Keep Calm and Meme for Brexit

Both Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen have voiced support of Brexit, the campaign for Britain to Leave the European Union (EU). Obama, Hillary, Trudeau, EU politicians and the rest of the political establishment unsurprisingly support the status quo and are touted by the Remain campaign.

The Brexit vote takes place on June 23. A win for Leave next week will boost nationalists across Europe and even here.


The EU started in 1951 with six countries as the European Coal and Steel Community. Since then it has grown to comprise 28 countries (including Britain since 1973). Meanwhile, the EU has taken sovereign powers from members for the use of its bureaucrats and politicians.

2007's Lisbon Treaty was the latest step in centralizing the EU's powers. That "reform" treaty was adopted by the EU despite being voted down by the French and Dutch publics (55% and 62% voters against, respectively). On June 23, 2016 the British public has a chance to vote not only against Lisbon but against the EU. A majority Leave vote would take Britain out of that globalist organization.


To help our nationalist cousins in Europe but more importantly to redpill the world's second-largest English-speaking country.


Twitter is a key focus of both Leave and Remain campaigns. Key hashtags include #Remain and #StrongerIn (Remain), #Leave and #VoteLeave (Leave), #Brexit and #EURef (neutral ground). All these hashtags have a large audience of whom many are receptive to our memes.

Things you need to know: Party Politics

In party political terms, Remain's support is strongest with the Liberal Democrats (SWPLs) and Labour (unions and muslims). Despite this, Remain is headed by David Cameron, Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party.

Leave's support is strongest with UKIP (nationalists) and Conservatives (cucks). Its campaign is led by Nigel Farage (UKIP) and Boris Johnson (former mayor of London, potential challenger to Cameron).

Things you need to know: Campaign Themes

Key themes for Leave are loss of sovereignty, immigration and Turkey's status as an EU candidate (subtext of Islamization). They key theme for Remain is the economy (linked to likely obstacles accessing EU markets after Brexit).

Things you need to know: Developments over the Last Week

While Leave recently gained the lead in polls after news leaked that at least some Turks would get visas to Britain regardless of Turkey's EU membership, the murder of a Labour MP by a man with a history of mental illness may shift the balance momentum back to Remain. Some claim the killer shouted "Britain First" in what may be the campaign's Reichstag Fire moment. However, a few years ago the murder of a popular Swedish pro-Euro politician in 2003 failed to tip the country's referendum on the Euro to her side.


Brexit presents a challenge to see what our meme technology can do in the campaign's last days. Regardless, it is a great opportunity to expose a large audience to the redpill.