A Clockwork Jewish.

Recently a video featuring Jane (((Elliot))) psychologically torturing educating a college girl about her callous indifference to negro suffering has made the rounds on social media. Titled "white privilege cheked" by some random nog with a room temperature IQ, it's meant to demonstrate how blacks cannot escape the pervasive oppression of systemic racism "even in their own homes" and how indifferent whites can't begin to fathom this sort of social injustice.

Taken from one of her "Blue Eyes/Brown Eyes" social experiments, the video shows a student rejecting the exercise out of moral outrage, followed by Jane Elliot publicly humiliating her into a state of tears and finally getting the young girl to publicly apologize to the class. Elliot literally has a sort of struggle session in the classroom and creepily states in an interview "So it goes on longer than some people think it should, but you have to nail it down." I recommend watching the full video of this Thought Reform exercise, the female student in question rejects the attempt to reprogram her and quits the whole thing entirely. (There's also some hilarity involving a Native American and a dyke coming in lower on the totem pole than the average 'groid in the Great Tier of Oppression)

One of Elliot's pupils "getting it nailed down".

Two things are of monumental interest about this entire notorious system of brainwashing advocated by Elliot. First, the idea that it's permissible for an "educator" to advance specific social ideologies in the class-room should raise the hairs on anyone's neck. Elliot herself is celebrated as an educator for her "bold experiment", making me wonder if Jim Jones is going to be nominated for "best community organizer" sometime soon.

It's not the job of cat-lady school-teachers to indoctrinate people's kids with blatant and unfounded social propaganda.

(If you want to indoctrinate your kids with propaganda, make them listen to the Daily Shoah and believe what we tell them, or we'll kill you.)

Secondly, the system Elliot uses is brainwashing in the most literal sense. As in, if you read Robert Jay Lifton's account of "thought reform", it describes the same sort of system Elliot uses in detail.

  1. First you assault the person's identity, in this case by telling people with blue eyes (whites) they're genetically inferior to people with brown eyes (blacks).

  2. Constant psychological warfare in the form of capricious abuse to make the person feel guilty.

  3. Self-betrayal by forcing the white subject to admit to themselves they have privileges their vibrant cohorts don't have access to.

  4. The breaking point, which is vividly seen in this video and the full length version when the subject actually starts crying and has an uncontrollable emotional reaction.

  5. Leniency, seen here by accepting that the hard lessons of the exercise will "make them better people".

  6. Compulsion to confess, which we see plenty of examples of in the documentary as chastised whites admit how much privilege they have on camera.

  7. Channeling of guilt/further confession/re-education, in this case the final product of Elliot's process is to basically "educate" the subject into seeing that while he might walk away from the exercise indifferent, he has a unique privilege to do this and the morally correct choice is to reject his previous system of belief and adopt the "socially conscious" ideology she's provided him. Needless to say, a group-brainwashing session like this and strong social pressures pretty much make this the inevitable conclusion.

    The entire charade is sickening because it's bonafide psychological conditioning of young people for ideological purposes by an educator. It's the sort of thing actually documented in Communist dictatorships. Needless to say, clueless shit-libs, nogs, and dildos everywhere think Elliot's haunting struggle session deserves a lot of clickbait hyperbolic praise for teaching those privileged white kids a lesson. One would be curious about why the same people who have an intense paranoia of "Intelligent Design" being taught in schools are strangely comfortable with brainwashing, but then some of us have snorted enough Black Pills to not to be surprised by any level of left-wing hypocrisy.

Jewish or not, this is the Final Boss of Cat-Ladies.