Black Lives Don't Matter

Once again, the narratives that an inherently racist system comprised of police and White America at large is responsible for the deaths of two more Innocent Black MenTM are coming apart faster than Marc Lamont Hill refuting Black crime statistics on live television.

Who saw that coming?

Of course it doesn’t matter if you dress them up in attire appropriated from European-Americans and can work that special kind of academic magic in order to gibs them a Ph.D., they’re always one perceived indiscretion or confrontation with the truth away from unrestrained animalistic violence.

That’s because Blacks are prone to criminality and violence.

There are many things about America as an institution that are completely corrupt. Chief among them is the perpetuation of the flawed and perverted premise of equality. Dispensing with the delusion that our differences are merely skin-deep is often said to be one of the easiest red-pills to swallow. This is especially true as millions of Americans are beginning to see Black Lives Matter for exactly what it is: a radical, Europhobic Black power movement whose ultimate goals remain ambiguous, but whose actions and immediate intent couldn’t be clearer.

With each new iteration, the Black Lives Matter movement imposes an increasingly costlier set of consequences on the American public. From the return of the race riot, bringing with it burned and looted cities, to the calculated targeting and killing of White police officers, it raises the question: what’s next? And at what point do Blacks become too much of a liability for even Democrats?

One thing is for sure: The Democratic Party cannot afford any further incursions of violence like what happened in Dallas. They cannot even afford another Baltimore. Even the continued disruptive protests in cities and on highways across the country have already started to manifest the telltale signs of negro fatigue. Few things evoke a more viscerally negative response from the American public than a good old-fashioned negro race riot. After all, they are an American tradition; life, liberty, and the pursuit of ooga booga.

Oooga Booga

Although the importance of winning the Black vote will soon be supplanted by the more pressing need to lobby for a brown one instead, Blacks remain the key to getting Hillary Clinton elected in November.

I can’t overstate this enough.

So far, Clinton has been unsuccessful at moving independents and has failed at gaining on Trump no matter what she (or even he) does. Facing underwhelming morale within the party, lackluster turnout, and the prospect of cross-over voting by White working-class Democrats, her only viable option is to turn out Blacks and other minorities, but especially Blacks.

The two things Democrats fear most are diminished black turnout and support. Without even factoring in the former, if support among blacks recedes back to pre-Obama levels of 85%, it would cost Hillary Clinton nearly 4 million votes. Combine that with the increasing probability that turnout will also be reduced--perhaps greatly--and you can see why the hyper-focus on and coddling of BLM is an immediate priority.

Given their exceedingly high time preference and low agency, the only way to turn Blacks out to vote is to either A) provoke and agitate them or B) have a Black candidate on the ticket. Fortunately, with option B instead being an abrasive sagging-jowl harpy with a history of dishonesty and lacking any soaring oratory, the current political and racial climate presents significant opportunity for disrupting that process.

Blacks are swimming in a sea of black pills.

The biggest one? They turned out in record numbers in 2008 and 2012 to elect Barack the Magic Negro, expecting unrealistic and sweeping changes, only to see nothing in return for their efforts. This, coupled with the absence, for now, of a new Black savior on the ticket could translate into a precipitous decline in turnout and support. You could even go as far as to say that at least some of what’s fueling the protests, at least subliminally, is this slow confrontation with reality.

More aloof Blacks have to realize that the time and attention paid to BLM is nothing more than a vehicle for getting Hillary elected. Deep down, they must know they are being used and manipulated, but they know they have nowhere else to turn. The implicit Whiteness of the Bernie Sanders movement should be a harbinger for Blacks that, no, in the grand scheme of things, they really don’t matter.

Some are even realizing (((who))) might really be to blame for many of their problems. When he wasn’t throwing gang signs, trolling his favorite Crip Facebook group, or getting five-finger discounts on Newport cigarettes, even Philando Castile was well aware of this fact.

In the end, Black lives only matter to Democrats to the extent that they show up and vote. Once they’ve stopped or can’t be counted on to do even that simple task, BLM will go straight down the memory hole. After November, and in tandem with the forthcoming and inevitable demographic shifts, Black Lives Won’t Matter.

And we should keep telling them that.

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