The Death Knell of Secularism

Secularism in the Middle East has been on the retreat for some time now. Aided by a combination of naive idealism and pro-Israeli Machiavellianism in American foreign policy, Islamism (which is little more than Islam applied to governance) is burgeoning. In the past few days, the people of the world watched the dying gasp of secularism in the Middle East on their smartphones.

Amid the ruins of the Ottoman Empire, Mustafa Kemal forged a secular Turkey. Like most secular nationalisms in the Muslims world, it was not simply accepted by all as the status quo; Kemalism had to be protected by force of arms just as Ba'athism did in the Arab world. The guardian of Atatürk's legacy was the Turkish army. The army took it upon itself to replace the government in 1960, 1971, 1980, and 1997, often due to the advance of Islamism through electoral politics. At gunpoint, the army forbid the wearing of headscarves at Universities, and prayer in public, among other things. The army was then too strong, and Islamism still too young, for anything to be done to prevent the army from restricting the influence of Islamism in politics. Following the 1997 coup, a man by the name of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, then the mayor of Istanbul, read an Islamist poem publicly and was imprisoned for it.

Yet, despite these victories, Islamism continued to grow. The vision of secularism that had dominated the twentieth century began to crumble and lose esteem in the eyes of Muslims, and the call of religious revival became ever more attractive.

During the coup attempt, the army was hardly respected. Mobs came out to greet the tanks and the guns and the soldiers of Kemalism. For all its physical strength, the forces of Kemalism lacked conviction and belief in themselves. Soldiers with automatic weapons surrendered to masses of men armed with nothing, and cowered before them, entirely at their mercy.

The mayor who was once thrown in prison by the military is now the President who stands victorious over a defeated army that is entirely at his mercy. The President of Turkey has never been more secure, and the future of Turkey never more clear. More than a few rebellious soldiers have met with end--secularism died in Turkey this week. At long last, Islamism has triumphed in the land of Osman.

Some of have donned the tinfoil hat and said that the coup was staged. This is admittedly possible, but in terms of the results, irrelevant. Erdoğan and Islamism have been given a blank cheque to "reform" the army and Turkish society, regardless of the origin of the situation.

This has been part of a larger trend. Islamism has been victorious nearly everywhere. Assad remains in power, but only barely. Iraq, Libya, and now Turkey, are ruled by political Islam. In Egypt, the large number of Islamist have only been kept from power by Sisi's coup. There are holdouts, to be sure, but the future trajectory of the Arab and Middle Eastern world is not secularism.

This is simply another step down a path that is increasingly becoming an inevitability. Liberalism has failed in the Middle East, secularism is failing--there remains only one viable movement.

Across the Muslim world, there is an ongoing return to the roots of Islam. Not all Muslims believe in Islamism, it is true, but then again, not all Catholics believe in transubstantiation. A "moderate" Muslim who supports liberalism is like a Catholic who denies Church doctrine--a bad one. Increasingly, Muslims are taking their faith seriously. It is their answer to the modern world, from Afghanistan to Turkey. The growing gap between the West and the Muslim world will only fueled by the rapidly expanding Muslim population. This clash of civilizations won't solve itself.

The implications for Europe are serious. Islamism is growing there. Secularism is being abandoned by Muslims. If the youth are the future, then the future of Islam in Europe is radicalisation. Younger Muslims are more radical than older Muslims in Britain, a trend that holds true across multiple European countries. Money is flowing from Muslims governments in the Middle East to radicals within Europe, helping to advance the banner of Mohammad. Attacks like those we recently saw in Nice aren't going to stop.

As Christianity continues to be hollowed out, Islam is experiencing a revival. Men are the ones in society who tend to be actors, the instigators of change, and the ones who wield violence. Muslim men are as religious as Muslim women (that is to say, very religious) whereas Christian men are far less devoted than Christian women. A Church of women will lead no crusades, and force no changes.

Whites are embracing secularism and nihilism at a time when the colonising Muslims are rejecting it. That both changes are occurring simultaneously is disastrous. Many of you reading this aren't Christians, I know, but consider the role Christianity played for our people. It became what Ryan Faulk called "ethno-religion"; Christianity became a part of our identity and our purpose, and was a bulwark of Europe. It became a crucial part of our civilization. Even today, the left relentlessly attacks Christianity because it is to them still so strongly associated with Europe and Europeans. Much of the opposition to Islam comes from what is left of religious conservatism, and the continuing disappearance of this section of our population does not bode well for us.

The Muslims lack resources. They lack intelligence. They lack sophistication. They do not suffer from a lack of faith and determination, and that can carry a people very far, farther perhaps than intelligence and resources can.

Vasily Rozanov made the following observation:

The deeper reason for everything now happening lies in the circumstance that enormous cavernous hollows were formed in the European part of mankind by the vanishing Christian belief, and into these everything is tumbling.

Can Christianity be revived? What will fill the hollows?

Let's hope it isn't Islam.

The number of Muslim converts in Britain has passed 100,000, fuelled by a surge in young white women adopting the Islamic faith.

The figure has almost doubled in ten years – with the average convert now a 27-year-old white woman fed up with British consumerism and immorality.

The numbers, revealed in a study by multi-faith group Faith Matters, have led to claims that the country is undergoing a process of ‘Islamification’.
- "How 100,000 Britons have chosen to become Muslim... and average convert is 27-year-old white woman", The Daily Mail