After Nice, No Need to Be Nice

At least eighty people are dead in Nice, France after someone plowed a truck through a crowd of Bastille Day celebrants yesterday (for the French night had already fallen).

You already know what religion this human refuse practiced. You already know he was not a son of Gauls and Franks.

You also already know exactly how the response from the lying press is going to go without even turning on your TV or checking one of their websites.

Let's point out to all who lend their ears to hear that it is the xenophobic, Islamophobic nationalists who have consistently predicted that such horrors would result from making European and post-European peoples the subjects of cruel experiments in demographic replacement and ethical manipulation.

If reality consistently confirms your narrative, and consistently demolishes that of your opponent, and your opponent still insists that you are the one at fault; that you are the one who ought to be ashamed; that you are to blame for stoking hatred and fear--you can be sure that you are dealing with a morally bankrupt golem.

Never argue defensively with a golem, but offensively. Make it abundantly clear to your audience that not an inch of the moral high ground belongs to such a slave to ideological fashion. We already know how they will frame things; we're more than familiar with their righteous indignation, their utter gall in accusing those who tell the truth and defend their civilization, their complete lack of shame. When talking to them, hold up a mirror. Use the same sort of indignation, the same sort of rhetorical flame.

If some journalist or ideologue should even imply that you are in the wrong for "politicizing" the act of civilizational war that has just been committed against France and against the whole of Western civilization, be unsparing in your moral condemnation. Tell them confidently and collectedly that they should be ashamed of themselves and that people like them are playing good cop to the bad one who drove that truck into those poor people and took them away from their families.

Pray for the victims and their families and for the whole of France. Pray also for the courage to speak the truth.