicans)

Felons aren't that much better liked that Mohammedans, and they similarly have no particular love of their coalition partners. However, rather than exploiting why they are disliked, this strategy features them as the audience.

The message to that audience is that Mexicans are successfully out-competing Blacks for jobs. They have also been ethnically cleansing them since the 1990s, most famously in California (also the subject of a recent article).

Against this backdrop, politicians' calls for more immigration and "a path to citizenship" are code words for further ethnic cleansing of Blacks in favor of more compliant Mexican neighbors and workers. It must be shown that the Democratic Party and Hillary are at best weak allies, and at worst are lying to and betraying Blacks.


The strategies presented above are relevant to this year's US elections and beyond. They are also readily implementable IRL and online. But even more importantly, they are wholly grounded in the truth. Let's make sure the messages get to their intended audiences.