Homosexuality and the Alt-Right

The notion that homosexuality is harmful to the integrity of the family, and therefore the future of the nation, is not really a controversial position within the alt-right. As such, writing an elaborate article on the evils of degeneracy for society would be a redundant exercise in preaching to the choir.

But listening to last week's episode of the Daily Shoah reminded of something I had reflected about many years ago, but never got the chance to write about. The goys from the Death Panel had a brief conversation about the harm that pro-homosexual culture has done to friendship, and male bonds in general. I think this is something critical that needs to be further explored, since the future of the alt-right may depend on it.

Instinctive Manhood

If there’s something constant we can rely on, it’s that men have an instinctive disdain for effeminacy in other men. The worth of a man, at a biological level, is largely dependent on his vigor, strength of character, physical prowess and other traits that are associated with having “manly virtues”, or “high-T” in modern parlance.

Because of this, men instinctively loathe behavior (and even appearances) that betray a lack of those manly virtues. In other words, effeminate behavior. Homosexuality is simply the most extreme form of that effeminacy. As such, no matter what the social norms are, no matter what the narrative dictates, men will still have feelings of disgust for homosexual behavior and great fear of being thought of as “effeminate.”

This is normally positive, as it promotes a culture of manhood which is essential for the development and maintenance of civilisation.

But today, this same instinct is being turned against us.

Gay culture

The superficial acceptance of homosexuality fostered by (((popular culture))) these days creates a strange effect. By being constantly bombarded with references to homosexual behavior, the above mentioned instinctive reaction of disdain is being amplified and triggered constantly, honing it to a razor edge. It creates a climate of paranoia about being thought of as “gay”--and that, even if no one would dare say anything bad about homosexuals.

In other words, the culture of tolerance for homosexual behavior is not changing men’s instinctive disdain for it, or their fear of being thought of as effeminate. It’s only accentuating it.

Thus now many behaviors that used to be perfectly acceptable and which didn’t arouse any ill suspicions, like two male friends embracing each other or saying they “love each other dearly” (as the goys on the Shoah mentioned). Even worse, any all-male gathering now becomes suspect. And thus, we arive at the state where any deep bonding between males becomes very difficult as a result of these psychological blocks.

The necessity of strong male bonds

Now, this is bad and all, but is this the most important thing to be discussing at this point in our struggle? After all, can’t we take care of these cultural issues once we’ve gained power and cleansed our (((media and cultural institutions)))?


The fact is that by putting off this issue for later, we’re hamstringing our own efforts at organising a movement (or individual local movements).

A group, whether it’s a political party, a militia or just a group of friends, will thrive and succeed or disintegrate based on the strength of the bonds uniting its members. When the guys forming a group keep their distance from each other, because their relationships remain at a superficial level based on interests, hobbies and shared ideals, then it doesn’t take much to shatter that group. A small dispute, an ideological conflict or simply stress can be enough to make the group split up or slowly disintegrate.

Thus this culture of keeping each other at arm’s length to avoid suspicions of being “gay” is making our groups fragile. Leftist groups have the same problem--in fact, it’s worse for them because their acceptance of homosexuality is even higher. But it’s is a much more dangerous situation for us, because unlike the leftists our groups have a much higher risk of being in high-pressure situations.

We have the risk of being fired from our jobs. We have the risk of being attacked by antifa. We have the risk of having our stuff shut down by the ADL or even the government. Any right-wing organisation will likely have far more pressure on it than a left-wing group of similar size and importance. Thus strength and cohesion on our part is crucial for our success.

And before moving on, I need to stress that the cohesion of a group isn’t based on its structure (bylaws, hierarchical order, meeting schedule, whatever), but on the depth of the bonds between the members--especially the respect and devotion for the leader (even if there is no officially defined “leader” position).

What we need to do

At this point, there’s not much we can do about the general culture. But there is something we can do about our culture--the culture of the alt-right.

Right now, there is a sort of loose consensus within the alt-right that homosexuality is harmful to society and to the individuals practicing it, and a general culture of mocking their behavior and stepping over the tenets of PC culture. But that’s not enough.

In order to counter the general culture of tolerance for homosexuality (which triggers this acute paranoia about being perceived as “effeminate”), we have to create a strong taboo against all forms of effeminacy and degeneracy in the alt-right. Mocking and ridicule must be accompanied by a total shunning of anyone homosexual, advocating homosexuality or even tolerance for homosexuality.

As a side-note and example, think of Jack Donovan’s The Way of Men. This is actually a very good book, in terms of its content and what it advocates. Yet it certainly did far more harm than good, simply because it associated male bonding and tribalism with homosexuality. As such, even if Donovan had the best of intentions, the result was still subversive and undermined the cohesion of the alt-right.

Once the very idea of an alt-right dude being gay moves from being abhorrent (as it is now), to being unthinkable, the path to building stronger male bonds, and thus stronger political and social movements will open up to us.