The Orlando Shooting and Islam

[You can listen/watch this here if you would prefer that to reading.] Between 2 and 5am yesterday there was a shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida that, as of the time I am writing, is said to have led to the death of at least 50 people. The shooter was a 2nd generation Muslim immigrant from Afghanistan.

In America, with the exception of 9/11, 50 people being killed in a terrorist attack is basically unheard of. In the Arab nations that Muslim immigrants come from, it is all too common. In 2013 alone, a single year, the Muslim world experienced more than 20 terrorist attacks with death counts over 50.

Many people like to imagine that Islamic terrorism is supported by almost no one in the Muslim world. That is not the reality of the situation. Surveys done in Germany, England, France, and Spain, suggest that about 1 in 4 Muslims think that violence against civilians in the name of Islam can be justified. Similarly, Pew polling shows that between one in eight and one in three Muslims believe that suicide bombing can be justified depending on which Western nation you look at.

Perhaps most strikingly of all, a survey of 600 American Muslims found that one in four agreed with the statement “Violence against Americans here in the United States can be justified as part of the global jihad.”

Of course, one in eight or one in four is less than half. But these numbers imply that for every 1,000 Muslim immigrants will let in we can expect to gain 130 immigrants who think that suicide bombings are justified and 250 immigrants who believe in violent Jihad. These figures are all the more worrisome when you consider that, as last night reminds us, it only takes 1 Muslim to carry out a mass shooting.

Some people blame Islamic terrorism on poverty. This claim doesn’t match the facts: the more Muslims a nation has the higher its terrorism rate tends to be even after controlling for national differences in wealth.

Other people say that it’s not a Muslim problem but, instead, an Arab or African problem. Again, this is just not true. If you restrict the sample to nations of a single region you find that Islam is still associated with terrorism. In other words, even among just African, or just Arab, nations, the more Islamic a nation is the higher its terrorism rate tends to be.

Sometimes, liberals will pretend that they don’t understand proportionality and point out that White people commit more acts of terrorism in America than Muslims do. This statement is true, but also pointless because Muslims make up less than 1% of the population.

Suppose you and 5 of your friends ordered a pizza. The pizza had 12 slices. Your really fat friend eats 5 pieces, while everyone else eats fewer than 2. What would you think if, in response to it being pointed out that he ate more pizza than everyone else, your fat friend began screaming about how non-fat people ate the majority of the pizza and so it was clearly unfair to single him out? Would you buy this?

Of course not; you would have to be mind-numbingly stupid to accept this line of reasoning, and yet this is exactly what liberals do when it comes to Islam and terrorism.

If we look at all the terrorist attacks that occurred in America between 1980 and 2005 we see that roughly 6% of them were committed by Muslims. During this time, Muslims made up about .45% of the American population, implying that Muslims are about 13 times more likely than non-Muslims to commit a terrorist attack.

It we look at the number of people killed by terrorism, the numbers become even more striking. If you start counting after 9/11, the majority of people killed in the US due to terrorism were killed by Muslims. If you include 9/11 victims, well, I’ll let the analysis speak for itself:

“If you include the death totals from 9/11 in such a calculation, then there have been around 62 people killed in the United States by Islamic extremists for every one American killed by a right wing terrorist[.]”

Most laughably of all, some liberals will try to make this about gun control. Islamic terrorism happens all over the world. It happens in the U.S, it happens in Israel, and it happens in France. It happens in places that basically ban guns and it happens in places with very light gun laws. Terrorists don’t care about your laws, and anyone who is this ideologically determined to kill will be able to get a gun one way or the other.

Gun laws might stop crimes of passion by making it less likely that random people will have deadly weapons. That is a debate worth having. But there is no way in hell that they will stop pre-planned, and normally suicidal, terrorist attacks.

At this point, some leftists will try to shift the conversation from politically motivated terrorism to mass shootings in general. They will then tell you that mass shooters and serial killers are all White males, and so we should let jihadists pour into our country.

Aside from the obvious shift on conversation topic, this is just an anti-White lie the left propagates. Whites are less likely than non-Whites to be involved in mass shootings and serial killings.

This will surprise some people, as the media heavily concentrates on White offenders in these crimes. However, the media’s presentation of these crimes is driven by bias, not the reality of crime statistics.

Anyway, back to Islam. Muslim immigrants bring terrorism with them. This can be seen all over the world.

They bring crime, too. Crime data from many European nations shows that Muslims are far more likely than non-Muslims to be criminals (1).

So, if you will permit a generalization, Muslims are violent. However, their violence is not random. That this terrorist attack happened at a gay nightclub is not surprising. According to Pew polling, more than 80% of Muslims around the world think that homosexuality is morally wrong. Similar numbers disapprove of abortion. Moreover, the prevalence of Islam in a country has a strong negative relationship with gender equality. Islam is an extremist and anti-liberal ideology.

Some people recognize that Muslim immigrant populations are extremely problematic with respect to crime, political ideology, and terrorism, but believe that these problems will only last in the short run because future generations of Muslims will assimilate into Western culture just as past waves of European immigrants assimilated into American culture. This is a comforting belief, but unfortunately, the evidence suggests that it is false. Multiple reports out of England have shown that young and native-born Muslims are more likely than old and foreign-born Muslims to embrace extremist versions of Islam. Similarly, Pew polling has found that native-born Muslim-Americans are more likely than foreign-born Muslim Americans to support suicide bombing and to have a favorable view of groups like Al-Qaida. Finally, work done in Germany, Norway, and Denmark has shown that young and 2nd-generation Muslims have higher crime rates than older and foreign-born ones. Thus, contrary to the assimilation hypothesis, the descendants of Islamic immigrant populations in the West seem to only be getting more extreme, more radicalized, and more dangerous. Given this, it is not surprising that last night’s mass murder was a second-generation Muslim immigrant.

Muslim immigrants bring with them Muslim culture, and terrorism, anti-liberalism, and violence are foundations of Muslim culture. They make America, and Europe, less safe.

In recent years, we’ve seen Muslim immigrants carry out pedophilia rings in Rotherham, Britain, commit mass rape in Cologne, Germany, bombings in Boston, and mass murder in Paris, Brussels, and now in Orlando, Florida.

We don’t owe this to anyone. Sacrificing the lives of Western citizens to Islam and political correctness is despicable. Those people yesterday morning should not have died. The people who will be killed in the next Islamic terrorist attack on the West, which we all know will happen, should not be killed. The people last night are gone. The victims of the next Islamic terrorist attack can still be saved.

End Muslim immigration. Expel the refugees. Stop pandering to leftists and Islam. These things are not worth Western lives and Western civilization.

Initially posted at The Alternative Hypothesis

  1. England, France, Denmark, Belgium (Roth 2014 page 408), Norway, the Netherlands (Roth 2014 page 408), and Australia.