For Europeans to Live, the EU Must Perish

It's been nearly two weeks of financial market and media hysterics since the UK voted to Brexit the EU. Globalist attempts to delegitimize the nationalist victory, however, were quickly disrupted by reality: the revelation of Franco-German plans for an EU superstate, and a major terrorist attack in official EU candidate Turkey. In the aftermath of these events, this article discusses:

  • (1) why for Europeans to live, the EU must perish,
  • (2) how Brexit helps Europeans, and
  • (3) what we can do to help end the EU and save our European kin (and ourselves).

Why the EU Must Perish

Think of the EU as a ship, its 28 member countries as compartments below the waterline, Europeans as passengers, Mohammedans and Africans as the sea around them. When the ship's hull is breached, its rules (EU Freedom of Movement) require all hatches between compartments to remain open. (It is impossible to exclude anyone with EU papers from moving to another EU member except in extreme cases). Crazy but true.

While the ship's crew could in theory protect passengers by closing hatches to contain flooding to one compartment, in practice the crew devotes its efforts to silencing the passengers' "hydrophobia" as the sea pours in. While the crew could in theory be changed, there is not enough time to do so. The longer passengers Remain on the Franco-German globalists' ship-of-fools, the less chance they have of surviving.

But the reality is worse than this analogy implies. In the real world, warships of EU members and their policies bring Mohammedans and Africans into the EU unopposed by it. Then the EU forces unwilling members to take the "migrants" on a quota basis. Worse still, potentially adding to these migrants are tens of millions of citizens from poor, violent and Mohammedan countries (most notably Turkey) that the EU officially recognizes as candidates to join it.

It is clear that for Europeans to live, the EU must perish.

How Brexit helps Europeans

Some campaigners for the EU status quo noted that Brexit would not automatically solve Britain's immigration problem. They are right. In Britain, as in all member countries, exiting the EU is a necessary but not sufficient step to secure the survival of its people.

After Continental Europeans leave Britain, the extent of the problem they are masking - and the debate their presence is muddying - will become clear. Britain will have to deal with its Mohammedans and Africans to survive, the first step being a halt to further immigration.

To halt further immigration, asylum policies and immigration laws will need to be changed. Lessons need to be learned on the former from Australia and Israel, on the latter from Denmark. In Denmark since 2011, foreign spouses need to be at least 24 years old, prove they are financially independent, pass a Danish language and knowledge test, and demonstrate an attachment to Denmark greater than for any other country. Many Mohammedans have left Denmark for Sweden since the laws were enacted. Others have been deterred from settling in Denmark due to these laws and tightened welfare eligibility.

There is no guarantee that Britain will adopt these laws but if they do, they will only be effective after Brexit. (While Denmark is in the EU, it is not as attractive a target as Britain for primary and secondary migration).

Improved laws are more likely to be enacted in Britain if Scotland (a pro-EU, SJW nation) leaves Britain for the EU as it has threatened post-Brexit. Scotland would then likely be enriched by quota migrants and naturally move Alt-Right in the future.

While Britain is in the EU, it is a magnet drawing Mohummadans and Africans into Europe. (See Wikipedia's Somalis in the United Kingdom page). With Brexit, there would be an overall reduction in the number of these migrants.

After Britain leaves the EU, Turkey loses the largest supporter for it joining the organization. Further, after Britain leaves, the SJW voice in the EU would weaken (Britain usually allied with Sweden), and the voice of the based Visegrad Group (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary) would strengthen.

Nation-states would also become stronger after Brexit. Continental Europeans leaving Britain would return to their homelands or at least closer to their homelands. Jews would be more likely to return to Israel than move between EU countries when under pressure (such as after the attacks on them by Mohummadans in France).

Other ways Brexit helps Europeans (and us) are:

  • increasing calls across Europe by nationalists for votes to leave the EU,
  • globalists such as (EU President) Juncker, Merkel, Hollande, Obama and Clinton have been weakened,
  • nationalists such as Trump and Le Pen have been strengthened,
  • hysteric reactions of globalists on both sides of the pond have undermined their credibility, and
  • Franco-German globalists are likely to overreact by attempting to centralize the EU even more.

Overall, Brexit has shown the EU and its supporters to be fragile, and that nation-states it tried to supplant are robust. This change in perceptions will help us further our aim of securing countries for our people where possible, regions we will help to secede otherwise.

What We Can Do to Help

European nationalists are facing powerful forces and need our help. We must win the information war to have the advantage in the physical wars to come. On Twitter, newspaper comments online, email, and IRL, we can help by undermining the EU and celebrating every victory against them.

Share articles such as Marine Le Pen's "After Brexit, the People's Spring is Inevitable" in the New York Times. Support Brexit mop-up operations and ridicule anti-Brexit hysterics such as by using #BrexitTears. Publicize every Mohummadan threat, crime and terrorist attack in the EU, in EU candidate countires and worldwide.

As importantly, support nationalists in upcoming political campaigns. Bellwether votes for the EU over the coming months are:

  • Sep 2016: Hungarian Migrant Quota referendum
  • Nov 2016: US Presidential elections
  • Mar 2017: Holland's House of Representatives elections
  • Apr 2017: France's Presidential elections
  • Sep 2017: German Federal elections

Although for some of these campaigns there are language barriers to us participating fully, in all cases we can support nationalists on English-language fronts such as US and British newspapers and social media. Post-vote follow-ups are especially important as shown by the effort invested by globalists in trying to delegitimize Brexit. Let's not copy cuckservatives who won many battles but lost every war.

Fight. Win. Write the Narrative so you fight on more favorable ground next time. Repeat.

Remember: For Europeans to live, the EU must perish.